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The website is used by the people of West Bengal to find out about their houses, lands and property. If you are a resident of West Bengal and if you have any property here then this BanglarBhumi web portal is going to be very useful for you. With the help of this, we can easily get the information of our land, house, mutation status or property with the help of our mobile or laptop. People also use this website for many more benefits like checking mutation status or applying for online mutation. Today from this article you will be able to know in detail how to use the Banglarbhumi web portal and its special benefits. Website

For the past few years, people have wanted to do all the work from home. As a result, the importance of online has increased a lot. During this time the role of web portals like increased a lot. A few years ago, the banglarbhumi website was not so developed. Because then not all people used this website or did not know how to do it. But things got changed nowadays. Now everyone knows that we can get land, house, property information from the banglarbhumi website but again with the help of our mobile.

Earlier we had to go to the BL & LRO office to get all this information and we had to waste some time so we could get the information. Because it is very difficult to get the information out of the file. But now there is no such thing. Now we can get information from anywhere in West Bengal from home. But for this, we need to know the Plot number and Khatian number.

Web PortalBanglarBhumi Website & Mobile App
DepartmentLand & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department
Official Website
BenefitsLand Records, Plot and Khatian Information, Mutation Status, Query Search, Mouza Information etc
Useful ForCitizens of West Bengal People

BanglarBhumi Public Registration Form

If you want to know more information about your West Bengal Land or mutation status then you have to register on the web platform. A lot of user thinks it’s too difficult to Signup on to this platform. But don’t worry. Today I will tell you the full Banglarbhumi registration process. By following the below steps you can easily access the platform.

How To Register in BanglarBhumi

  • First of all, visit the BanglarBhumi official website.
  • Then tap on the SignUp option on the top of the screen.
  • Fill the Public Registration Form carefully.
  • Enter your name, gurdians name, address, user type, municipality, district, PS, Email and Mobile number.
  • Then enter Password and security code.
  • Enter OTP received on the mobile number and Email Id.
  • Tap on the Submit button.
  • As you can see, now you are a registered user.

How To Log in

As a citizen of West Bengal, you can register on the platform and log in to get the information related to your land, mutation status and more in detail through your smartphone or laptop.

  • First of all, visit the official web page.
  • Then tap on the Sign in option.
  • If you are a departmental user then choose the first option or for normal citizen choose the citizen option.
  • After that, enter your username, password and fill the captcha to login.

BanglarBhumi Online Mutation

Any Bengal user can apply for an online mutation through the Banglarbhumi web platform easily. To do this you need to register on that platform as a citizen. After that, simply follow the below process and apply for online mutation.

  • First of all, visit the West Bengal Land information official website.
  • Log in and tap on ‘Citizen Services’.
  • Under ‘Online Mutation’ you will get to see the option ‘Mutation Application’.
  • Enter District, Block and Mouza.
  • And then fill the Particulars of Applicant and Buyer Details.
  • After filling all the details fill the captcha, tick the check box and then tap on the Submit button.

Check Mutation Status Online 2021

If you have recently bought Land in West Bengal and want to know the Mutation Status Online then here is the process. To check the mutation status online through the web platform you need the Case no and you have to be a registered user on this platform. Already I have told you how you can register yourself as a citizen and can access all the information easily.

Users can easily check their Banglarbhumi mutation status online by searching Case Wise, Deed Wise, Location Wise, Seller Name Wise or Buyer Name Wise.

How To Check Mutation Status Online

  • First of all, visit the official web page of Banglarbhumi.
  • Sign in and then tap on the Citizen Services.
  • Here you will get to see a option called ‘Mutation Status’.
  • Now select any option and fill the form.
  • Enter District, Block, Mouza, Case No and then fill the captcha.
  • After that, tap on submit button.
  • You will get to see the mutation status online.

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BanglarBhumi Land Information (Know Your Property)

Most of the West Bengal users visit the BanglarBhumi platform to know their property information. If you don’t know yet how to check the Land information through the plot number and Khatian number then simply follow the below process. To check your Khatian and Plot information you need some basic details like District, Block, Mouza and either Khatian or Plot number. If you have this information in your hand then follow the below process.

