15 Best 100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps in India 2023

If you’re looking for 100% bonus use fantasy apps then you have landed on the right place. In this blog  We are presenting some of the finest 100% bonus use fantasy apps available on the internet. These apps are reputable and offer commendable services to their users. In terms of popularity, we have a pack of the most favoured Fantasy Cricket apps, commanding a staggering 90 per cent of the market share.

It even has the honour of highlighting the 2023 edition of the 100% bonus use fantasy apps. If you fall into the ‘Cricket lovers’ category and relish playing fantasy sports, then this post is only made for you. Stay tuned for our rundown of the 100% bonus use fantasy apps.

Best 100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps

Best 100% Bonus Use Fantasy AppsReferral BonusDownload Link
1. Possible11₹100Download Possible11
2. Real11₹50Download Real11
3. Vision11₹100+20% Lifetime CommissionDownload Vision11
4. Fan2Play₹100+3% Lifetime CommissionDownload Fan2Play
5. Dream11up to ₹6000 Bonus CashDownload Dream11
6. BalleBaazi₹50Download BalleBaazi
7. HalaPlay₹50Download HalaPlay
8. Howzat₹500Download Howzat
9. My11Circle₹551Download My11Circle
10. PlayerzPot₹250Download PlayerzPot
11. 11Wickets₹500Download 11Wickets
12. CrickPe₹25Download CrickPe
13. MyTeam11₹100Download MyTeam11
14. Fanfight₹100Download Fanfight
15. MPL₹75Download MPL

1. Possible 11

Possible  11 comes in first position on 100% bonus use fantasy apps ensuring a complete fantasy cricket immersion. The app hosts daily contests, granting users fresh chances to win each day. With Possible  11 withdrawals are both swift and secure, enabling users to access their earnings effortlessly. In addition to cricket, the platform extends its offerings to encompass fantasy leagues for football and kabaddi.

Moreover, users have the opportunity to accumulate extra bonus funds by referring friends to join the platform. With its user-friendly interface, the app facilitates seamless navigation, further enhancing the overall user experience.

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2. Real11

Real 11 delivers an engaging fantasy cricket experience, standing out for its generous bonus system, 100% bonus use fantasy apps and seamless withdrawal process, making it a top choice among players. With Real 11, withdrawals are made easy and hassle-free, ensuring users swiftly receive their winnings. The platform goes beyond cricket, offering a selection of sports including football and kabaddi.

Additionally, Real 11 boasts a rewarding referral program, allowing users to accrue bonus points by inviting friends to join the platform. The platform prioritises security, providing a safe environment for all transactions, and safeguarding user data. Furthermore, Real 11 hosts a diverse range of contests, catering to the preferences of every type of fantasy sports enthusiast.

3. Vison11

Vison11 introduces a cutting-edge fantasy cricket app, providing an excellent platform for players in testing their cricket knowledge. One standout feature is ‘Live Fantasy,’ where users can create their teams during the match for immediate participation. The app is designed to cater to users from different regions, offering availability in various languages.


Vison11 prioritises user convenience with quick and hassle-free withdrawals, ensuring easy access to winnings. Additionally, the platform hosts exclusive ‘Second Innings Contests,’ offering users another chance to secure a victory. For added diversity, Vison11 offers multiple game formats including T20, ODI, and Test matches, providing a comprehensive cricketing experience. On this app, you can’t use all of your sign-up bonuses but you can use 100% bonus earned from referrals.

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4. Fan2Play

Fun2Play stands out as a distinctive fantasy cricket platform, featuring a 100% bonus use fantasy apps that have endeared it to cricket enthusiasts. Its swift and hassle-free withdrawal process further solidifies its popularity.

Fun2Play hosts daily contests, providing users with fresh winning opportunities every day. The platform’s user-friendly interface offers a seamless and intuitive experience. Moreover, the app grants users the ability to utilise 100% of their bonus to enter any contest, significantly boosting their chances of success.

