AttaPoll Survey App Review | Earn Free PayPal Cash (Proof)

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Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well. Here I am back again with another make money online survey app. This app name is AttaPoll Survey App. I have been using it from last one day and I feel it really great. If you are a beginner, student or homemaker and wants to earn money from home. Then you should definitely try this app once. From this app, you can easily make Rs 500 to Rs 1000 monthly by doing 1-2 min task daily. Before this, I had published The Panel Station Review, which you like a lot. I hope this AttaPoll Survey App Review will again happy you.

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AttaPoll Survey App Review

This is a Survey app, to earn money from this, you have to download Atta Poll Mobile App. From this app, you can earn money by taking part in surveys.

A lot of users don’t know why Survey app or sites pay the consumers for surveys. It is because the big company launch a small surveys among users to know what they want or what their opinion about a specific product. Companies launched surveys before launching their products in the market. You can assume it as Movie Trailer. Like if a upcoming movie trailer got huge views then the filmmakers knows that the movie will also become hit.


How to Register on Atta Poll Survey App

Atta Poll is a newly launched Survey Application. To take part on this and to register you have to download AttaPoll Mobile Application first. Downloading links are mentioned below, so download AttaPoll App now.

Download Android App

After Downloading AttaPoll Mobile App, follow the below steps.

  • Install App
  • Create an account by entering your name, email, mobile number and dob details.
  • After successfully signed up your account will be credited with some bonus amount free.
  • Complete profile survey and earn some extra dollar instantly as well.

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How To Earn Money from AttaPoll Survey App?

You can earn money from AttaPoll Survey App in two ways. The first way is completing surveys and the second way is to refer a friend. The second way is easier but it has some limitations. But if you want to earn money in every month from AttaPoll Survey App then you have to complete a survey.

You can get two to three survey’s daily depend on your location, your age and your profile details. So I would suggest you please check the app for survey notifications regularly.


In AttaPoll Survey App you can withdraw your earning in many ways after completion $3.

Marn Money from AttaPoll Referral Code

If you don’t want to check the app regularly, don’t take part on regular surveys for small earning. But if you have a group of 5-6 people then still you can make money from AttaPoll Survey App.

Atta Poll has an Referral Program, by this AttaPoll Invite a Friend offer if you invite your friend to join AttaPoll App. Then you will get $0.69 instantly after their profile completion. This is a very easy and fastest way to reach $3 mark, for AttaPoll Withdrawal.

But as i said, it has some limitations. You can only refer maximum of people succesfully. So maximum you can earn $3 from AttaPoll Referral Code sharing.

How to Withdraw AttaPoll Balance

atta poll withdrawal process

If your wallet completed $3 mark then you can make withdrawal easily from one of these ways.

  • PayPal ($3 need)
  • Donate ($1 need)
  • Bitcoin ($100 need)
  • Ethereum Payment ($10 need)

By one of the above method, you can make withdrawal your AttaPoll Survey Wallet Balance. On these four ways for Indian users, PayPal is the best. Because for PayPal withdrawal you only need $3, which is very easy to earn within a few days or hours.

I don’t recommend you to donate your winnings if you just started earning. To withdraw in PayPal follow the below stesp.

  • Tap on PayPal Withdrawal
  • Enter PayPal Account Details (if you don’t have an account yet, then create it now by email id, mobile number, password and a physical bank debit card).
  • After that tap on make withdrawal.
attapoll payment proof

Once your AttaPoll PayPal Withdrawal will successful, you can transfer your PayPal Balance to Bank Account or Paytm Wallet or Amazon Wallet within a few minutes.


AttaPoll is a Online Survey app from where you can make some passive income. There are mainly two ways to earn money from AttaPoll Survey App – one is completing Surveys and the second is Refer a frined.

You can make withdrawal from AttaPoll Survey App to PayPal easily from above stesp. Once your withdrawal completed successfully, you can transfer it to your bank account too.

Many users asked me is AttaPoll Survey App genuine? Then my answer is yes, they are. You can’t make million dollar from AttaPoll Survey App, so don’t think this will replace your primary job.

If you have any other topic suggestion then tell me on Instagram, Twitter. If you have any queries with this AttaPoll Survey App Review, then comment so that i can improvr this in my next artilcles.

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