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Are you a student, retired-person or a house-wife? Do you want to earn Rs 10000 or even more from home? If yes, then this article is for you. Today I will share my experience and a short Earnkaro Review. I have been using this from more than 2 months and it works nicely.

Basically, I came to know about Earnkaro around a year ago. I am a professional YouTuber and Blogger. Basically my major earning source is from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. But as you all know Flipkart has stopped new affiliate sign up. So to promote Flipkart products I have to join Earn Karo. Believe me, guys, within two months I have earned more than 10000+ by promoting Flipkart products. The best part about Earn Karo is you can transfer your confirmed profit once it passed Rs 10 – to your bank.

Many of you know we can’t promote Amazon Affiliate Links on direct message through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. But through Earn Karo you can do it and can earn a commission on successful sales. If you are a beginner or a student, then also you can earn money from it. Because the process is very easy. Continue reading EarnKaro Review to know more about Online Earning.

Make Money Online Through EarnKaro

I have been posting articles on this website from more than a year. Basically my main earning source is Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense. Initially, I was doing only Amazon Affiliate Marketing and that time my earning was around Rs 7000 per month. But after a few months when my site grows, I came to know a lot of people are not purchasing products through my affiliate links. The reason was I didn’t add any Flipkart Links on those product reviews articles. Flipkart stopped new affiliate joining so I joined Earn Karo. A few months later when I check back again I came to know my Earn Karo account has been credited with Rs 5,000.

If you are a beginner or a student then you may not know, you can’t promote Amazon or Flipkart links through direct message. So how can a beginner earn money through affiliate marketing if they don’t have any YouTube Channel, Website or Telegram Channel?


Here the role of EarnKaro comes. If you join EarnKaro then you can promote your EarnKaro affiliate links on any platform whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger etc. If you, your family members or your friends love online shopping then simply send them a unique link and earn commission through it.

For every students or house-wife, I feel it will really help them. Simply create a Whatsapp group or Telegram Channel like I did. Then add your friends, family members on it who love or does online shopping. On successful purchase, EarnKaro will give you a commission. The commission depends on products types and brands.

There are two ways of earning through Earnkaro – Sharing Product Links or Inviting Friends on EarnKaro.

How To Join EarnKaro

To start earning from EarnKaro, you have to join their platform. It is a very easy and free process. All you have to do is simply create an account with Email Id, Mobile No and Password. Once your account will create you are ready to share your links and earn through commission. You can direct join it by one link through Facebook Login. Below is the simple EarnKaro Sign Up Process if you don’t want to sign up through Facebook.

  • Enter your Name, Email Id, Phone No.
  • Enter a unique password and type the given captcha in the box.
  • Get OTP.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Tap on Proceed. Done!

How To Create Profit Links

Users can share product links which are displayed on the screen or they can share another product links. First of you please note that EarnKaro does not support every platform. You can share Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, 1MG etc product links through EarnKaro and can make a commission on successful purchases.

You can easily create unique profit links on EarnKaro by following these below steps. But before this, you need an active EarnKaro account. Either you can create links through EarnKaro Mobile App or directly from their official website.

how to make profit links
  • Open EarnKaro Official Website or Mobile App.
  • Tap on Make Links.
  • Copy product links from Amazon, Flipkart or any other sites.
  • Paste it on here.
  • Tap on make profit link.
  • Now copy this unique link and share it anywhere and earn a commission.

Refer and Earn Lifetime

You know I have been promoting My11Circle from last one year but I didn’t join so many paid contest on that app. Still, I have earned more than 15,000 in the last six months. Yes, it is true and it happened because of a referral program.

EarnKaro also runs a quite similar but much better Referral Program. If you have an active online earning source or audience or subscribers. Then you can easily earn money without sharing profit links. For this, you just have to tell your friends or subscribers to join EarnKaro through your Referral Code or Invite Link. That’s It! If they will purchase products from EarnKaro or earn money then you will receive 10% of their commission for a lifetime. Is not it interesting? I think it is.

refer and earn

So, Join EarnKaro and start your online earning from today without any skill, certificate or hard work.

How and When Do I Get Payment from EarnKaro

EarnKaro will send commission on your account once product shipped. But it will take 30-90 days to confirm. It depends on the retailer and products category. For example, if your friend purchased a laptop from your referral EarnKaro link then you will get a commission for it. But as you all know we can replace electronic products within 7 days if it comes with any difficulties. Similar case for fashion-related products. We can return fashion category products within the next 30 days. That’s why EarnKaro and even Amazon, Flipkart and other popular Affiliate Marketing platforms takes 30-90 days to confirm our earnings. Confirmed Profit can be transferred to your Bank Account by going to your “Payments” section. I hope you understand.

Remember one thing, you have to add a Bank Account before placing a withdrawal request from EarnKaro. Once your payment got confirmed, EarnKaro will mail you and you can transfer it to your Bank Account. EarnKaro will send your earnings through NEFT, it will take 4-5 days to reflect on your account.


Many beginners or newbies may not understand my words. But I would like to clear you all you will get a commission on successful sales. Earn Karo does not come with any cache facilities like Amazon Affiliate Marketing. In Amazon, if users click on your link and purchase another product within the next 24 hours then also you can earn a commission. Not only these but also if they add any product in their cart and purchase it within the next 90 days then also you will get a commission for it. Sadly Earn Karo has not any facilities like that.

But for beginners who don’t have any YouTube Channel or Website, Earn Karo is a great platform to start online earning. Because you can share product links directly on WhatsApp, Messenger etc. I hope you understand.

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EarnKaro Referral Code

To start a decent amount of earning without sharing profit links on WhatsApp, Telegram or any other social media is not easy in other affiliate programs. But for Earn Karo it’s still possible. If you have a decent number of friends or family members or subscribers then you can easily earn a lot of money by EarnKaro Referral Program.

In this case, every time your referred friend buy a product or promote a product, you will get a commission. The best part is you can earn lifetime commission from your invited friends. Its too easy method if you have a group of friends or members.

In 2020, during this pandemic period, we all are at home and trying to purchase our favourite products online. So I feel its a great opportunity to start earning money from your home without any investment. You just have to download an app or log in their website and then simply share EarnKaro Referral Code. The more your share EarnKaro Referral Code, then more you will earn lifetime.

EarnKaro Referral Program Proof

Probably many of you know I am a YouTuber, Blogger. Apart from these, I am available on Telegram as well. I didn’t share EarnKaro Referral Code with too many friends yet. Only 3-4 peoples have registered.

earnkaro referral code

As of now, I didn’t have earned a single rupee from my referred friends. But I know once they will earn a product I will get commission.

My EarnKaro Earning Proof

Usually, I only promote Amazon products on my website, YouTube Channel and on Telegram Channel. I don’t like to promote Flipkart links a lot. But whenever I need to share a Flipkart product link on Telegram, I use Earn Karo.

earnkaro earning proof

Currently only 66 rupees available in my EarnKaro Earning Dashboard. If I would have promoted Amazon links or other links through EarnKaro then it would have been more.

I hope you all understand the basics of EarnKaro. I feel it’s a great way to earn some decent amount every month. There are two ways of earning through EarnKaro. Either you can promote products or you can earn money through EarnKaro Referral Program.

If you have any further questions or doubt then please comment or DM me on Instagram. To know more online earning ways Join Telegram Channel and Subscribe on YouTube.

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