Best Rummy App in India 2024 | Online Rummy Sites List

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If you want to know about the best rummy app in India then this article is for you. Today I will discuss with you some of my favourite best rummy apps and online rummy sites list in India.

Rummy is one of the most played card games in every house of our country. People play this game after coming back from the office or their work. It gives them joy and relaxation after a whole day of tiredness.

Many people play Rummy during festivals like Deewali. Because they believed it will bring joy, happiness and luck to their home. Since the pandemic, many people have shifted their job from offline to online. Apart from Fantasy Cricket and money earning games, Rummy Apps and Sites also started getting popular. Because a lot of people started using mobile phones in recent times.

Many people play Rummy on a much different best rummy app to take a little break from their busy schedule. But now it’s not just time to pass. Now if you want you can earn up to real cash from Rummy Apps which can also be bank withdrawal.

In this post, you will find out about some Rummy Apps and Websites from which you can earn good money by referring. If you want, you can withdraw the money from the bank. So those who want to earn money without playing rummy can also read this article. So let’s discuss the top 10 best Rummy App in India.

Best Rummy Apps in India 2024

Best Rummy AppsSignUp Bonus
1. Rummy Circle₹2000
2. Paytm First Games₹100
3. GameZy₹12516
4. Jungle Rummy₹5250
5. Ace2Three₹2000
6. Go Rummy₹2500
7. Deccan Rummy₹5000
8. Classic Rummy₹5500
9. Taj Rummy₹2500
10. KhelPlay Rummy₹2020

1. Rummy Circle

This is one of the oldest but still the best Rummy app I have ever seen. If you have heard about My11Circle then you may know about this app. This app is also known as the Sourav Ganguly cricket app.

In this app, you will get to see a clean and user-friendly interface. That makes this app for beginners to learn and play online rummy. For the first time, users will get a Rs 2000 welcome bonus to start playing on this Rummy Circle app.

rummy circle referral offer

Not only this, as I said you can earn money without playing any games from these apps too. Rummy Circle is one of those apps that can help you to earn money without investing a single rupee.

Yes, you can earn ₹500 per referral in your bank account. It is similar to the My11Circle Referral offer. You can switch the app between My11Circle and Rummy Circle.

Friend Referral Bonus

  • Simply open the Rummy Circle App.
  • Tap on the three lines.
  • Tap on the Invite & Earn option.
  • Copy Rummy Circle Invite Code (SUVB8552).
  • Tap on Invite Friends and share the Invite Link on WhatsApp.

2. Paytm First Games

This is an official app by Paytm. Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador of this app. So there is no worry to think about its safety and privacy. I feel Paytm First Games is one of the best Rummy App in India 2024.

You can play many online games including Fantasy and Rummy on this app. On this app, you will get to see a clean interface and a very good refer and earn offer. If you want to earn money without playing Rummy games then this app is ideal for you. Because you can earn up to ₹10000 per friend in your Bank account.

You can switch the app between Rummy and Fantasy by tapping on the three lines. To play Rummy online, you have to download the app from the above link.

Refer and Earn Up to ₹10000

  • First of all, open the Paytm First Games.
  • Tap on the three lines.
  • Tap on the Refer & Get Cash.
  • Copy your Paytm First Games Referral Code (KVM2VG00).
  • Share referral links on WhatsApp, Facebook or with any friends.
  • Once they signup and add money to their wallet, they will get a commission.
  • You will get ₹10 deposit cash, spins and 10% winning cash of your friend’s deposit.

3. GameZy Rummy App

Usually, GameZy is popularly known as one of the best fantasy apps. But recently GameZy has added many other games to its app including Rummy, Poker, Quiz etc. GameZy has a very good referral policy for every user and the best part of the GameZy rummy app is you can join contests with 100% bonus use. It makes GameZy one of the best rummy apps in India.

You can play points, 101 pool, deals, 201 pool, and many rummy tournaments on this app. The minimum entry fee to join a rummy contest is ₹1. Also, the best part is you can use a 100% bonus to join all ₹1 tables in Rummy.

gamezy rummy app

If you refer your friends to join GameZy then you will earn a ₹12516 bonus in your GameZy Rummy Wallet. To refer any friends, simply follow the below steps.

Refer and Earn a ₹12516 Bonus

  • First of all, open the GameZy App.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Now select the Refer & Earn option.
  • Copy your GameZy referral code and link.
  • Once you signup through your link, you will get a ₹12516 bonus GameZy Rummy.
  • Simply use a bonus to join a contest and convert it to real cash by playing smartly.

4. Jungle Rummy

It is also a wonderful app if you are looking to play Rummy online. Jungle Rummy has a website along with the mobile App. You can play rummy games on their website or app, wherever you want.

