Google Pay Selfie Stamp and Disco Stamp – How To Collect ?

Guys i already told you about full details of Google Pay Welcome 2020 Offer . But many users still didn’t get all the google pay stamps specially Selfie Stamp and Disco Stamp . Today in this post i want to share with you how i got selfie stamp yesterday by a simple method . Also you can watch this video .

Google Pay Selfie Stamp – How I collect :

The way which i prefer to collect any Google Pay Welcome Offer 2020 Stamps is without 0 investment . From yesterday google pay updates new new features in their app . If we apply those process then we could get Google Pay Selfie Stamp Or Google Pay Disco Stamp .

google pay selfie stamp

I want to tell you a story about how i got Selfie Stamp Yesterday . I have a Telegram Channel ( Tech Suvam ) . On youtube videos i told that join on this Telegram Channel and send me your extra Google Pay Stamps Link on my email id or message me on Instagram . After that i got lots of message and emails . And then my job was is just copy the links and paste it on my Telgram Channel . So that anyone can gift on your link . Also anyone can receive your stamps and for that you will get an lucky stamp.

Because in every time in everyday you are doing transaction with new user via my Telegram Channel . You have a strong chance to get Google Pay Selfie Stamp or Google Pay Disco Stamp .

google pay selfie stamp

By applying this simple steps which does not require any investment i got Selfie Stamp yesterday . So if you want just do these simple things . Join Telegram >> Send your link on Instagram >> Wait sometimes >> After that if any user collect your surprise stamp gift >> You will get a surprise stamp .

Now its totally depend on your luck . I don’t saying that you will definitely get Selfie Stamp or Google Pay Disco Stamp . But you have a strong chance . After apply the process from 2 days i got Selfie Stamp .

google pay selfie stamp

Also i want to share you something . If you complete any layer but your cake is incomplete after 31st Dec 2019 . Still you have benefits , after completing the first layer you will get ₹10 – ₹101 . And also after completing the second layer you will get ₹101 – ₹1000 .

My Cashback Proof ( Welcome Offer 2020 ) :

By applying Only this method i got Selfie and Disco easily . Yes its true that i have audience , so that the job becomes much easier for me . I got ₹1690 Cashback . Also after 3rd Jan two rewards will be unlocked for me . Which are ₹10 – ₹101 and ₹101 – ₹1000 .

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