15 Best Daily Earn Money Apps in India 2023 [Up to ₹2000/Day]

Nowadays we all want to make money money from online. There are many options available that we can use to make money online one of which is through earning apps. In this article, I will tell you about the 15 best daily earn money apps in India 2023. There is no guarantee but if you complete one successful referral daily then you can easily earn a total of ₹1000 to ₹2000 per day from these 15 best daily earn money apps in India 2023. So, let’s check the below paragraphs and learn more about the earning apps.

Earning money is not an easy skill and not also very difficult. You have to work smartly to earn money by investing limited time. Talking about online earning, I would like to say you can start earning without any investment from every method except blogging, dropshipping and a few others. But one thing is needed in every sector apart from a Smartphone, which is time.

Online money-earning apps won’t ask you to invest 10-12 hours daily and you won’t become rich through these 10 best daily earn money apps in India. These earning apps will just help you to make some extra rupee or cashback which you can withdraw to your Bank or reuse for recharge, bill payment, shopping etc.

I respect your time. Before talking about the 15 best daily earn money apps in India, I want to clarify that most of the mentioned earning apps are focused on referrals. It means you need people who still have not installed or registered on those apps yet. If you have a group of people who can join some of the best daily money earning apps from your link then you are good to go. It’s not too difficult to earn ₹100 to ₹200 or even ₹300 per day from the below mentioned earning apps.

What Are Daily Earn Money Apps?

The daily earn money apps are Smartphone applications which will help us to make some extra money doing some tasks through our mobile. This task could be anything like watching ads, watching videos, playing games, referring friends, onboarding new customers, sharing their product links, sharing affiliate links etc.

In India, there are many applications available that provide side income options if you complete the task. How much money you will make totally depends on how much work you are doing in a day. The work is not like you have to go to an office, travel a lot or something like that. Some apps will ask you to refer a new friend and in return, they will give you ₹100 cashback. Whereas some apps will ask you to play games or share shopping product links with friends. If any of your friends buy that product from your link then you will make money.

To earn money from the below-mentioned 10 best daily earn money apps in India, you won’t need anything except time, a smartphone and a Bank account. No investment is required to start earning from these mobile earning apps. A Bank account is important to withdraw money in a Bank or in some cases ATM Card to create a UPI ID.

Best Daily Earn Money Apps

Daily Earn Money AppsReferral AmountDownload App
1. Upstox₹150Download Upstox
2. Groww₹25 to ₹100Download Groww
3. Vision1120% Lifetime CommissionDownload Vision11
4. PhonePe₹100Download PhonePe
5. Paytm Money10% Brokerage CommissionDownload Paytm Money
6. Zerodha10% Brokerage CommissionDownload Zerodha
7. My11Circle₹551Download My11Circle
8. Google Pay₹201Download Google Pay
9. MobiKwik₹20Download MobiKwik
10. 11Challengers20% Lifetime CommissionDownload 11Challengers
11. ExtraPe10% Lifetime CommissionJoin ExtraPe
12. EarnKaro10% Lifetime CommissionJoin EarnKaro
13. ySense30% Lifetime CommissionJoin ySense
14. SBI Card₹500Join SBI Card

1. Upstox

The best and most genuine money-earning app on the list is Upstox. This is an investment app where you can invest your money in the share market, mutual funds, IPOs, SGBs etc. I personally use the Upstox app to invest my money along with making money from it through referral. You can also make money from the Upstox app by investing your money and referring new friends. To invest your money you need money. Also, it required a lot of knowledge. So, if you don’t have any knowledge of the stock market then please stay away from it and focus only on referring friends to make money from Upstox.

How To Refer a Friend on Upstox

I believe Upstox is the most popular and one of the best daily earn money apps in India. For one referral, you will earn ₹150 in your Upstox account. You can withdraw it to your Bank account. But to withdraw you need to complete your account and link a Bank account with your Upstox account. To know more about you check our article on Upstox.

2. Groww

In terms of features, the Groww app is a similar kind of app to Upstox. If you ask me my favourite 5 best daily earn money apps in India then obviously I will mention Groww in that list. This is a very popular investing app where you can invest your money and grow your money. But that’s not our talking point. Another way to earn money from this app is via referral.


Earlier Groww used to pay ₹100 for every new referral but later they stopped it. People started thinking that Groww is no longer the best daily earn money app, but the good news is that Groww come back again with remodelling their referral offer. Now from the Groww refer and earn new offer you will make ₹25 and the person who will join through your link will get ₹25 to ₹100 in their Groww wallet. If the person whom you referred completes their profile within 7 days and makes their first bill payment through the Groww app then both of you will get the reward in the Groww account. This referral money can be used to recharge or bill payments via Groww. You can’t withdraw money from Groww or use it to buy stocks or best mutual funds.

3. Vision11

If you like to play fantasy games using your cricket or any other sports knowledge then the Vision11 app will be the best app for you. In this app, you can play different kinds of fantasy games by creating your own team and then if you rank higher you will make money. In this way, you have to join content by adding money. Sometimes Vision11 provides free giveaway fantasy games or free entry fantasy games too. The app is very popular because it is one of the best lowest entry fee fantasy apps.


