Best Drone Companies in Indian Stock Market 2024

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Drones have changed the game in defence and beyond, being a much-appreciated robot to make life simpler. E-commerce companies are already harnessing their capabilities for more efficient delivery services, and as their demand rises, so do potential investment opportunities. This article will discuss Best Drone Companies listed in the stock market, and let you know which Indian drone makers are part of it. Investing in these can offer high returns in the future.

Application Areas of Drones

With a remote control, drones can be controlled. Regular drones have a range of 5-8 kilometres, which means they work from a distance of that distance from a controller. A drone’s range varies according to its price. It is powered by batteries that can be charged on a regular basis. Drones are used in the following fields.

Applications of Areas

1. The Mining Industry

Before humans go into mines, drones can be used to explore them. Thus, a plan or strategy can be developed based on this and that decreases the chances of injuries. Mining has always been a life-saving thing. Drones are a blessing to mine workers since they are at least at risk if they have already scanned the whole mine. Even drilling and blasting can be done with drones to avoid human hazards.

2. Mapping of Topography

Even if humans are searching for life on other planets today, there may still be some parts of our planet untouched by humans. The areas can be so high or so deep that they can be huge mountains, coastlines, etc. Drones can be used to study these places by scanning their topography. With drones’ camera/video feature, 3D maps can be created to study obscure areas better.

3. The Agricultural Industry

Farmers have been able to monitor the condition of their crops and threats to them through a special scheme known as Kisan drones. If you are wondering if that will be quite a costly affair then the answer is no. In the long run, the Rotor drones will be cost-effective because they are multipurpose drones. To make it worthwhile, research and development is happening to make it a good option for farmers.

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4. Videography, Filming, and Journalism

In the world of graphics and virtual reality cinemas, journalism and videography have to go to another level too. Drones are there to bring revolution in such areas and capture perfect shots for people. Since they aren’t human beings, they don’t even possess limitations like humans.

5. The Defence

In defence, drones can reduce the risk of soldiers being harmed when information is unavailable in advance. Even the US and UK forces are using drones for security and training purposes. They are using drones with surveillance capabilities. Also, drones can be used to scan explosives and other security threats.

6. Safety and Security

Those industrial units that require high-quality security – such as companies with high-value materials or jails that require very high security – can benefit greatly from drones. Even security cameras have limitations, which drones can overcome and provide extremely beneficial solutions.

Best Drone Companies in India Listed in Stock Market

Best Drone CompaniesInformation
1. Infoedge IndiaClick Here
2. Dronacharya Aerial InnovationClick Here
3. Paras Defence & Space TechnologiesClick Here
4. Zen Technologies LimitedClick Here
5. RattanIndia EnterprisesClick Here
6. DCM Sriram IndustriesClick Here

1. Infoedge India

In addition to Naukri, 99Acres, Jeevansathi,, and many other popular Indian websites, Infoedge India is a large-cap public company based in India. Their expertise as a pioneer in the Internet industry drives them to invest in drone technology. Info Edge India is an established and prosperous internet company with a significant presence in the online classifieds market.

Infoedge India has acquired stakes in Skylark Drones, a startup that builds the core infrastructure for the global drone industry. As a result of significant investments in various internet firms, such as Zomato, PolicyBazaar, and ShopKirana, and its online classifieds businesses, Info Edge India’s financial performance is robust.

Infoedge India Fundamentals

Infoedge IndiaFundamentals
Market Cap 57,641Cr
P/E Ratio4.30
Debt to Equity0.01
Book Value1038.51
Face Value10

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2. Dronacharya Aerial Innovation

Droneacharya Aerial Innovations is a recently listed small-cap drone stock offering drone surveying, drone data processing, and drone training solutions. The company was established in 2017 and provides drone surveying, drone data processing, and drone training services. Furthermore, Droneacharya manufactures drones made from 100% indigenous materials. As part of its land surveying services, it serves clients across a wide range of industries, including power lines, utilities, oil and gas, infrastructure, agriculture, and more.

To provide high-quality drone-based solutions to their customers, Droneacharya’s team consists of skilled pilots, engineers, and data analysts. The start-up also collects and analyses data using cutting-edge drone technology and software, giving customers valuable insights. The Indian government has also recognized the start-up under Startup India.

