Dream11 Premier League (DPL) | ₹100 Bonus daily from DPL Predictions

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine and enjoying our Fantasy Cricket and Quiz Contest articles regularly. Today in this article you will get to know about Dream11 Premier League. On 9th April Dream11 had announced about Dream11 Premiere League on their app feed. We all are eagerly waiting for this and this is live now.

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Dream11 Premier League (DPL)

You can play this virtual Dream11 Premier League without paying any money. That’s mean it is totally free. Here you can see total 8 teams and 32 contest like IPL. If you win some then it is very but if you loose then there is no problem. Because you don’t have to pay a single rupee for joining Dream11 Premier League. Now the question comes what is Dream11 Premier League and how can we play this virtual DPL or Dream11 League. So Read below.


How To Play D11 Premier League

This Dream11 Premiere League or DPL is a virtual Premier League which will be live from 12th April 2020.

The dream11 premier league is virtual tournament where we the fans vote to decide which team wins on the dream11 social feed. It is same as like Dream11 Quiz Contest. If your prediction will correct then you will win prize from dream11. Also note that this new DPL is totally Free.

How To Play

Step 1

Make your prediction before the deadline. They will host matches everyday with a fixed prediction window that starts at 12PM.

To play DPL first of all Update Dream11 app to the latest version. Then tap on DPL banner >> choose match. >> now make your prediction.

In prediction you have to choose for ex
Chennai will win by 10000 reactions
Mumbai will win by 5000 reactions. Etc

Step 2

Vote for your team after the match deadline. For example if a match is happening between CSK (👍) v SRH (😊) then for CSK you have to 👍 for your vote.

Step 3

If you make correct prediction then you could win big. For this step you can score 50 points for every Correct prediction you make. And if your all predictions will right You will get big prizes.
Also if you beat the score in the weekly and season log leaderboard your winnings will transferred directly in your bank account.

For example if in CSK vs SRH match according to your prediction CSK will win over by 10000 reactions . and after the match if CSK will win with more than 10000 reactions then you will be awarded by 50 points. As simple is that.

Dream11 Premier League Prize

If you make right predictions before 30mins of the dream11 premier league match starts. And also if you choose right vote. Then at the end of the match you will earn 50 points. And also if you are at the top 10000 winners of Dream11 Predictions then Rs 100 cash bonus will be credited to your account.

You will get 50 points regularly if you choose both the right dream11 predictions. Also if are at the top 10000 users in every matches the you will get Rs 100 cash bonus for Dream11 Premier League Predictions.

D11 Premier League – FAQ

What is Dream11 Premier League?

Dream11 Premier League or DPL is a Fans choice league. Where we, the Fans decide which of the 8 teams will be crowned the first-ever DPL Champion after they fight it out over 32 matches.

How do I participate in DPL?

Its a Free contest. So first of all open Dream11 App then open feed and predict the match winner. Vote for your favorite team.

The prediction window opens at 12 PM every day and closes 30 minutes before the start of every match. Your prediction will be reflected in the match card and you can’t change it after submitting the poll.

How do I win in DPL?

Daily: Make correct predictions for both matches and win Rs.100 Cash Bonus. The first 10,000 users to make both correct predictions every day will be rewarded.

Weekly: Each correct prediction earns you 50 points on the DPL leaderboard. Every participant who beats the target score will be eligible to earn Rs 100 Cash Bonus as described on the leaderboard screens on DPL.

Season Long: Every participant who beats the target season-long score of 1425 (as mentioned on the Season-Long leaderboard) will be eligible to earn real winnings. 😀Prizes will be awarded as Winnings .

When will Dream11 declare the winners of DPL?

The winners will be declared after 1 hour of the match end. If you make correct dream11 predictions and you are in the top 10000 then you will be the winner. Within next 24 hours of match end you will get app notification if you win.

How do I win on the leaderboard?

You will earn 50 points for every correct Dream11 Predictions. The points will reflect on you dream11 weekly leaderboard. On week 1 you can see total points earned by you till 19 april 2020. On week 2 you can see the total points you score till 20 april 2020.

And in season long leaderboard you can see total point earned by you till the end of the D11 DPL Tournament.


If you still have any problem about Dream11 Premier League or DPL Predictions then comment below. Also for any queries you can message me on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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