Fantasy Akhada Referral Code 2023 [Earn Upto ₹250/Refer]

Want to earn some extra money by using an app? Get ready for an incredible experience with Fantasy Akhada Referral Code, Refer and Earn, and Invite Code features. For all you cricket enthusiasts, this app is a dream come true. We understand the passion for fantasy gaming, and we’re back with an amazing new offering.

Fantasy Akhada offers an engaging platform encompassing Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football, providing you with the opportunity to join in, play, and feel thrilling contests. Utilise the Fantasy Akhada Referral Code during registration on Fantasy Akhada and receive a bonus of Rs.500.

What is Fantasy Akhada?

Fantasy Akhada is your gateway to the world of fantasy sports, offering exhilarating Cricket and Football experiences. Build your dream team by selecting players from both sides, entering contests, and watching real money flow into your bank account. When you sign up using my Fantasy Akhada Referral Code, you’ll receive a generous Rs.250 bonus. Additionally, each successful referral earns you Rs.500, so spread the word among your friends and family to rake in even more bonus cash.

Features of Fantasy Akhada

  • Fantasy Akhada boasts a visually appealing and intuitively designed user interface. Navigating through the app is easy, ensuring that both new and experienced users can comfortably explore and enjoy its features.
  • The Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process on Fantasy Akhada is swift and hassle-free. It is designed to verify the identity of users efficiently.
  •  Fantasy Akhada offers a remarkably low minimum withdrawal limit of just Rs 50. This means that users can withdraw their earnings with ease, even if the amount is relatively small.
  • Upon signing up on Fantasy Akhada, users are greeted with a generous Rs 500 signup bonus. It’s a great incentive for new users to dive into the platform.
  •  Fantasy Akhada offers the unique advantage of allowing users to utilise 100% of their bonus in specific paid leagues. This means that users can make the most of their bonus funds to participate in competitive leagues.

Download and Singup on Fantasy Akhada Step By Step Guide

1. Download the Fantasy Akhada App

To get started, head over to your device’s app store and download the Fantasy Akhada App. Look for it in the store and click on ‘Download’ to initiate the installation process.

2. Enter Your Mobile Number and Register

On the browser page, enter your mobile number in the designated field and then click on the ‘register’ button. This step is crucial for creating your account.

3. OTP Verification

You Wii receive an OTP in your number. You will have to Retrieve the OTP and enter it in the provided space to verify your mobile number.

4. Enter Referral Code

Use the Fantasy Akhada Referral Code (JOM474). This code is essential for unlocking bonuses and rewards within the app.

5. Rs.500 Credited to Your Fantasy Akhada Wallet

After entering the referral code you will see a confirmation pop-up. This means the referral bonus of Rs.500 has been successfully credited to your Fantasy Akhada Wallet.

6. Provide Email Address and Continue

Input your email address and proceed by clicking the ‘continue’ button. This step helps in creating a secure and personalised account.

7. Choose a Username and Continue

Select a unique username for your account and click on ‘continue.’ Your username will be your distinctive identity on Fantasy Akhada.

8. Home Page of Fantasy Akhada

You’ll now find yourself on the main home page of Fantasy Akhada. This is the central hub where you can explore various features, contests, and games offered by the platform.

9. Successful Signup on Fantasy Akhada

You’ve completed the signup process on Fantasy Akhada. You’re now ready to dive into the world of fantasy sports and start enjoying the exciting contests available on the platform.

How to Complete KYC on Fantasy Akhada?

If you’re looking to complete the verification process, please follow the steps provided below. Here are the detailed instructions for the verification process:

Email Verification

If you log in using your Facebook or Google+ account, your email will be automatically validated. Alternatively, if you did not use a social media log in, please verify your email by entering the OTP received in your Gmail account.

Pan Card Verification

  • Begin by uploading all the relevant information associated with your PAN card.
  • Next, upload a clear image of your PAN card.
  • Provide your complete bank account details, including your name, account number, IFSC code, and other required information.
  • Additionally, upload any necessary documents as proof, such as valid bank statements or documents.

Once all information is provided, our customer service team will review and confirm the accuracy of the details. If all information is verified and accurate, your bank account will be successfully accepted within a period of 24 hours.

