Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription Plans in India 2022

Disney + Hotstar is one of the popular OTT platforms in India. Today in this post I will tell you about Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription Plans in India 2022. From 1st September 2021, Hotstar Subscription Plans has changed. So if you want to buy any Disney+ Hotstar VIP or Premium Plans please read the full article.

You can watch Hotstar for free if you want. But nothing more than just a few videos or TV shows. Disney + Hotstar is so popular today because at Disney + Hotstar we can watch TV shows of all Star’s channels and games of all Star’s game channels. You must know that we can watch most of the sports like Cricket, Football, IPL, World Cup on Star Sports. For which Disney + Hotstar has so many subscribers today.

Not just sports, TV serials or TV shows, at Disney Plus Hotstar we also see various Hotstar Original Web Series, Movies. Some of the best Disney Plus Hotstar original Web Series are Special OPS, Hostages, Criminal Justice etc.

The best thing about Hotstar is that if we want, Hotstar can view content from the website in addition to our mobile app.

Disney + Hotstar are two types of Disney + Hostar VIP and Disney + Hostar Premium. Where we can see Indian content with VIP, if we take premium subscription there, we can see worldwide content.

Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Plans

Hotstar New PlansPriceVideo QualityDevices
Mobile₹499HD1 (Mobile Only)

You can see the content of Disney Plus Hotstar in different places like TV, smartphones, PC, laptops, tablets, Fire TV Stick etc.

There are three types of Disney+ Hotstar the free version, Disney+ Hostar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium. From September 2021, you will get to see three different plans on the Disney+ Hotstar App. The three plans are Rs 499 (Mobile), Rs 899 (Super) and Rs 1499 (Premium).


If we want to subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar VIP, we only need to subscribe annually. Because in this case there is no option to take any monthly subscription. But if we want to subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar Premium, then we can subscribe to its monthly and yearly plans.

We can watch on the Disney Plus Hotstar VIP,

  • 7 Multiplex blockbusters
  • Exclusive Hotstar Specials
  • Disney+ Shows, Movies & Kids content (dubbed)
  • Live Sports including Cricket, IPL, Premier League & Formula 1
  • The latest episodes of the Indian TV Show at 6 am every day (before TV).

On the other hand, Disney+ Hotstar Premium yearly subscription plan is Rs 1499.

Here we can watch,

  • 7 Multiplex blockbusters
  • Latest American Shows & movies
  • Disney+ Originals, Shows, Movies & Kids content
  • Exclusive Hotstar Specials
  • Live Sports including Cricket, IPL, Premier League & Formula 1.
  • The latest episodes of the Indian TV Show are at 6 am every day.

Hostar VIP vs Hotstar Premium

Well, a lot of users don’t know what is the difference between Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. In Hotstar Premium you can watch all the content including Hollywood content too. Hotstar Premium is more expensive than Hotstar VIP. On the other hand, Hotstar Premium is almost one-third of Hotstar Premium. You can buy Hotstar VIP Subscription Plans at a cheaper price than Premium. Basically in Hotstar VIP, you can access all the Sports content and Indian content (TV shows and movies only).

Disney+ Hotstar Monthly Subscription Plans

The Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Plans are available in mainly two types monthly and annually. The Disney+ Hotstar monthly subscription plans are available only on a monthly basis. Its price is Rs 299 per month and subscribers can enjoy all the content similar to an annual subscription.


But note that you can’t buy a monthly subscription plan for Disney+ Hotstar VIP. It is available to buy only on a yearly basis.

Disney+ Hotstar Annual Subscription Plans

If you are an existing user then you don’t need to buy Disney+ Hotstar Annual Subscription Plan. But if you are a new user then you can buy Disney+ Hotstar VIP Annual plans from Rs 399 per year which was previously Rs 365 per year. And if you want to buy Disney+ Hotstar Premium Annual Plan then you can buy it from Rs 1499 a year. Which was available previously from Rs 999 a year.

