GameZy Live Fantasy and 2nd Innings Contest Full Details

Hello friends, I hope all of you are happy and enjoying IPL and Fantasy Cricket a lot. A few days ago I have published an article on GameZy Referral Code on this website. Today you will get to know how to join GameZy Live Fantasy and GameZy 2nd Innings.

This is a new fantasy cricket app. KL Rahul is the influencer of this GameZy App. If you have used PlayerzPot, NostraPro or Dream11 app before then probably you may feel easy to use GameZy Fantasy Cricket App.

You can play Football, Quiz, Rummy alongside Fantasy Cricket on Gamezy App. There are three different type of contest available which you can join in a cricket match. These three type of contest in GameZy Fantasy App are-

  • Full Match Contest.
  • Gamezy Live Fantasy.
  • GameZy 2nd Innings Contest.

Today in this article you will get to know brief information about how to join gamezy live fantasy and how to join gamezy 2nd innings contest. So let’s read the whole article.

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GameZy Fantasy Cricket Application

If you have written GameZy Refer and Earn Offer then you may know some interesting and exclusive features on GameZy App. The best part of this app is anyone can join GameZy Affiliate Program and can earn money in a bank account without playing a game.

gamezy fantasy cricket app

As of now, I have played Quiz, Fantasy Cricket on GameZy. If you have a sharp mind and if you can answer well (addition, subtraction, multiplication etc) then you can earn money by playing math quiz as well.

Now coming back to our topic, users can play three different types of fantasy cricket in GameZy App. These three contests are – Full Match, Live Fantasy and 2nd Innings.

Full Match Contest

This is as same as any other fantasy cricket app. Here you have to join a contest with 11 players from both the two teams. You can’t choose more than 7 players from one team. After choosing your team captain and VC you can join a GameZy Full Match contest.

This is a new application so you don’t feel any point issue or high competition. If your team is good and if it will perform well then there is a huge chance to win big.

GameZy Live Fantasy

I have used a lot of fantasy cricket app in the last two years. But I didn’t find an interesting and new concept like this. This GameZy Live Fantasy is exclusively launched on this app. This is a 5 over the contest. You can join any time during the match.


In a T20 match, you can join GameZy Live Fantasy a total of 6 times. The six different GameZy Live Fantasy in a T20 match is-

  • 5-10 Overs (1st Innings).
  • 10-15 Overs (1st Innings).
  • 15-20 Overs (1st Innings).
  • 5-10 Overs (2nd Innings).
  • 10-15 Overs (2nd Innings).
  • 15-20 Overs (2nd Innings).

You can join GameZy Live Fantasy anytime before the selected over starts. It is nothing but you can join with players who are batting, bowling or will be bat or bowl during this over the span. You can select only 5 players for GameZy Live Fantasy. There are no criteria that you have to choose 1 WK, Batsman, Bowler, All-Rounder. If you wish you can choose 5 different category players or 5 batsman or bowlers. all-rounders.

After choosing 5 players, you have to choose 3X, 2.5X, 2X, 1.5X and 1X on selected players. On the basis of your selected player’s performance, final rank and prize will be decided.

How To Join GameZy Live Fantasy

  • Download GameZy Fantasy Cricket App.
  • Open it.
  • Tap on any match which you want to join GameZy Live Fantasy.
  • On the above section tap on Live Fantasy (New).
  • Now select any over span which you want to join like 5.1-9.6 overs or 101.-14.6 overs.
  • Create GameZy Live Fantasy Team.
  • You can choose a max of 5 players from any section. You can choose 5 wk or 5 batsmen to 5 players from WK, Batsman, Bowlers, All-Rounders etc.
  • Now assign score multiples (3X, 2.5X, 2X, 1.5X, 1X).
  • If you need help then you can take help from Expert Opinion or Join Our Telegram Channel.
  • Once your team creation completes join any contest which you want.
  • After the end of the overs, you can check your rank and prize.
  • In a T20 Match, you can join up to 6 times GameZy Live Fantasy from 1st innings 5-10 overs to 2nd innings 15-20 overs.

How To Select GameZy Live Fantasy Players

Well, it is a very simple process. You have to check who is batting, who is bowling or who is the next batsman or bowlers in this over the duration. For example in a match between KXIP v CSK, we know D Chahar can’t bowl after 5 overs so we will not choose him in our Gamezy live fantasy 5-10 over the team. At the same time if KL Rahul and M Agarwal batting then we will definitely choose them. Because they are in good form and hit boundaries consistently.

At the same time, CSK is bowling and we know MS Dhoni will give the ball to spinners P Chawla, R Jadeja or S Thakur to bowl so we will select a few from them as well. You can choose any upcoming batsman as well.

GameZy 2nd Innings Contest

It is quite similar to the full match contest. Once the first innings completes you can join a contest only for 2nd innings. For example, in a match between CSK vs KXIP, if KXIP bats first then it is very clear CSK will bat on the 2nd innings and KXIP will bowl.

So if you want to join GameZy 2nd Innings Contest then simply create a team on the basis of players who will bat or bowl in the 2nd innings only.

If you ask me my team for CSK vs KXIP match then I will choose Faf Du Plessis, Shane Watson and A Rayudu as a batsman, MS Dhoni as WK. At the same time, I will choose M Shami, R Bishnoi, C Jordan as bowlers. And S Curran, R Jadeja etc as all-rounders.

I have chosen the above team on the basis of CSK batsman and KXIP bowlers. Because CSK will bat 2nd and KXIP will bowl on the 2nd innings. Please note, the above-mentioned team is only for an example.

GameZy Refer and Earn Offer


A far as Refer and Earn is concerned GameZy is one of the best Fantasy Cricket App in my opinion. Because anyone can join GameZy Affiliate Program. Normally users will get upto ₹220 referral bonus from GameZy Refer and Earn Offer. But if they share GameZy Referral Code after joining an affiliate program then they will earn commission as winning balance.

This commission is 100% bank transferable. I feel its a great opportunity for each and every people who have at least a few numbers of subscriber, followers or friends. You can earn an unlimited bonus from GameZy Affiliate Program.

Summary: GameZy Live Fantasy and 2nd Innings Contest

In 2020 there are many fantasy cricket application available in the market. You can download and play in any apps you want. If you create the same team on popular apps like Dream11 and low competition apps like Vision11, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11 or GameZy. Then you will get to see the winning chances are comparatively high on the low competition apps. Yes, undoubtedly Dream11 is the best fantasy cricket app. But in my opinion for low competition and easy win, it’s better to join a contest on low competition apps like GameZy app.

To make a video on My YouTube Channel, I have played GameZy Live Fantasy two times. The fun part is I have won the contest in both of those two matches. It’s because a lot of people don’t know about it and GameZy is a very low competition app.

Apart from GameZy Live Fantasy, you can join 2nd Innings and full match contest on GameZy Fantasy Cricket App as well.

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Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.

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