Dronacharya Aerial Innovation Fundamentals

Dronacharya Aerial InnovationFundamentals
Market Cap400Cr
P/E RatioNA
Debt to EquityNA
Book ValueNA
Face Value10

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3. Paras Defence & Space Technologies

An Indian small-cap defence company, Paras Defence and Space Technologies designs develops, manufactures, and tests a wide range of defence and space engineering products and solutions. On October 20, 2021, the company was listed on the Indian stock exchange.

It has partnered with foreign UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturers, including Fixar from Latvia, Nurjana Technologies from Italy, and another Israeli company. Currently, Paras Defence is working on military UAVs, industrial UACs, and drone parachutes.

Paras Defence & Space Technologies Fundamentals

Paras Defence & Space TechnologiesFundamentals
Market Cap2,464.00 Cr
P/E Ratio5.96
Debt to Equity0.04
ROE9.12 %
Book Value105.96
Face Value10

4. Zen Technologies Limited

A drone technology company in India, Zen Technologies, was founded in 1993. The company is developing heavy-lift logistics drones, and their anti-drone system uses passive surveillance, camera sensors, and jamming of drone communication in order to detect, classify, and track drones.

In order to understand their growth in drone technology, Zen Technologies has received orders worth Rs 1.6 billion from the Indian Air Force for the supply of CUAS, or counter unmanned aircraft systems. In addition to operating in the defence sector, Zen Technologies has expanded into the drone market by creating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Zen Technologies also builds training solutions that prepare soldiers for combat. In addition to aerial surveillance, mapping, and surveying, the firm develops fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones.

Zen Technologies Limited Fundamentals

Zen Technologies LimitedFundamentals
Market Cap3506.00 Cr
P/E Ratio10.49
Debt to Equity0.02
ROE14.27 %
Book Value40.01
Face Value1

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5. RattanIndia Enterprises

An Indian midcap publicly listed company, RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is the flagship company of the Rattanindia Group. With its wholly-owned subsidiary NeoSky India Ltd, RattanIndia Enterprises announced the launch of its drone business in September 2021.

A statement from NeoSky India said the company would develop a cutting-edge drone system platform aimed at industry applications in India. In September last year, NeoSky launched its first anti-drone ‘Defender’ through its step-down subsidiary Throttle Aerospace, of which it owned 60%. Also, the company recently invested in a US-based drone logistics company, Matternet, which is working extensively on drone logistics platforms. The amount of the investment has not been disclosed.

RattanIndia Enterprises Fundamentals

RattanIndia EnterprisesFundamentals
Market Cap5607.00  Cr
P/E Ratio13.70
Debt to Equity2.37
ROE-51.35 %
Book Value2.96
Face Value2

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6. DCM Sriram Industries

A top drone company in India is DCM Shriram Industries, which also develops drone technology. The company Indian DCM Shriram Industries announced in August 2021 that it would buy a 30% stake in a Turkish drone maker, Zyrone Dynamics, where India has invested $1 million in the company. “Both sides are looking forward to creating products for civilian use, especially for cargo transportation,” the company said in a statement… In the near future, Zyrone hopes to export drones to Europe and Australia after selling its products to India and its neighbouring Asian countries.

The partnership between DCM Shriram Industries and Zyrone Dynamics is more than just an investment; it aims to create a global UAV company for civilian and military applications.

DCM Sriram Industries Fundamentals

DCM Sriram IndustriesFundamentals
Market Cap705 Cr
P/E Ratio0.98
Debt to Equity0.71
ROE8.66 %
Book Value82.38
Face Value2

FAQs: Best Drone Companies in India Listed in Stock Market

1. What is the leading drone company in India?

DJI is a global leader in drone manufacturing. It provides drone solutions for various industries including agriculture, construction, and surveying.

2. Tata bought which drone company?

On July 22, 2022, Tata Steel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS), a Bangalore-based startup providing end-to-end drone solutions.

3. How does Drone India’s IPO work?

68,00,000 equity shares were offered by Drone Destination Limited in its Initial Public Offering (IPO), with a price of between Rs. 62 and Rs. 65 per share. At the lower price band, this amounts to Rs. 421.6 million. At the upper price band, it amounts to Rs. 442 million.

Writer’s Opinion on Best Drone Companies in India Listed in Stock Market

In this post, we looked at the Best Drone Companies in India Listed in the Stock Market. You should keep a close watch on all these companies if you are looking to invest in Drone Companies in India. We only mentioned the top six public drone companies in India today, but there are many other private companies and startups in India working on drone technology as well.

Shortly, we may see drones flying around, lifting weights, and delivering food. Have a great day and happy investing!


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