BanglarBhumi Khatian and Plot Information

  • First of all, visit the official website
  • Then tap on the ‘Know Your Property’ option.
  • Fill the Mouza information.
  • Choose District, Block and Mouza one by one.
  • And then choose one option between ;search by Khatian’ or ‘search by Plot’.
  • Enter Captcha and tap on View option.
Banglarbhumi Land Information

Please remember, to know your property you don’t need to be a registered users. Any normal user can easily check their Banglarbhumi LR-RS Plot information if they know either Plot or Khatian number.

In this page, you will know the Khatian No, Owner Name, Father or Husband, Address, Total Land and Total Plot, Share and Share Area.

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Mutation Plot Khatian Status

If you want to know the mutation plot Khatian status then simply follow the below steps.

  • First of all, visit the official website.
  • Log in and tap on ‘Citizen Services’.
  • Select the option ‘Mutation Plot Khatian Status’.
  • Enter District, Block, Mouza and Plot or Khatian No.
  • Fill the captcha and tap on submit button.
  • You will get to see the detail information.
  • Here you will get to see the case no, case date, seller khatian, seller name, buyer name, buyer khatian, execution date and mutation status.

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Check Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information

If you want to check the RS-LR Plot Information then you have to follow the below process. Here you have to enter Sabeg Dag > Hal Dag (LR Plot No) or Hal Dag > Sabeg Dag (RS Plot No).

  • First of all, visit the official website.
  • Then Sign in or register if you don’t have an account.
  • Now tap on the ‘Citizen Services’ option and choose the RS-LR Information’ option.
  • Fill the Mouza Information (District Name, Block Name and Mouza Name).
  • Choose ‘Hal Dag > Sabek Dag’ or ‘Sabek Dag > Hal Dag’ option.
  • Enter Plot no and fill the captcha and tap on View option.
  • You will get to see your Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information.

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Mouza MAP Information

  • Visit the official website
  • Log in and tap on ‘Citizen Services’.
  • Tap on ‘Service Delivery’ and then select the ‘Mouza Map Request Detail’.
  • Fill the basic details like District, Block, Mouza, Map Type (LR) and Sheet No (1,2 or 3).
  • After that, enter your name, addressm father name and fill the captcha.
  • You have to pay ₹150 processing fee here. You can make payment through Net banking, counter payment, Debit card or SBI Epay.

If you wish you can check Mouza Map availability details also in the Citizen Services tab.

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BanglarBhumi Services List

  • Know your property.
  • Land and khatian information.
  • Mutation status online.
  • Mouza Map availability details.
  • Application or Receipt reprint.
  • 30 days mutation notice case.
  • ROR request.
  • Signed ROR/PI/PLM copy (s).
  • Mouza Map request.
  • Online mutation application.
  • Mutation plot khatian status.
  • RS-LR information.
  • Land classification.
  • Grievance application status and description.
  • Mouza information.
  • ROR application.

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BanglarBhumi Mobile App

The West Bengal Land information web portal recently have launched its official mobile app. By using this app you can access all the general information of your land. Some people think the Banglarbhumi app is easier to use than the web portal.

You can use this app to calculate and know your land market value, registration of Deed, e-appointment, e-Deed, Searching of Deed, Certified copy of Deed, Locate registration office, e-Nathikaran, Legacy Deed verification, Query search etc.

This app is available to download for all users. If you wish you can download the app or you can simply access the website in 2021 and get all the land information.

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FAQ: Banglarbhumi Land Information

1. What is the Banglarbhumi username?

If you have registered on the Banglarbhumi web platform and forgot your username then don’t worry. Because the mobile number you had entered that time is the User ID.

2. How can I check my land records online in West Bengal?

You can check your land records through the Banglar Bhumi website. Simply tap on the Know Your Property option and fill in the Mouza information.

3. How do I check my mutation case status?

First of all, log in to the official web platform and then choose the option Citizen Services and Mutation Status respectively. After that fill in the Mouza information and enter the captcha to see the mutation status of your WB land.

4. How do I check my Dag and Khatian numbers?

Simply visit the official website and choose the ‘Know Your Property’ option. Enter your Khatian no to check the Plot or Dag number and enter the Plot or Dag number to check the Khatian number.

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