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Hey, are you a brand or influencer? If yes, then I have good news for you. You can join Amazon Live Creator program using Amazon Live Creator App and grow your followers.

This is a new initiative from Amazon. I feel it is a nice move and it can really boost your affiliate sales and your followers. Brands or Influencers can join the Amazon Live program and then they can start selling using live streaming, live chat or live promotions.

You need to install an app to manage, create and capture your live videos. The name of the app is Amazon Live Creator App. This app is available on the app store. You can download it and immediately use it after joining the program.

The best part of the Amazon Live Video Program is when you go live your followers will get a notification. It is like YouTube or Facebook videos. Brands or creators can boost their live videos using Amazon Ads also. As of now, you can see a few creators from India. Because the amazon live creator app is only available for iOS users and only a few people know about the program. Let’s read more to learn more about the Amazon Live program.

You can find out the Amazon Live option from the below button-

What is Amazon Live

This is a program for Amazon influencers or brands to promote any product using the Amazon Live Video feature. When someone goes live in the Amazon app their followers or subscribers get a notification that the creator is live on Amazon.

Shoppers or customers can see Amazon Live videos anytime from the Amazon Live option in the Amazon Shopping App. Users can also get to see what’s live on Amazon or recently live videos. From both of these two ways, users can buy products from Amazon which are featured in the video. Also, customers can ask questions during the live session.

amazon live creator

Influencers or brands can post an update that when they are going to live next time. It allows them to pre-alert customers that they will go live at a specific time. During the live video on Amazon, customers will see a Follow button. It can help you to follow them.

I feel Amazon Live is a super feature for all eligible influencers or brands to increase their Amazon affiliate sales. If you are not a popular brand or influencer then you can use Amazon ads to promote your live videos and manage some extra profit using Amazon affiliates.

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How To Join Amazon Live Program

As of now, the Amazon Live program is only available for a few influencers. If you check on your Amazon India account then you can’t see the option from the browser. But it can be visible from the Amazon Indian mobile app. But when you switch to your account using the same login details, you can see the Amazon Live option.

As of now, this Amazon Live Video program is only available for brand-registered sellers or influencers in the US region. You can see some of the YouTubers or influencers from India in the Amazon mobile app Live video section.

If you are an influencer or brand then you can join the Amazon Live Video program by downloading the Amazon Live Creator app. This app is only available for iOS devices. Soon it will release for all Android users also. You can post, manage, create or capture your video from this app.

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How To Become an Amazon Live Creator

If you have a brand or if you are an influencer then you can join the live creator program by Amazon to grow your followers and increase the number of sales. If you wish, you can round your videos using paid Ads to make them visible in front of a large number of audiences.

amazon live featured creators

As of now, the Amazon Live Creator app is only available for iOS users. So, you need an Apple device in order to become a Live Creator on Amazon. Also, keep in mind that only a few influencers or brands who are registered in the US region can join the program.

Ok, now let’s talk about how someone can become an Amazon Live Creator.

First of all, download the Amazon Live Creator app.

Then, you will get to see an option called ‘Welcome to Amazon Live Creator’ and multiple other options like Seller (Seller Central), Vendor (Advertising Control), Amazon Influencer Program, Other and Help. Select any option from the above four.

Now, you need to enter your selected account number and password. It will connect your account and check what products are associated with your brand.

Now, you are on to the Amazon Live Creator home page. There you will get to see the option to go live or choose the ‘best practices’ option to become an expert before going live for the first time.

When you are ready to go live, you need to enter a title and a start time for your live video on Amazon. Also, you need to add a thumbnail and you need to add at least one product so that it will show in the featured section.

There is an option called ‘Preview’ which will let you know how your video will look like when you start your live stream.

In the below section, you will see an option called ‘Boost your Livestream which will help you to promote your video in front of a large audience. If you wish you can share your video too.

When you go live, your live video will show in a maximum number of places to the best customers. I feel this will increase your number of sales and your video views.

Grow a Following on Amazon

Like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, Amazon Live will also help you to grow your followers. Growing followers means your videos will be viewed by more people and the chances are very high that you will make more sales than others.

amazon live video featured products

Whenever any creator goes live a follow button will appear on the screen. Viewers can follow them if they wish. If you are a shopper and if you will follow any creator on the Amazon Live video section then you will get notified of all of their upcoming lives and also a section called ‘from creators you follow’ will appear. This will give you an option to view all the videos for the past 14 days. Only one video per creator will be visible and the row has been designed in a way that will help you to see their latest or most recent streams first.

Creators on Amazon can see their followers, growth or analytics report in the Amazon Live analytic section for the past 30 days. This will help them to understand better their audiences.

Best Practices for Amazon Live Video

  • Download the Amazon Live Creator app.
  • Update your app, if it is not updated.
  • Set your phone in DND mode (Do-Not-Disturb).
  • Make sure your device is fully charged.
  • Try to not exit the live stream once it starts.
  • Don’t show inverted or reflected images.
  • Follow Amazon Live Creator policies and content moderation rules.
  • Make sure your device’s sound and video quality are good.
  • Run a connectivity test before going live and don’t share Wi-Fi during a live stream.

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Important Things (Live Video by Amazon)

Amazon LiveThings To Know
1. What is Amazon Live?A new way to earn commission and grow viewers.
2. Who can join?Any brands or influencers can join the Amazon Live creator program. Also, if you are a vendor, seller, or participant in the Amazon Influencer Program then you can join the program.
3. Where do customers see my video?Customers will see your video in the Amazon Live section. They can find this option in the FunZone section or on the website.
4. What is the cost?Amazon Live is a free-to-join program. But if you wish you can promote your videos using ads.
5. From where I can join the Amazon Live Creator program?You can join the program by downloading the Amazon Live Creator app on any iOS device.
6. Can I download the app on other devices?As of now, the app is only available for iOS users. You can use it on your iPad too. But for now, it is not available for Android users.
7. How to enable notification?Enable notification from the General Setting >> Notifications >> Creator and then by tapping the ‘Allow’ option.

FAQs: Amazon Live Creator

1. What is an Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is a program designed for all brands and influencers. This will help you grow your followers and more affiliate sales. Many famous YouTubers started using this feature to generate more sales.

2. How do I create the Amazon Live Creator account?

You can create your Amazon Live Creator account from the Amazon Creator App. This app is only available for iOS users. You can download the app and use it if you are an influencer or brand.

3. How much does Amazon Live cost?

You can start Amazon Live free of cost. But if you wish you can run ads to highlight your video in front of large audiences.

4. Where to find the Amazon Live option in the Amazon shopping app?

You can find out the Amazon Live option from the ‘FunZone & Inspiration’ option. Simply update your Amazon mobile shopping app to the latest version and then log in using your user id and password. Then tap on the three lines and find out the ‘FunZone & Inspiration’ and there you will find the ‘Amazon Live’ option.

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