Dream11 Referral Code: Invite and Collect Upto 1,20,000 DC Per Friend in 2023

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine and enjoying our Fantasy Cricket articles regularly. All of you know about Dream11. Also, many users know about the Dream11 Referral Code and 1,20,000 DC Invite Offer. Today in this post you will get to know about how to play Dream11, and how to earn a ₹100 cash bonus through Dream11 refer and earn.

Dream11 is a Fantasy Cricket Application where users can earn by using their cricketing knowledge. I have been using Dream11 since 2017 and till now I have won many contests. In this post, I will be sharing my Dream11 winning tips and tricks. The best part of the Dream11 fantasy Cricket App is it is the most loved app and almost every user prefers to play fantasy sports and win cash daily on dream11 instead of other apps like Kubera Fantasy or Vision11.

Dream11 Referral Code

Dream11Referral Offer
Sign Up Amount₹100
Referral AmountUpto 1,20,000 DC
Referral CodeSUVBA1FG
Download LinkClick Here

Fantasy Sports started a couple of years ago in India and now it is very popular among users. During Dream11 IPL 2023 Live matches on Television, you may have seen their ad. Popular Indian Cricketer and Indian captain Rohit Sharma is the brand ambassador of Dream11.

dream11 referral code

During their starting time, Dream11 used to offer Rs 250 for each and every referral for download and referral. But now we only get a maximum of Rs 100 for downloading and inviting friends. Yes, you can use a cash bonus to join a contest but not 100%. Either you have to add a few rupees or you have to pay some amount from your winning balance.

Users can play Dream11 either from their official website or from the Dream11 Mobile App. I feel it is very easy to play on their App. There are a lot of benefits you will get to see on Dream11 Apk like Quiz, Prediction, user-friendly interface etc.

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How To Register on Dream11

It is very easy to register or create an account on Dream11. Anyone can join Dream11 within a minute by name, email ID and password. But remember if you already have an account then don’t try to create another account with the same details, especially on the same device. Dream11 is ready to block your account if you try to fool them.

A lot of people try to create a new account to earn a cash bonus. So, my experience says don’t create a Dream11 account more than once on the same device with the same or different details. At the same time don’t try to make unlimited Dream11 accounts through App Cloner or Dual App. Remember Dream11 is not like a daily earn money app where you download an app and earn money. Here you have to join a contest and win it to make money.

Dream11 Registration Process

  • First of all, Download the Dream11 Apk (Click Here).
  • Tap on Register Now.
  • Enter Dream11 Invite Code SUVBA1FG.
  • Enter your Mobile No, Email and Password.
  • Tap on the Register Button.
  • Now verify your mobile no with OTP.
  • Done!! Your Dream11 account has successfully been created.

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How To Play Dream11

Once your registration is completed on Dream11, you are ready to Join and Play on Dream11. There are many types of content available like the grand league, small league, Head 2 head, private contest etc.

Anyone can play Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, NFL, Handball and Hockey. In my opinion, Cricket and Football are slightly tougher than the other fantasy sports in Dream11. But if you are a beginner in Dream11 or Fantasy Cricket then Small League will be the best option for you.

As you have read in the above paragraph, you can use a few % of your cash bonus to join any contest.


There are three options available in the My Balance section on Dream11. If you add or deposit a balance then it will be shown on the Amount Added option. At the same time, your winning balance and cash bonus earned from download and referral will be shown on the ‘winning’ and ‘cash bonus’ sections.

You can check My Balance on dream11 by following the below steps.

Open App >> Tap on Three Lines>> My Balance.

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How To Create a Team in Dream11

You can easily create your own team in dream11 apk. Just follow the steps.

  • Firstly select a match before the start of the match.
  • Then Select 11 players ( maximum 7 players or minimum 4 players from one team).
  • select one or two WK.
  • 3-5 Batsman.
  • 1-3 All-Rounder.
  • 3-5 Bowler.
  • In the end, you have to select 11 players on which you can select max 7 players from one team.

These are the simple process to create a team and join a contest on Dream11. By following a similar way, you can easily create teams in Football, Basketball or any other sports.

Sometimes, if you do not play matches in Dream11 for a longer duration then they will SMS you to join free giveaway fantasy games without any money.

In Dream11, it is very difficult especially for beginners to win a grand league until or unless a miracle is not happening. I always suggest people invest as little as possible and join the small league if they want to win easily.

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Dream11 Refer and Earn Offer [Earn 1,20,000 DC Per Friend]

IPL is coming and Dream11 has changed their Invite and Earn scheme. Previously it was ₹100 cash bonus per referral but now it has been increased. From now you will get up to 1.2Lakh Dream Coins (DC) in your Dream11 Wallet for each referral.

How to Invite Friends on Dream11

If your friend downloads the Dream11 Fantasy App from your link and uses your referral code then the friend will get 75% off up to ₹100 on 1st contest. Also, you get rewards every time your friend reaches a milestone. There are a total of 11 milestones. The concept of the Dream11 refer and earn offer is very simple ‘They play, you collect DC’. Let’s check the below table.

Friends ActionsYou Collect
Milestone 1
Plays 1st cash contest
50% off, up to ₹50 (onetime discount)
Milestone 2
Plays for ₹49
200 DC
Milestone 3
Plays for ₹100
+400 DC
Milestone 4+1400 DC
Milestone 5+2000 DC
Milestone 6+4000 DC
Milestone 7+8000 DC
Milestone 8+12,000 DC
Milestone 9+20,000 DC
Milestone 10+30,000 DC
Milestone 11+42,000 DC

Dream11 Refer and Earn Offer

I have been playing Dream11 for the last 3 years. In some matches, I won and in some matches, I lost. But the fun part is I didn’t have to invest money from my pocket.

dream11 refer and earn offer

I always used to play Dream11 from my Referral Bonus. So I would suggest you if you have a group of friends or members then share the Dream11 Referral Code and earn a ₹100 cash bonus.