Apart from playing games, referring friends is also a very popular way of making money from this app. New users will earn a ₹300 signup bonus and a ₹100 referral bonus. Also, note that Vision11 will give users a 20% lifetime commission for referrals. Every time your referred friend joins a new contest using their deposit money, you have a chance to make money. The referral amount (20% lifetime commission) will directly be credited to your winning balance. You can withdraw it to your Bank account after completing KYC. This is one of the best daily earn money apps in India. Also, you can call it a passive money-earning app. Another thing to note is that the fantasy app will ask you to pay TDS and 28% GST for fantasy game withdrawal.

4. PhonePe

There are many apps that we can use to transfer our money online through UPI. PhonePe is very popular and one of the oldest UPI money transfer apps in India. You can use the PhonePe app for online transactions, recharge, bill payment, UPI money transfer etc. Liquid fund, FasTag buying and insurance options are also available on this UPI app.


You can earn money from the PhonePe app by completing online transactions. For every transaction, you will earn some cashback or some exclusive coupon. Although it’s not a good earning option here. The best way to earn money from the PhonePe app is by referring friends. If you refer a new friend and if they join and complete their first UPI money transfer from your link then you will get a ₹100 cashback in your PhonePe Gift Card. The money can be used to make further payments.

If you ask me why I include PhonePe in the above 15 best daily earn money apps in India list and how much money can you make daily then I would like to answer that PhonePe is an app that you can use for your daily use and it’s very important nowadays. Also, you can earn unlimited money from this app. Remember, you can’t withdraw your PhonePe cashback.

5. Paytm Money

Like Upstox and Groww this is also an investment app. Paytm Money is an investment app by Paytm. Here you can invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, IPOs etc. This is also among the best daily earn money apps because here you can earn money by investing your money or by referring new friends. Investing money requires a lot of skills, so it’s better to skip it.


Paytm Money will give you a 10% brokerage commission from every referral. Every time your referred friend buys something in the app and pays a brokerage commission, you will get 10% out of it. So, this is also a lifetime commission app or passive income app. You just have to refer friends one time and later you will make money forever from them. There is no limit, you can earn unlimited money daily from this app referral. If you wish you can reinvest or withdraw your earnings in the Bank.

6. Zerodha

Zerodha is the no 1 investment app in India. Many investors prefer Zerodha among any other apps for investing money online. You can also use it for investing money and making daily income from it. Like Paytm Money, this app will also give you different options to make money like trading, investing etc. Also, Zerodha has a referral scheme.

How to Invite Friends On Zerodha

For every referral, Zerodha will give their users a 10% brokerage commission for a lifetime. The users can use this money to repay their annual charges in Zerodha or buy stocks online. There is no limit to daily earning, hence you can prefer it among the top 15 best daily earn money apps in India 2023.

7. My11Circle

Everyone knows about this app. There is not much difference between Dream11 and My11Circle. They run a lot of TV Ads during the World Cup and IPL. My11Circle is a fantasy app and Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of this app. In this app, you can play fantasy games and rummy games. For your information, My11Circle and RummyCircle are the same app.

How to Invite Friends on My11Circle

My11Circle will give you a ₹1500 signup bonus which you can for playing games and up to ₹500 referral amount which you can use 100% to join a paid contest or if you wish you can make a bank withdrawal too. For every ₹40 investment of your referred friend, you will get a ₹4 in your winning balance. Like this, you can earn up to 125 times ₹4 from one person. So, it means for one referral My11Circle will give you up to ₹500 in your winning balance. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100.

8. Google Pay

I personally use Paytm for daily UPI transactions. But when you ask me which is my favourite UPI earning app or best recharge and bill payment app among the top 15 best daily earn money apps in India, then I will answer Google Pay. It’s because Google Pay give us cashback for every transaction we do there along with referrals and their season campaigns.

How To Refer and Earn On Google Pay

Google Pay provides cashback for every transaction worth ₹150 or more. It could be anything like recharge, bill payment, shopping etc. You can earn any random amount or nothing from this way. Along with it, another way of earning from Google Pay is by referring new friends. For one referral, Google Pay will give you ₹201 in your Bank when the new user completes their first UPI payment. The maximum you can earn ₹9999 in a year from Google Pay cashback in your Bank.

9. MobiKwik

It is a UPI app. Here in this app, we can take personal loans, recharge mobile, make bill payments or UPI money transfers. MobiKwik is another popular app for day-to-day usage. I already published an article on MobiKwik wallet to bank transfer.


If you refer a friend to join the MobiKwik app then both of you will get a ₹20 on the MobiKwik wallet. In this way, you can make money from MobiKwik. Whether it’s the best daily earn money app or not, well I also have doubts, you have to decide. MobiKwik wants more people to join their platform and use it for UPI and other usage. That’s the reason they are running ₹20 referral commissions for a longer period. But remember you will get ₹20 only if they complete their profile and given task.