In this best Rummy app, you can play online Rummy games like pool rummy, point rummy, deals Rummy, 21 cards, and many others.

jungle rummy

You will get a ₹5250 welcome bonus on this Jungle Rummy App. Apart from this, you will also have a chance to win more bonuses if you refer your friends. If you refer your friends then both of you will get a ₹1000 bonus in their account.


A23 or Ace2Three is also the best rummy app and website in India. In this app, you can play all types of rummy games. A23 users will get a ₹2000 joining bonus as they signup on to this app.

I feel Ace2Three is a good Rummy app in India because you will get exciting offers on add money on this app through PhonePe, Paytm etc money transfer apps.

If you refer your friends and family members then you will earn a ₹15000 bonus per friend. You will get to see four types of game features in this app such as leaderboard, achievement, winners and acepoints. You can withdraw any amount from ₹200 to ₹10000 in a single transaction.

5. Go Rummy

Go Rummy is another solution to play Rummy in India. We always looking forward to playing online games on low-competition apps because of their lowest entry fees, winning chances, bonuses etc.

You will get a ₹2500 bonus by downloading this app. Go Rummy has a referral option too. If you refer a new friend then you will get a ₹1000 bonus too.

gorummy app

If you have a blog, website or YouTube Channel then you have a great chance to earn money from the Rummy app in India. Go Rummy comes with an affiliate program too. You can easily join the Go Rummy affiliate program by filling a simple form.

6. Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy is also one of the best Rummy Video Games in India. You can access Decann Rummy and play this Rummy game from your PC / Desktop, Android or iOS App.

Deccan Rummy has very good signup and referral policy. At the time of registration, you will get a ₹25 bonus on your Deccan Rummy account. After that, you will get your first deposit of ₹5000 welcome bonus. Not only that, if you refer your friend to Deccan Rummy then you will get up to a ₹10000 bonus. It can be used to join a contest and save some entry fees.

deccan rummy

2 to 6 players can play the rummy card game on this app. There are multiple payment options available in this app. You can easily withdraw your winning balance at any time.

7. Classic Rummy

This is another solution if you want to play Rummy card games on different apps. Classic Rummy comes with a very good and clean interface. If you have played Rummy before then you don’t feel new here or have any bad experiences.

Classic Rummy has its own Android, iOS and Official Site. If you will download and register on this app for the first time then you will get a 100% upto ₹5000 match bonus and instant cash of ₹500 on your first deposit.

At the same time if you refer your friends to join Classic Rummy then you will get a ₹1500 bonus and 20% on their next deposit.

8. Taj Rummy

Taj Rummy comes with 13 card games in front of you. You can play single table, multi-table or multiplayer rummy games on Taj Rummy Android, iOS or Official Websites.

First-time users will get a ₹2020 welcome bonus to play and join contests on this app freely. If you refer your friends and family members to join Taj Rummy then you will get instant cash up to ₹2000 and a 100% bonus up to ₹1000 on your friend’s deposit.

taj rummy

The friend who will join through your link will also get a ₹2500 welcome bonus and a ₹3000 immediate cash.

9. KhelPlay Rummy

On this online Rummy site you can play 13 cards and 21 cards Indian rummy game. KhelPlay Rummy users will get a ₹2020 welcome bonus to play their first game on this app.

It comes with comfortable securities and smart withdrawal. As per KhelPlay Rummy, you will get your withdrawals within 24 hours.

khelplay rummy

If you refer a new friend then you will receive a ₹250 bonus on their first deposit. Apart from that, you will also receive a ₹500 bonus every time you complete 5 new referrals.

FAQs on Rummy Apps

1. What is the best app for rummy?

Honestly speaking, I have not played rummy a lot. But in my opinion, Rummy Circle is the best app. Because you will get a Rs 551 referral cash and up to Rs 1500 sign-up bonus from this app.

2. What are the best rummy apps for real money?

Almost every rummy and fantasy apps pay us if we win. But my favourite 3 best rummy apps are GameZy, Paytm First Games and Rummy Circle. Because these rummy apps give us instant withdrawal features.

3. Can I play Rummy with a signup bonus?

Yes, but you can use only a few per cent of your signup bonus in a particular match. If any app gives you a deposit of cash instead of a cash bonus then you can use a 100% bonus to join a contest.

4. How to withdraw the winning balance from the Rummy app?

You have to complete your full KYC in order to withdraw your winning balance from the Rummy Apps. You need PAN Card and bank details to complete your KYC.

5. Can I withdraw my rummy-winning cash in my Paytm wallet?

Some Rummy apps support Paytm withdrawal whereas some are not. If any app has a Paytm withdrawal option then you can do this, otherwise not.

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