In addition, users can accumulate extra bonus amounts by referring friends to join the platform. The platform’s commitment to fast withdrawals ensures users can promptly access their well-deserved winnings.

5. Dream11

Dream 11 has earned its reputation as arguably the most popular fantasy cricket app in the industry, drawing cricket enthusiasts from around the globe with its thrilling contests and 100% bonus use fantasy apps.

With a massive user base and wide recognition, Dream 11 stands as one of the premier fantasy sports platforms. Beyond cricket, the app extends its offerings to include fantasy leagues for football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users.

Moreover, Dream 11 consistently hosts regular contests, giving users ample opportunities to participate and vie for cash prizes. The platform strongly emphasises security, guaranteeing safe payment transactions and facilitating easy withdrawals of winnings.

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6. Ballebazzi

Ballebazzi has risen as a formidable player in the fantasy cricket market, providing users with a 100% usable bonus, convenient withdrawals, and an enjoyable referral system.

The platform offers a diverse array of contests, from Grand Leagues to Mega Leagues and Hot Contests, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Ballebazzi also provides valuable fantasy cricket guides to enhance users’ understanding of the game and increase their chances of winning.

Rest assured, all financial transactions on Ballebazzi are conducted in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, users have the opportunity to earn enticing bonuses for every successful referral they make.

7. HalaPlay

For cricket enthusiasts, HalaPlay is a must-try platform that provides daily fantasy sports, a user-friendly interface, and a straightforward withdrawal process.

With HalaPlay, users can anticipate something new every day with its engaging daily contests. The platform also ensures swift and secure access to your winnings through its fast withdrawal process. Additionally, users have the opportunity to invite friends and earn bonus points through the ‘Refer and Earn’ program.

Furthermore, HalaPlay extends its offerings beyond cricket, providing fantasy leagues for football and kabaddi, catering to a wider range of sports enthusiasts.

8. Howzat

Howzat offers a captivating gaming experience, providing a platform to put your cricket strategies to the test, enjoy full 100% bonus, use fantasy apps, and experience seamless withdrawals.

Aside from cricket, Howzat extends its offerings to include fantasy leagues for football and kabaddi, diversifying the sporting experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible even for beginners. Users can also take advantage of in-app tutorials to gain a better understanding of the game’s nuances.

To keep the excitement alive, Howzat hosts frequent contests, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for its users.

9. My11 Circle

My11Circle has firmly established itself in the fantasy cricket realm, distinguishing itself with an appealing bonus and referral system.

One distinctive feature of My11 Circle is ‘Beat the Expert,’ where users can go head-to-head against cricket specialists to showcase their skills. Additionally, the platform offers fantasy leagues for football and kabaddi, diversifying the sporting experience.

How to Invite Friends on My11Circle

Users can take advantage of the ‘Refer and Earn’ program, inviting friends to join the platform and earning rewards in the process. Furthermore, My11Circle ensures swift and efficient withdrawals, allowing users to promptly and easily access their winnings.

10. Playerzpot

Playerzpot is a versatile fantasy platform that not only grants a 100% usable bonus but also provides a diverse gaming experience.

With an array of games including Kabaddi, Ludo, Cricket, Football, and Hockey, Playerzpot goes beyond cricket to offer a wide variety of options for users. The ‘Social Pot Feature’ allows users to create their private pots and invite friends for a personalised gaming experience.

Users can also participate in the affiliate program to earn extra income by referring Playerzpot to others. The app ensures a hassle-free withdrawal process, guaranteeing quick access to winnings. Additionally, the interactive interface of Playerzpot enhances the overall user experience.

11. 11Wickets

11 Wickets stands out for its  100% bonus use of fantasy apps, a plethora of contests, and a seamless withdrawal process. Beyond cricket, 11 Wickets caters to football and basketball enthusiasts with its fantasy leagues. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and team creation.