10. 11Challengers

I already talked about Vision11 in this post. Vision11 and 11Challengers both are fantasy apps where you can play games online. I personally believe Vision11 and 11Challengers both are the same in terms of money earned daily. You can use both of these daily earn money apps to earn some extra amount without investment.


For one referral, 11Challengers will give you a ₹50 cash bonus and 20% lifetime commission. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200. You have to complete KYC with your Bank details and PAN Card to withdraw money from your Bank account.

11. ExtraPe

This is a website where you can join to make money through affiliate marketing. If you know what Affiliate Marketing is then you can read more articles on Google or watch videos on YouTube. ExtraPe is associated with brands like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart etc. You can find the product link and share it with your friends. When they purchase by clicking on that link you will make a commission. There is no limit. The more sales you will make, the more money you will earn. Also, don’t forget to copy links from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. and convert to the ExtraPe affiliate link.

Like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra referral, ExtraPe also runs a referral offer. If you refer some new user and if they join through your link and start selling products then you will make 10% of their earnings. Isn’t it interesting? You can use it through their website too and promote links on any social media. I think ExtraPe is one of the best daily earn money apps in India.

12. EarnKaro

EarnKaro by CashKaro is another platform like ExtraPe which helps us to make in two ways. One of which is by sharing affiliate links with friends and another is by referring new people. For every new referral, EarnKaro will give a 10% commission forever. There is no limit to maximum income. You can earn as much as you can from it. There is a minimum withdrawal and you have to wait for at least 60 days. After that, if you have ₹1000 in your account then you can take a withdrawal by placing a withdrawal request on the EarnKaro platform. The money will be credited to your Bank account.


13. ySense

This is the first Survey website in the 15 best daily earn money apps in India. Although it’s not an earning app, it’s a survey website which you can use to complete surveys, refer new users and make money online. The ySense runs many daily offers, daily polls or surveys which you can take part in and complete in order to make money.


Like Vision11, 11Challengers, Zerodha or Paytm Money here you can also earn a 30% lifetime commission for a referral or ySense Affiliate. Whenever your referred person completes surveys and makes money, you will get 30% out of it which you can withdraw. There is a minimum threshold which you have to complete. After that, you can choose an Amazon Gift Card, Payoneer, Flipkart, BookMyShow Gift Card, LifeStyle, PayPal Gift Card or some other according to your choice.

14. SBI Card

Everyone has a Bank account and 90% of us have a bank account in SBI. That’s how popular SBI or State Bank of India is. SBI Card is an official app for SBI Credit Card users. If you or your family member has an SBI Credit Card then you can earn a ₹500 gift voucher every time you refer a new user to join an SBI Card through your link. If they apply for a SBI Card through your link then both of you will get a ₹500 gift voucher.


If you ask me, whether SBI Card is one of the best daily earn money apps in India or not then I will answer for me yes. Because if any person joins through your link then both of you will get a ₹500 voucher. But remember Credit Card is not a very important thing in our lives, rather it’s a very dangerous thing. So, it’s always better to stay away from this trap.

FAQs: Daily Earn Money Apps

1. Which is the no 1 earning app without investment?

ExtraPe is the number one earning app without investment. It’s because every one of us loves to shop online and we often buy from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra. ExtraPe allows you to share affiliate links with friends and earn unlimited money without investment.

2. How can I earn ₹100 daily?

If you refer a new user daily on PhonePe and if they complete their profile and make their first payment on the same day then you can earn ₹100 daily.

3. How much can I earn daily from earning app?

You can earn around ₹1000 to ₹2000 daily if you use 10-15 best daily earn money apps and complete the given task.

4. Which is the highest-paid refer and earn app?

Vision11, 11Challengers, Paytm Money, Zerodha and ySense are the apps or websites that I like the most because you will earn money for a lifetime by referring to one time. Apart from these, SBI Card is the best highest-paid refer and earn app.

5. How to earn 300 rupees per day?

Refer PhonePe to 3 new users daily and ask them to complete their first UPI payment within that day. By doing this you can easily earn 300 rupees per day. Apart from that, use ExtraPe or EarnKaro and share affiliate links with your groups. If you can generate one sale daily worth ₹6000 then it’s very easy to earn ₹300 daily or even more.

Final Words

Earning money is something which gives us joy. A lot of students or housewives wants to know ways to make money using Smartphone online. I already published many articles on online earning apps for students but this article is slightly different.

In this article, I talked about the 15 best daily earn money apps in India 2023. I personally checked and used these daily earn money apps. So, you can trust them. If you follow the task like referral or whatever the terms and conditions are then you will get the reward. No apps mentioned above are fraud. You can trust them blindly. But still, I want to clear it that Vision11, 11Challengers and My11Circle and fantasy gaming apps which you may not like to use. I respect your decision. Also, keep in mind that Upstox, Groww, Zerodha and Paytm Money are investment apps which will ask you to pay yearly charges. So think once before using any of these. The other apps are either affiliate marketing apps or money transfer apps.

I hope you read these 15 best daily earn money apps in India 2023 without investment and found it’s helpful. For any information regarding me and my work, you can follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram.

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