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Hello, I hope you all are doing well. Today I will tell you Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz Answers Today 16 July 2020. Before this, you have already read our Amazon Daily Quiz and Dream11 Quiz Answers. If you follow this article and give all the correct answer in Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, then you will win assured Free Supercoins or Gift Card daily for all user.

Many online shopping platforms launch Quiz Contest to stay connected with their audiences regularly and Flipkart recently started Quiz Contest. They have introduced this new and different quiz contest, its process is totally different from Amazon or Dream11 Quiz.

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz

Online shopping site Amazon also launches a daily quiz on their mobile app. If you give all correct answers in Amazon Daily Quiz and if you are lucky then you will win some products or Amazon Pay Balance daily. A lot of people doesn’t like Amazon Daily Quiz because they only provide a prize for only one user every day. Like Amazon, OYO and Dream11 also offer Quiz. In Dream11, every Thursday you can participate on Quiz Contest, if you give all correct answers then you will win Free Cash Bonus. A few months ago from our My11Circle JBL Quiz, many users won JBL Headphone along with real cash.

Flipkart Quiz is very interesting but it also has a few bad things or cons. In this Flipkart Quiz, you have to watch a 12 minutes video then you can give correct answers every day. You just have to choose Fake/Not Fake option in between video.

flipkart fake or not fake quiz answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 16 July

To answer correctly in Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, you have to watch a 12 minutes video and have to choose an answer between two given answers.

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1. UNESCO declared Jana Gana Mana as National Anthem?

Ans. Fake.

2. Bulls get angry when they see Red colour?

Ans. Fake.

3. UP family mistakes Ganja for methi and ends up having Ganja-Sabji?

Ans. Not Fake.

4. Ranbir and Alir were going to married in January 2020?

Ans. Fake.

5. Groom dies 2 days after wedding and 95 guests were tested Covid positive?

Ans. Not Fake.

10 July Answers

Q1. Telegu is the best second script in India?

Ans- Fake

Q2. Pneumoniae Vaccine can protect you from Covid-19?

Ans- Fake

Q3. Male present was prescribed pregnancy test by a Jharkhand?

Ans- Not Fake

Q4. Rajnikant never said ‘Enna Rascala’ ?

Ans- Not Fake

Q5. An ostrich buries its head on sand when it is scared?

Ans- Fake

9July Answers

Q1. Continuous use of Sanitizer can cause Skin Cancer?

Ans- Fake

Q2. Dr. Harsh Vardhan was elected as WHO Board executive?

Ans- Not Fake

Q3. Directly looking at the sun during a solar eclipse leads to blindness?

Ans- Fake

Q4. Rohit Shetty has worked as a dress man and a hairdresser?

Ans- Not Fake

Q5. A light bulb can be used to spy on you?

Ans- Not Fake

8th July Answer

Q1. Spraying Alcohol on your body kills Corona Virus?

Ans- Fake.

Q2. Monkey Steels Blood samples of Corona Virus?

Ans- Not Fake.

Q3. Mukesh Ambani removed Shah Rukh Khan from JIO ads?

Ans- Fake.

Q4. Mount Everest is tallest Mountain in the earth?

Ans- Fake.

Q5. Finding a Rs 10 coin in soil is considered as tresure in India?

Ans- Not Fake.

How To Play Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz

If you have a Flipkart account then you can play Flipkart Quiz today by following below simple steps.

  1. Download and Install the Flipkart App.
  2. Open App >> Go to Video section.
  3. Or tap on Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz banner.
  4. Now tap on Play Video and watch the 12 min video carefully.
  5. Watch the full video and submit answers one by one during the video.
  6. After submitting all correct answers in Flipkart Quiz. Tap on Claim button and see what you have won.

Quiz Rewards

Flipkart will not provide prize only one user for the correct quiz answer. In Flipkart Quiz Answers Today, all user can win. You can instantly claim your winning prize in your account whether it is Free Supercoin or Gift Voucher.

flipkart quiz rewards

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz Answers Prize are-

Rs 1000 Gift Vouchers – 100 Winners.

Rs 50 Gift Vouchers – 3000 Winners.

Flipkart Supercoins for remaining users.

How To Claim Prize

Once the video will end after submitting all correct answers in Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, you can instantly redeem your prize. It will display an option claim your prize, you just need to tap on it. Thereafter you will get Rs 1000, Rs 100 or Free Supercoins, like I won 5 Supercoins. Please don’t think Flipkart Supercoin is useless, because you can purchase Disney+ Hotstar VIP Through Supercoin.

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