For referral, you won’t get a ₹100 bonus instantly. You will get Dream Coins up to 1,20,000 from one refer. For example, if your friend plays a contest with entry fees of ₹49 then you will receive 200 Dream Coins (DC). You can use all your earned Dream Coins to join any public contests. These Dream Coins are Bonus Dream Coins and they will contribute to levelling up your progress.

Dream11App Features
Download Bonus₹100
Referral BonusUpto 1,20,000 Dream Coins
Referral CodeSUVBA1FG

Rules of FairPlay

You can’t fool Dream11 by creating multiple accounts on the same or different device. If you do not follow Dream11 FairPlay Violation then they will restrict your account.


A few examples of Dream11 FairPlay Violations are:

  1. You can not create multiple accounts.
  2. If users misuse the Refer and Earn program to get a cash bonus then Dream11 will block your account. You can only share the Dream11 Referral Code with genuine users.
  3. Users can’t add incorrect details or fake documents.
  4. You have to add your own documents to withdraw your winning balance from Dream11.

If users do not maintain these Dream11 FairPlay policies then your referred account will be deactivated and you can’t invite friends anymore. They can block you permanently too.

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Dream11 Tips and Tricks

  1. Always try to select the players who will be in today’s playing XI.
  2. Choose your team just 15 minutes prior to the deadline so that you can read the complete reviews and make note of the injury list.
  3. Choose in-form players rather than great players.
  4. Create multiple teams and join the same grand league.
  5. Choose Captain and vice-captain just by your instinct and track records. Always try to select an All-Rounder as a Captain or VC.
  6. Combination based on pitch condition 1-3-3-4 for bowling pitches, 1-5-2-3 for batting pitches or something similar like this. Menas one wk, 3 batsmen 3 all-rounder and 4 bowlers.
  7. Finally, select your own team rather than copying from others. Because no one can surely say who will score runs or take wickets in that match.

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Dream11 Grand League vs Small League

If you don’t know yet which league is better for Dream11 then read this. In dream11 there are many contests. Dream11 Small Leagues means where the competition will be easy but you can’t win much. But in grand league if your team performs well then you can win a big amount with less entry fee.

Dream11 Withdrawal Process and Proof

You can withdraw your winning balance in your Bank Account once it completes Rs 250 or more. Users can’t withdraw Dream11 winning balance in their Paytm Wallet or virtual bank like Paytm Payment Bank. Dream11 does not charge any transaction fees for withdrawal. You can withdraw ₹250 or more as many times as possible freely. Dream11 is not a UPI withdrawal fantasy app. You can withdraw your winning balance only in your registered Bank account.

dream11 withdrawal process

A lot of users think they can withdraw the Dream11 Referral Code Bonus to their bank account. But it is the wrong information. You can’t withdraw a referral bonus in a bank account like My11Circle.

If your winning balance is ₹10,000 or more then you have to pay 30% tax in Fantasy winning as per rule.

To withdraw the Dream11 winning balance you have to verify your account. First of all, you have to enter your PAN Card no and upload its Photo. And then you have to add your bank details with photo proof (screenshot or capture image). It will take 2-4 business days to verify your account details. Once verification is completed, you are eligible to withdraw your winning balance. Please remember you have to add the same details (PAN and Bank).

As per the latest rule we all have to pay 28% GST on fantasy apps. You can’t avoid this. But there are some apps which started offering free deposit cash in return of it.

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FAQs: Dream11 Referral Code Offer

1. What is Dream11?

Dream11 is the world’s no 1 single-match fantasy sports game of fantasy cricket, Football, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, NFL, Hockey & kabaddi.

2. How do I register?

It is a very easy process. You can register on Dream11 within a minute by your Name, Email ID, Password and Mobile Number. Users can also join Dream11 by clicking on ‘Instant Connect with Facebook’ to register with your Facebook account or ‘Instant Connect with Google’ to register with your Google account.

3. How do I change my password?

When you are logged in, head to My Profile, select ‘Change Password’ & click on ‘Save Changes’.

4. How many Fantasy Cricket teams can I create with the same email ID?

You can create only one account with one email ID on Dream11.

5. I don’t know much about Fantasy cricket – can I still play?

If you are not too sure about your cricketing knowledge, don’t worry. You can gain some valuable experience and knowledge as you play more Fantasy Cricket. You can practice with the Free leagues before participating in the Cash & private leagues.


Conclusion: Dream11 1,20,000 DC Offer

So, guys, I think now you know all the information about Dream11. If you are a new user and want to play fantasy cricket then obviously Dream11 is the best platform for you. Yes, it is true that in Dream11 there is huge competition.

All users will get ₹100 for Dream11 Apk Download. But before this, they need to verify their mobile number and email ID through OTP. Users can also earn an unlimited cash bonus by sharing the Dream11 Referral Code with their friends and family members.

For a new referral, both of the users will get ₹100 in their Dream11 cash bonus section. Dream11 allow users free withdrawal in their bank account if they have a winning balance of ₹250 or more. But to make a withdrawal, you need to verify your account through your PAN Card and Bank Account.

If you are a new user and want to play fantasy cricket on low-competition fantasy apps then these apps will be the best for you. The best part is you can withdraw your winning balance in your Paytm Wallet too.

To know more about fantasy cricket apps, the latest offers & deals Join Our Telegram Channel and Subscribe Our YouTube Channel. Thanks for reading the Dream11 Referral Code article till the end.

Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.

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