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Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing absolutely well. I know many of you want to check Free Credit Score or Cibil Score but you can’t do this because of a difficult process. In this article, I will tell you how to check the Free Credit Score through Paytm app. Paytm recently introduces this feature which will help you to check your Cibil Score within a few minutes. Not only Credit or Cibil Score but also you can check your active loan status or previous loan details. If you wish to check Free Credit Score through Paytm then you don’t have to submit or upload any paper or physical documents. It will only ask you your PAN Card Number and your DOB. That’s It! I have recently checked my personal Cibil Score, and it shows the exact same data along with previous loan details.

Credit Score

Cibil Score or Credit Score is a three digit data based on your credit history, previous details on Cibil report. This is three digit data which value between 300 to 999. If a user Cibil Score is near 300 then it is treated as low while near 999 treated is great.

online free credit score

A user can check their Cibil Score online from various websites like Paisabazaar, Bankbazaar, Bajaj Finserv etc. But according to my Cibil Score through Paytm is worked really well.

In Paytm App, you can check your Credit Score along with previous loan information. If your Cibil Score is between 800-900 then it is on excellent category while if it is between 700-799 then it is treated as a good category. There are two other options average and poor also there. If your credit score is between 500-699 then it is treated as average while 300-499 treated as poor.

What is Credit Report

Your Credit Report is a summary of all your loans and credit cards history reported to a credit bureau by your lenders. Credit Bureau consider such details for generating Credit report.

  • Personal information.
  • Loan and Credit Card Account Details.
  • Enquiry Information.

How To Check Cibil Score Through Paytm

how to check cibil score through paytm

First of all, you need Paytm App along with PAN Card and your original DOB (Date of Birth) mentioned on any government documents. If all of these is in your hand then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open Paytm App
  2. Log in or Sign Up.
  3. Check on home screen ‘Free Credit Score‘ option.
  4. Tap on ‘Free Credit Score‘.
  5. Enter your name, email id, Pan Card Number, Mobile Number and DOB.
  6. Enter OTP to verify your mobile number.
  7. Done! Your Free Cibil Score is opened.
free credit score

Here you can check a Cibil Score Meter. It will be between 300-900. The more your Cibil Score is, it is treated as good for you. Basically, if you didn’t complete your previous loan is proper time then your cibil score will low. And if you have completed all your previous loans in proper time then your cibil score will improve.

My age is 23, I have completed a loan a few months ago in proper time without delay. So that’s why my Cibil Score is 753.

Why are my Credit Score and Report important

This is very important. When you apply for any Credit Card or Loan from any financial institution, it checks your Credit Score. During the processing of your loan, Credit Score is very important. If it is good then chances of loan approvement become higher. While if your Credit Score is low or near 300 then there is a big chance of rejecting your loan or credit card.

Credit Score Range

Cibil ScoreCategory


If you already checked your Free Cibil Score through Paytm App, then you know how easy the process is. Frankly speaking, when I was trying to check Credit Score from other platforms last 2-3 months ago it was a too lengthy process. But Free Credit Score through Paytm is a very simple process.

Please let me know if you still have any problem regarding Free Credit Score through Paytm Process. If you wish you can connect me on Telegram, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. Thanks for being here.

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