How To Download Flipkart Invoice Step By Step Guide 2024

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If you are a regular buyer of Flipkart then you know how to download Flipkart invoice or bill. But many people still don’t know the exact process. Every order comes with an invoice or bill. It helps us to return, replace or exchange the product. People can still download the same bill unlimited times from their Flipkart account easily. It only costs you the printing cost.

Flipkart is India’s top e-commerce platform, known for being the preferred choice for numerous online shoppers. In today’s digital age, a substantial portion of our shopping transactions take place through platforms like Flipkart. This article is dedicated to guiding individuals, both experienced and new to the world of online shopping, about how to download Flipkart Invoice or bill easily using your Smartphone in 2024.

Shopping online has become second nature to many, but for those embarking on their online shopping journey, having access to a proper invoice is paramount for trust and accountability. Fortunately, Flipkart offers a convenient solution by allowing users to easily download invoices for products ordered in the past. Without further delay, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of how to download Flipkart invoice or bill.

What is Flipkart Invoice?

The invoice on Flipkart is generated instantly upon purchase. This invoice is a necessary thing to claim over a purchased product on Flipkart. Also sometimes it’s required to verify a refund or return. As soon as you make a purchase on Flipkart, you will receive an official invoice for that product in your registered email ID. Additionally, you can access your invoice through the Flipkart website or the Flipkart app. However, if you haven’t received your digital invoice within 24 hours of delivery, you can manually download it from Flipkart. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

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How To Download Flipkart Invoice Step By Step Guide

1. Visit Flipkart’s Website or Open the Flipkart App

You can access Flipkart’s website on a web browser or open the Flipkart app on your smartphone.

2. Log In to Your Account

Enter your login credentials and log in to your Flipkart account.

3. Navigate to Your Orders

On the website, click on your profile icon or name at the top right corner of the page and select “My Orders” from the dropdown menu.

In the app, tap on the “Menu” or “My Account” option and then select “My Orders.”

4. View Your Order History

You’ll see a list of your past orders. Locate the specific order for which you need the invoice and click/tap on it to view the details.

5. Download the Invoice

Within the order details, you should find an option to “Download Invoice” or “View Invoice.” Click or tap on this option.

6. Save the Invoice

It starts downloading sooner and it will automatically save on your device. If it opens in a new window, you can usually save it from there.

7. Review and Keep the Invoice

Once downloaded, review the invoice to ensure it contains the correct information. You can keep a digital copy for your records or print it if needed.

Please note that in most cases, Flipkart automatically sends the official invoice to your registered email ID immediately after your purchase. However, if you haven’t received it within 24 hours of delivery, you can manually follow these steps to obtain your invoice through the app.

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How to Get 1-Year Order Invoice on Flipkart?

If you need a years old product invoice but it’s not available in the app or not able to download then you can try the mail method. In the below, we give the proper mailing format that helps you get your old product invoice.

Mailing Format

Subject: Request for Duplicate Invoice

Dear Flipkart Support,
I hope you’re well. I need a duplicate invoice for an old order I placed. Here are the details:

 Order Number: [Your Order Number]
 Order Date: [Order Date]

I can’t find the original invoice, and having a copy is crucial for my records. Could you please email it to me at [Your Registered Email Address]? Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

FAQs: How To Download Flipkart Invoice

1. Does the Flipkart invoice show the product’s serial number?

Yes, the Flipkart invoice may include the serial number for specific electronic items like mobile phones and TVs.

2. How can I access my Flipkart invoice if my account is blocked?

If your Flipkart account is blocked, you can still access your registered email to find the invoice. If you’ve deleted the invoice email, you can contact Flipkart Customer Care to request unlocking your account or resend the invoice via email.

3. Can I download the Flipkart invoice before product delivery?

No, Flipkart allows to download invoices after delivering products.

4. Where is the Flipkart Invoice Downloaded on a mobile device?

If you’ve downloaded your invoice from the Flipkart app, it will be stored in the Phone Storage Download folder. You can access the file by going to Phone Storage > Download folder.

5. Is it possible to download the invoice without logging in?

No, you must log into your Flipkart account on the app or website to download the Flipkart order invoice.

6. When will I receive the Flipkart invoice?

The invoice will be included in the package upon delivery. Additionally, you can download the invoice from your Flipkart account after the order has been delivered.

Conclusion: How To Download Flipkart Invoice

In conclusion, getting your Flipkart invoice is easy and important. It’s like a receipt for your online purchases. Flipkart sends it to your email right after you buy something. If you can’t find it in your email, you can get it from your Flipkart account on their website or app. Read the above paragraph and learn how to download Flipkart invoice or bill in 2024.

Even if your Flipkart account is locked or you need the invoice before your stuff arrives, you can contact their customer support for help. Having these invoices is handy. They help with returns and warranties. So, always keep an eye out for them in your email, or grab them from your Flipkart account when you need them. It’s a simple way to stay organised with your online shopping.

It’s all about how to download Flipkart invoice or bill. If you have some doubts then ask below in the comment section.

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