10 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2022

Are you also facing storage issues on your Android smartphone? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today I will show you the 10 best cloud storage apps for android in 2022.

There was a time when everyone thought cloud storage was a very good option. But now it is not just an option but it is a very important step in everyone’s life. All smartphones nowadays have 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and even 512GB internal storage. But as the days go by we feel this storage is less. Because we don’t want to delete all our old pictures, videos and other files. As a result, we need more storage to store any future files. And those who play games or use a lot of apps need a lot more storage later. This is because the more games and apps we use, the more they grow in size.

You might think that there is no need for the best cloud storage apps for Android to increase storage, you can also increase the storage of Android smartphones by using Memory Card. Yes, it can be done. But using Memory Card we may be able to increase some storage. But if you need 100GB or more of storage then there is no better option than the best cloud storage apps for Android. Let’s check for the best cloud storage apps for Android in India 2022.

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My Story: Why I Use Cloud Storage

I took very few pictures with my smartphone. But I always store the pictures and videos that I take. Four or five years ago I learned about Google Drive. Photos uploaded here can be accessed from any other phone or PC just by logging in. I liked this thing very much then. That’s when I started using Google Drive. But after using Google Drive for the last 3 years, a notification came a few days ago that my Drive’s Free Space has run out. Either I have to upgrade the storage or I have to delete some photos.

At this point, I couldn’t even delete anything because the pictures and files that were stored are all very old and full of memories. So I decided to upgrade Google Drive’s Cloud Storage.

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Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Cloud StoragePlansPrice
1. Google DriveFree (15GB)

Basic (100GB)

Standard (200GB)

Premium (2TB)



2. OneDriveFree (5GB)

Basic (50GB)

Standard (1TB)

Premium (6TB)

Microsoft 365 Apps




3. DropBoxProfessional (3TB)

Professional + eSign (3TB)

Standard (5TB)

Advanced (Unlimited)



4. MegaPro-Lite (400GB)

Pro I (2TB)

Pro II (8TB)

Pro III (16TB)



5. pCloudPremium (500GB)

Premium Plus (2TB)
$49.99 (Annual)
$175 (Lifetime)

$99.99 (Annual)
$350 (Lifetime)
6. BoxBusiness (5GB)

Business Plus (15GB)

Enterprise (50GB)

Enterprise Plus (150GB)




1. Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage apps. This app is pre-installed on all Android Smartphones. Here you will get 15GB of data for free. Where you can store any of your photos or files. In it, you can email, photo, file upload and delete. Google Drive is a Cloud Storage App where you can upgrade storage if you want.

Google Drive Cloud Storage Apps

In addition to the Google Drive Cloud Storage App’s free plan, there are three other plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. In these plans, you will get 100GB, 200GB and 2TB storage. The price of these plans is ₹130, ₹210 and ₹650 per month. With Google Drive’s Cloud Storage Plans you can get some extra member benefits and share with up to 5 people.


2. Mircrosoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a very good Cloud Storage Apps for Android for business people. There is also a paid plan with Cloud Storage and a Free plan. You will get 5GB storage in the free plan of it. You can take Microsoft OneDrive’s paid plan for better storage in the future. Where you can upgrade storage from 50GB to 6TB. With OneDrive’s 1TB plan you can use Office 365 apps on your Android, PC or other devices.

You will get similar features in OneDrive Personal Plan as like Home Plan. But this plan can be used by a maximum of 6 people at a time. If you use Office 365 with your family then everyone will be able to use 1TB. I feel Microsoft OneDrive is a very good and one of the best cloud storage apps for Android options for families of up to 5-6 people. OneDrive is not only an android user but also an iPhone user in your home.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

The UI of the OneDrive is quite similar to the Android File Manager app. So you won’t find difficulties using it. OneDrive plans are available from price ₹125/month to ₹1440/month.

Office 365₹595/monthOffice Apps

3. Dropbox Cloud Storage

Another good cloud storage app is DropBox. Yes, it’s true that it had some security problems but now their security system becomes stronger than earlier. Nowadays many smartphones come with a pre-installed DropBox cloud storage app in their app.

DropBox Cloud Storage

Here too you will get 2GB of free space. Even then, if you need more storage, you can upgrade your DropBox plan and upgrade your storage upto 6TB. Dropbox has four types of paid plans ranging from $12.50 to $20. With these plans, you will get unlimited storage from 2TB. Dropbox has a feature where your photos and files will be uploaded automatically.

Professional + eSign$24.99/month3TB

4. Mega Cloud Storage

Apart from the above three best cloud storage apps, Mega is also a good option. You will get 50GB of free space after signing up. But it is not for a lifetime. Otherwise, it will be the best cloud storage apps for Android in 2022.

Mega cloud storage apps

It comes with four plans such as Pro Lite, Pro I, Pro II and Pro III. The prices are ₹418.57/month, ₹837.99/month, ₹1676.81/month and ₹2515.63/month respectively. With these plans, you will get 400GB, 2TB, 8TB and 16TB storage respectively. This app is very easy to use and you can organize your files as per your choices. Mega comes with 2-factor authentication for security.

Pro I₹837.992TB
Pro II₹1676.818TB
Pro III₹2515.6316TB

5. pCloud

This is also another solution. If you are looking for one of the best cloud storage apps for Android then you can definitely check out this once. This comes with two plans such as premium and premium plus. You can make payment annually or for a lifetime.

pCloud best cloud storage apps

I feel if you pay for lifetime then you can save a lot of money. Because the price of the premium plans are $49.99 (annual) and $175 (lifetime) and the price of the premium plus plans are $99.99 (annual) and $350 (lifetime). You will get 500GB and 2TB storage on the pCloud premium and premium plus plans respectively. Along with it you will get fair share, 30 days trash history and 2 factor authentication security.

pCloud Premium$49.99 (Annual)

$175 (Lifetime)
pCloud Premium Plus$99.99 (Annual)

$350 (Lifetime)

6. Box

If you are looking for the best cloud storage apps for Android smartphone then Box is another solution for you. There are two types of plans in the Box cloud storage. Such as personal and business plan. You will get up to 10GB storage after signing up. After that, you can upgrade your plan to personal pro or business starter with ₹785/month or ₹410/month.

box cloud storage app

If you upgrade to business plan then you will get to see four different plans such as business, business plus, enterprise and enterprise plus. It’s one of the expensive cloud storage apps.

Personal pro₹785/month100GB
Business Starter₹410/month100GB

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