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How to Play On Fantasy Akhada

  •  Launch the application and pick the game of your choice.
  • Ensure your team selection adheres to the allocated 100-point budget.
  • Assemble a team comprising a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 participants.
  • Include at least one wicketkeeper, along with 36 batsmen, 36 bowlers, and 13 all-rounders.
  • Choose your Captain and vice-captain based on your preferences or strategic analysis.
  • You’re all set. Now, invest your hard-earned cash in major tournaments for a shot at winning substantial prizes.

Withdraw Your Earning on Fantasy Akhada

If You make your team and earn some money then it’s time to withdraw it.

  • Start by locating the Fantasy Akhada App on your device. You can do this by navigating through your applications or using the search function.
  • Once inside the app, look for the ‘More’ icon symbol.
  •  From the options presented, select ‘My Wallet’. This section is where you can manage your account balance, including withdrawals.
  •  In the ‘My Wallet’ section, input the specific amount you wish to withdraw from your Fantasy Akhada account. Ensure that the amount is within the permissible withdrawal limits.
  • After entering the withdrawal amount, proceed to initiate the transfer to your linked bank account. This step confirms your intention to move funds from your Fantasy Akhada account to your bank account
  •  Please be patient as the withdrawal process may take up to 24 hours to complete. During this time, the amount will be processed and credited to your bank account.

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Refer And Earn On Fantasy Akhada Earn Extra Rewards

You’ll get Rs 500 bonus cash right after signing up. If you refer someone, you’ll get Rs 250 real cash. On the 5th referral, you get Rs 275 bonus cash. On the 10th, it’s Rs 300, and on the 15th, you’ll receive Rs 325 bonus cash.

Steps How to Share Your Own Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

Steps How to Share Your Own Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

Step 1: Open the Fantasy Akhada App on Your Device

Open by locating the Fantasy Akhada App on your mobile device or tablet.

Step 2: Arrival at Fantasy Akhada’s Home Page

Upon opening the app, you will be directed to the main home page of Fantasy Akhada. This page serves as the central hub for accessing various features and options.

Step 3: Click on the ‘More’ Icon Symbol

 Within the app’s interface, identify and select the ‘More’ icon symbol, indicating additional options.

Step 4: Obtain Your Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

 In the ‘More’ section, you will find your unique Fantasy Akhada Referral Code. This code is a distinctive identifier linked to your account and enables you to refer others to the platform.

Step 5: Share Your Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

Share your Fantasy Akhada Referral Code with friends and family members through various communication channels like messaging apps, social media etc.

Step 6: Earn Rs.500 in Your Wallet

When someone signs up using your referral code, you will receive a substantial reward of Rs.500 credited directly to your Fantasy Akhada Wallet. Your friend, too, will benefit by receiving Rs.250 in their Fantasy Akhada Wallet upon signing up using your referral code.

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FAQs: Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

1. What is a Fantasy Akhada Referral Code?

A Fantasy Akhada Referral Code is a unique alphanumeric code that allows existing users to refer new players to the platform. It serves as an identification link between the referrer and the person they’ve referred to.

2. How Can I Find My Fantasy Akhada Referral Code?

After logging into Fantasy Akhada, locate the ‘More’ section. You’ll find your referral code there.

3. Can I Use a Referral Code from a Different User After Signing Up?

No, referral codes need to be entered during the initial signup process. Once your account is created, you can’t apply a referral code from a different user.

4. What Should I Do if I Forgot to Enter a Fantasy Akhada Referral Code During Sign-Up?

Unfortunately, once the registration process is completed, you can’t retroactively apply a referral code. It’s crucial to enter it during the sign-up process

Conclusion Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

Fantasy Akhada’s Referral Code system is more than just bonuses—it’s about bringing people together in the world of fantasy sports. By using referral codes, you not only enhance your own experience but also share the fun with friends and family.

In my opinion, using a Fantasy Akhada Referral Code is a fantastic way to enhance the overall gaming experience. It not only provides immediate bonuses for both the referrer and the referred user but also creates a sense of community and shared excitement. Additionally, the opportunity to earn extra rewards by referring others adds an element of friendly competition and mutual benefit.

It’s all about the Fantasy Akhada Referral Code, if you have any suggestions then feel free to comment below.

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