The platform prioritises user convenience with its quick and secure withdrawal process, allowing users to promptly access their winnings. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to earn bonus points through the referral program by inviting friends to join using your unique code. With frequent contests, 11 Wickets ensures there’s always an exciting opportunity for users to participate in and win.

12. CricPe

CricPe stands out by offering free entry to all contests, along with the option to  100% bonus use fantasy apps. Its user-friendly interface and swift, secure withdrawals have made it a beloved choice among cricket enthusiasts. One unique feature of CricPlay is ‘Star Contests,’ allowing users to compete against cricket celebrities in the same contest. Additionally, every contest on CricPe is free to enter, providing a risk-free opportunity for users to win cash prizes.

The platform prides itself on its user-friendly design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. CricPe has also streamlined the process of accessing your winnings, making it both easy and secure. Moreover, users can dive into a wealth of cricket trivia, tips, and strategies within the app through the ‘In-app Cricket Wisdom’ feature, enhancing their game understanding and improving their chances of winning.

13. My Team 11

My Team 11, a trailblazer in the fantasy cricket realm, presents a  100% bonus use fantasy apps option alongside a straightforward withdrawal process. The platform also boasts a generous referral code system, allowing users to accumulate more bonuses.

Beyond cricket, My Team 11 broadens its offerings to include various other sports like football, basketball, and volleyball. The app provides a diverse range of content types, including ‘Safe Play’, ‘Regular Play’, and ‘Multiwinner’, catering to different playing preferences.

Ensuring user convenience, My Team 11 streamlines the withdrawal process, guaranteeing easy and swift access to winnings. Moreover, the app offers in-depth player statistics, empowering users to make informed decisions when selecting their teams.

To further enhance the experience, users can earn additional bonus amounts by referring their friends to the app through the ‘Refer and Earn’ program.”

14. Fan Fight

Fan Fight comes in third position on  100% bonus use fantasy apps. It is an excellent choice for those seeking swift access to their winnings thanks to its straightforward withdrawal process. Fan Fight offers a diverse range of sports, including cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi. The platform ensures both quick and secure withdrawals, providing convenient access to your earnings. With its user-friendly interface, even beginners can navigate the platform effortlessly.

Moreover, Fan Fight hosts regular contests, providing users with multiple chances to win. Additionally, users can earn bonus amounts each time they refer a friend to join the app.

15. MPL

Mobile Premier League, or MPL, presents an engaging fantasy cricket platform where you have the freedom to use 100% of your bonus for entry. The withdrawal process is seamlessly designed, ensuring a swift transfer of your winnings to your Paytm account. In addition to cricket, MPL offers a diverse array of games for you to play and have a chance to win. The app prides itself on its intuitive user interface, making navigation a breeze, even for beginners.

With an enticing referral program, you can earn bonuses by inviting your friends and family to join the app. MPL further simplifies the withdrawal process, making it easy and straightforward to access your winnings. Take part in live tournaments and compete with players from across the country for substantial rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

FAQs: 100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps

1. Which fantasy app offers 100% bonus utilisation?

MPL, Mobile Premier League, is an immersive fantasy cricket platform where you can use your entire bonus for entry.

2. Which fantasy app is considered the top choice?

Dream 11 stands as the leading and most trending fantasy sports app in India, boasting the largest user base.

3. Which app can be considered a strong contender against Dream11?

WinZO emerges as one of the finest and most reliable fantasy apps. It competes closely with fantasy platforms like Dream11.


In conclusion, the selection of fantasy apps offering 100% bonus use fantasy apps presents an exciting and gratifying platform for cricket enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a cricket aficionado trying it out for the first time, these apps provide an unparalleled way to relish the sport. So, when you make your choice of a fantasy cricket app next time, keep in mind factors like bonus utilisation, the simplicity of the withdrawal process, and the overall user experience.

My personal opinion for a fantasy app that offers 100% bonus use fantasy apps feel with the excitement of fantasy cricket gaming, adding depth and strategy to the experience. It expands opportunities to join more games, plan your moves, learn, and ultimately secure victories.

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