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Hello friends, I hope all of you are doing really well. A few months ago, I have written a blog post where I mentioned how you can join the Flipkart affiliate program. Today, in this blog you will read about the Flipkart Creator Studio feature. This is a newly launched feature by Flipkart. You can call it similar to Flipkart Affiliate Program.

As you all know, Flipkart has stopped accepting new affiliate signups since 2019. Since then many influencers born on YouTube, Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but they were unable to join the Flipkart affiliate program. I feel to tackle this situation Flipkart has launched this new feature on their platform.

I really like this new initiative by Flipkart. Because not every influencer is technically sound. So, if they can join Flipkart Creator Studio in one or two clicks then nothing is better than that. Obviously, you need a platform for this. Just like I am a blogger so I can provide them with my blog link and they will understand that I will promote product links on my blog.

Similarly, you also need to provide a platform where you have a decent number of followers and good quality content. If you don’t have a YouTube Channel or Instagram Page then you can’t join this Flipkart Creator Studio program right now. So, hurry up and create your account now to enjoy this new feature.

Flipkart Creator Studio is a program where you have to share your referral link with your audience and for that, you will get paid after the product is shipped. So, let’s read this post and find out how you can join this program and make a referral commission.

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Flipkart Creator Studio

This is a new product launched by Flipkart. If you are someone like me who wants to join the Flipkart affiliate program but is unable to do this then this program is for you. If you join this Flipkart Creator Studio program then you can earn a decent amount for every sale you make.

All you need to do is share your unique link with your audiences. Flipkart will not give you a single rupee if you are going to share the link directly with your friends. They will ask you to share your traffic source like a YouTube Channel link or Instagram Page link. If it has enough audience then you can get approval and can start earning money.

How To Join Flipkart Creator Studio?

Please remember that this is a newly launched program by Flipkart. So, it is now in the learning stage. My suggestion would be if you don’t have enough traffic on your YouTube or Instagram then first build an audience there and then try to get approval here.

  • First of all, open the latest version of the Flipkart app.
  • Log in or Signup.
  • Tap on the Account option.
  • Now go to the Creator Studio tab.
  • Here fill in your basic details.
  • Wait for the approval.

Terms and Conditions

Like every program, this program by Flipkart has also some terms and conditions. If you don’t follow these then you can’t join this program or they will not accept your request.

Creator Studio by Flipkart
  • You need a few YouTube Subscribers.
  • Your Instagram Profile needs to be authentic.
  • Like, Comments, Engagement and Followers needed on Instagram profile.
  • You have to put the correct details.
  • All the details mentioned should be matched with the Flipkart profile.

Verification Pending Problem

Sometimes I noticed that many new creators who signed up for the Creator Studio program by Flipkart are getting pending verification problems. So, if you are also a person like this then you can do something else.

Usually, they will take 3 days or more to verify your account and joining request. But if your verification is still pending then you can send a message to their Instagram profile. Simply, go to the Flipkart Instagram profile and the message ‘Hello Filpkart’. Also, you can directly contact them by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page from the 24*7 Customer Support tab.

FAQs: Creator Studio by Flipkart

1. Who can join the creator studio by Flipkart?

Anyone who has a decent number of YouTube subscribers or Instagram followers with decent views can join this program.

2. What will I earn?

You will earn a decent amount of commission for every sale you make.

3. What is the Flipkart Creator Studio program?

This is a newly launched program by Flipkart. Here you have to join the program. If you get approval then for every sale you make you will get a commission.

4. Will everyone get approval?

No, everyone will not get approval for this program.


In this blog, I have told you about the Flipkart Creator Studio program. If you are someone like me who want to earn a commission by sharing some product link that you are using then you can join this program. I have also joined this and it’s really helpful.

I know many influencers who earn a massive amount every month from various affiliate programs including Amazon affiliates, Flipkart affiliates etc. But since 2019, many influencers are failed to join the Flipkart affiliate program. In this case, a program like this is really helpful.

I hope you have read this detailed blog and found this helpful. If you have any queries regarding Flipkart Creator Studio or something else then you can comment below. Also, to know more about me you can follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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