How To Buy Hotstar Subscription Plans

If you are happy with Disney+ Hotstar Premium vs VIP Subscription Plan then you can buy a subscription plan easily. To buy a subscription plan for Hotstar VIP or Hotstar Premium, you need to follow these steps.

  • Download Disney+ Hotstar App from Play Store
  • Log in to your account
  • tap on My Account >> choose Plan
  • select monthly or annual subscription plan for Hotstar VIP vs Premium
  • make payment through debit card, credit card, UPI
  • After successful payment, your Disney+ Hotstar subscription plan will be activated.
hotstar premium vs vip subscription plans

Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Free Subscription

Well as I said if you want to buy Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription then you can get it from Rs 299 per month and Rs 1499 per year. And at the same time if you want to buy Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan then you can get it from Rs 999 per month. Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan is cheaper than Premium Plan but Rs 999 is also too much for some people. So I have a trick for you.

By using this you can get Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan Free for a year. This process is available only for a limited time. Below are the steps for Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription Plans.

How To Get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription?

First of all, visit the Flipkart Supercoin section and scroll down below. Then you will see the ‘Get Annual Subscription For Disney+ Hotstar VIP‘ banner.

disney plus hotstar vip free subscription plans

Now click on the banner and then tap on ‘Explore Now’.

Thereafter you will receive a coupon code for Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription.

Now open Hotstar Promocode Redeem Page >> Log In >> Enter Code

hotstar vip free subscription plans

Done !! Your 12-month Free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Membership will be activated instantly.

Terms & Conditions
  • Once the coupon code is redeemed, the offer is non-refundable.
  • Offer valid for a limited period only.
  • This offer can be claimed only once per Flipkart User.
  • The promotional voucher is valid as mentioned in the partner platform
  • The voucher codes can only be applied to the Hotstar website
  • Each voucher can be redeemed only once per user
  • Only one voucher can be used at a time and cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions on the platform
  • Offer is not applicable to users of Hotstar VIP and Premium subscribers
  • Offer cannot be used by users who are active on Hotstar via iTunes
  • The voucher is not transferable and should not be resold or redeemed for cash.

Hotstar VIP and Premium: FAQ

What is Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium?

In Disney+ Hotstar Premium you can access all the content which subscription plan is more expensive. While in Disney+ Hotstar VIP you can access all sports content with some Indian TV serials and Movies. Which is available at a very cheap price compared to Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Can I watch Hotstar on TV?

Yes, you can watch Hotstar on Smart TV using Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV.

How can I watch Hotstar without a Subscription?

For this, first of all, you need a working Reliance Jio Sim on your device. After that simply install Hotstar from Play Store or Apple Store. Then Install Jio TV and tap on the live match feed.

How can I get Hotstar VIP for free?

You can get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription for one year. You can get it via Flipkart Supercoin. First of all open Flipkart and after logging in go to the supercoin section. Then scroll down and you can see the Disney+ Hotstar VIP coupon code. If you have required supercoin for Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription Coupan then click on Claim Now. After that visit Hotstar Coupon Code redeems page and simply paste the code. You can get Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Free for one year instantly.
Note that this is a limited period time offer only. Also if you don’t have the required Flipkart supercoins, then you can’t get the coupon code.


I hope you get the answers to all your questions about Disney + Hotstar. If you just want to watch Indian content means cricket, TV shows, serials, movies, etc., then I don’t think you need to subscribe to Disney Plus Premium. But if you want to see the content of Hollywood then you have to take Hotstar Premium Subscription.

However, in Hotstar VIP you can see some premium content dubbed. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you have to pay Rs 399 per year for Hotstar VIP but you have to pay Rs 1499 per year for Premium. In this case, if you do not have so much money, then it would be better for you to get a Hotstar VIP subscription.

If you still have any problems related to Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Plan or others related to Hotstar Premium then please comment down below. Also, you can follow me on Instagram.

Please share this Disney+ Hotstar Premium article if you found this helpful. Thanks for your time.

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