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Android 10 :

Google has officially launched Android 10 in India . Today in this post you will get to know Android 10 Top Features in India . According to Android Official Website Android 10 Comes with many features such as ‘ Live Caption ‘ , ‘ Focus Mode ‘ , ‘ Family Link ‘ etc . Previously Android 10 is only available on Google Pixel Phones but now its available on other brand smartphones also . So from now you can download Android 10 on phones from other companies, not just Pixels . Because Android 10 is officially available .

Android 10 Basic Details :

Google has launched Android 10 on Sep 3 this year but only for a few brands . Android 10 for which we all are eagerly waiting , previously known as ‘ Android Q ‘ .

If you are an Android Smartphone user and want to know what Google has in store for you in Android 10 . Then these are the Top 10 Features of Android 10 in India you must know .

Android 10 – Top Features :

According to Android Official Website the Top 10 Features are Live Caption , Smart Reply , Sound Amplifier , Gesture Navigation , Dark Theme , Privacy Controls , Location Controls , Security Updates , Focus Mode and Family Link .

Live Caption :

Live Caption is a feature which will automatically capture media on your phone . For example if you are listening a song , youtube video or podcasts then with a single tap this live caption feature automatically captures captions for audio , youtube video or podcasts . This new feature also captures captions for audio which you are recording .

Interestingly this Live Caption Feature does not require any Data or Wi-Fi Connections .

Smart Reply :

This Smart Reply feature on new OS is nothing but a machine learning system . In this feature you will get you get more than just suggested responses to your messages . Also you get some recommended actions . For Example if your friend sends a message to you with a URL Address or a youtube video link then you can open the link directly without opening the Apps . Also you don’t need to copy the URL .

Sound Amplifier :

With Sound Amplifier feature you can boost sound, filter background noise, and fine tuning . For Example if you are in a noisy background place , Then according to Official Website you can boost sound , filter background noise also fine tune to listening the best experience . Also Android Official Website said that if you are talking with someone or watching a video then just plug in the headphone and experience the best quality sound .

Gesture Navigation :

For this Android 10 Gesture Navigation feature , navigation has been made very easy . From this updated Gesture feature of Google new Android Update Android 10 users can go backwards and forwards, switch between apps also go home by using simple and smooth gestures.

Dark Theme :

With this new Android 10 Dark Theme Feature users can experience a bettery and longer experience , specially with Battery . According to Google Dark Theme uses True Black to improve Smartphone Battery Performance . Dark Theme also changes your Apps look for example ‘ Calender ‘ or ‘ Google Photos ‘ etc .

The most Interesting part of this Android new OS Dark Theme Feature is you can select it on your total system or can select on a perticular app .

Privacy Controls :

This new Privacy Controls Fetaure is very important and must needed feature . Because from this feature users can control all the privacy settings from one place . From this Privacy Controls Fetaure you can decide from how and when the data on this is shared .

Location Controls :

From this Location Controls Feature users can decide when their location data is shared by the apps on their phone . Because when you upgraded to , you can choose between three option ‘ Always ‘ , ‘ never ‘ and ‘ when the app is being used ‘ .

When we installed a new apps , many app want location permisions . From this feature we can choose between above three options .

Also Google will remind you for which app you are not using but the location is shared for the apps . So you can choose when the app is in use option or never option . Because when we are not using a app , we don’t want to share our privacy with the app .

Security Updates :

With this new Google OS , users can get regular security updates . According to Android Official Website ” With Google Play system updates, important Security and Privacy fixes can now be sent directly to your phone from Google Play, just the same way all your other apps update. So you get these fixes as soon as they are available ” .

Focus Mode :

This new Focus Mode allows users to select and silent apps , which apps distract them until they come out of this mode. Because many apps are constantly sending notification or sends alert . So if we are want we can silent them for a while . But after that we can re enable it . But users who wants to use this will have to sign up as a beta tester to use this tool .

Family Link :

Family Link is a feature which available in android 9 or android 10 smartphones . This Family Link feature is a very useful feature for parents . Because from this feature parents can check which apps their children’s are using and if they want they can stop it for a while . Parents can use these tools to set daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time limits on specific apps, and more for their kids.

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Google OS ( Android 10 ) – Conclusion :

Also from Google New Operating System users can use many more features . Because Android 10 not only Provides these 10 features but also added 65 new emojis including 56 gender emojis .

But remember if you want to use all the features then you have to update your current OS of your Smartphone . Because this features is only available for Android 10 Users .

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