Google Pay Stamp Offer | Collect 4 Stamps and Earn Upto Rs 3000

Hello guys, I hope all of you are doing very well. Google Pay has launched a new Google Pay Stamp Offer on 26th August 2020. In this offer, if you collect 4 different stamps then you can win up to Rs 3000 cashback from Google Pay. Offer will be live till 13 September 2020, it means you have 15 days to complete this offer. I don’t say it is a very good offer for all user. Because in this offer you have to complete three different tasks which most of us don’t like to do.

There are 4 stamps which you have to collect to be eligible for this offer. You can only get one stamp per transaction. The 4 google pay stamps are – Ludo King Stamp, Carrom Peel Stamp, Call Duty Mobile Stamp and Free Fire Stamp.

You have to do mobile recharge, bill payments and purchase play store recharge codes to earn stamps.

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Google Pay Stamp Offer

This offer has launched on 26 August 2020 and it will be live till 13 September 2020. You have to collect 4 stamps by 13 september 2020 to get an assured ₹30 – ₹3000 from google pay. There is no chance to get all the stamps if you complete the three given task. Because Stamps are given out randomly. Anyone can get any stamps from those 4 stamps through the different collection methods.

google pay stamp offer

Type Of Stamps

There are total of stamps there which you have to collect before 13 sept 2020 to earn cashback. The four stamps are mentioned below.

  • Ludo King Stamp.
  • Carrom Peel Stamp.
  • Call Duty Mobile.
  • Free Fire Stamp.

This is the four different type of stamps which we have to collect. There are total three methods available to collect these stamps. For all the methods we have to spend atleast Rs 100 to eligible for stamp collection.

How To Collect Google Pay Stamp

If you want to collect google pay stamps then you have to spend at least Rs 100 on the below methods. You can only get one stamp per transaction. There is no guarantee you will get different stamps on a different transaction. If you want to collect Ludo King, Carrom Peel, Call Duty Mobile or Free Fire Stamp then follow the below method.

  1. Download Google Pay and Link UPI.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Offers.
  3. Open the offer section and make a transaction of Rs 100 or more.
  4. scratch the unique scratch card and open stamp.
  5. follow the process until you get all four different stamps.

Methods to Collect 4 Stamps

Bill Payment: Pay DTH, electricity, Water, postpaid mobile, LPG cylinder bill to get a google pay stamp. But please note that if you pay LIC Premium then you will not get any stamp. You have spent at least Rs 100 to collect a google pay stamp.

I think you can easily get a stamp by paying electricity bill, DTH or LPG Cylinder bill.

Mobile Recharge: The most easiest way to collect a google pay stamp is through recharge. If you recharge your Airtel, JIO, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL mobile number by Rs 100 or more through google pay then you will get a stamp. But again there is no guarantee you will get a unique or different stamp from it. All is depend on luck and google pay algorithm.

Play Store Recharge Codes: This is the process which I don’t like in this offer. Anyone can follow first two process and collect stamps but this is the worst way to get a stamp.

To collect a stamp from it you have to purchase play store recharge code of Rs 100 or more. You have to update your google pay app in latest version to be eligible on this offer.

Google Pay Stamp Offer – Should You Apply?

If you can collect all the four stamps by following these three above methods then you will get Rs 30 to Rs 3000 cashback. Offer has started from 26 Aug and it will be live till 19 Sept 2020. As of now there is no clearance whether we can share our extra stamps to our friends or not. But it would happen then it will be very helpful for us to collect all the four stamps from google pay.

Previously Google Pay has launched same type offer three times which are

I don’t think it will be a great offer for all user. Because at the end of the day there is no profit. Yes if you need to complete a mobile recharge, bill payment or google play transaction of Rs 100 or more. Then try to do these from google pay app to get cashback. Google Pay Stamp Offer Cashback vary from Rs 30 to Rs 3000.

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