How To Keep Birds Away From AC?

Maintaining home appliances is one of the most important tasks. After installing any appliances many physical problems come in front of you. Keeping birds away from AC is one of the most awaking problems to many people. The window air conditioner is more prone to birds’ nests. Birds love to seat over the Air Conditioner box. We are not marking the birds as a culprit but we also have to think about us also. We all love birds but we don’t want that they make problems for us.

Most of us sifting towards urban life, we are cutting down trees and making the multi-storied building so, places of making nests for birds are decreasing. For this reason, many birds try to make their nest on the outer part of window AC. But it is a large problem for a user. We should think of some solution to get rid of this problem. In this article we are going to explain all problems, their cause and most wanted their solutions. So, let’s start reading.

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Why Birds are a Problem for AC

Before knowing about the problem I think you should know why it is a problem for AC users. In this article, I am giving you summarized points about the bird problem for AC.

1. Nest Making

It is one of the main problems for window ac. Birds always find a dry, shaded, and cool place for nest-making. As trees are reduced they are facing problems to find safe pale. In that case, the outer compartment of the AC is a safe place for them. Generally, they make a nest at the apex of the AC outdoor unit. If there is any hole in the outdoor unit then they make a nest inside the condenser unit. If birds built nests inside the condenser unit then it may congest the blades of the fan placed in the condenser unit.

2. Faeces of Bird

It is another problem related to birds. Birds release their faeces frequently, that not only makes your AC unit dirty but reduces the quality of air that is sucked in by its blower. The faeces of birds contain a high quantity of ammonia that may cause easy corrosion of the outer covering.

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What are the Problems

  • When birds make nests inside the condenser unit then it makes a mess inside it. There is a fan inside the condenser that can get congested by the feathers, grass, twigs, and straws which are generally used for nest-making.
  • Nest-making materials like feathers, grass, twigs, and straws are highly combustible because they are completely dry. If there is any short circuit inside the unit then the nest can catch fire and damage your air conditioning unit.
  • Debris collected on your outdoor unit can cause issues for your compressor and can result in AC compressor breakdown. This leads to expensive repair or replacement.
  • Birds can damage the insulation covering the refrigerant pipes. When birds live in the area of the outer AC compartment they can peck the insulation covering the refrigerant pipes.
  • Birds’ feathers and dropping can get sucked into your air conditioner. They harbour dangerous bacteria, mites, ticks, and other pests. Birds also carry bugs to their nest, which can get inside your unit. Bugs also contain airborne germs.

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Ways to Keep Birds Away From your AC

1. Use of Strong Cleaning Agents as Bird Repellent

Use a mixture of vinegar and water, or you can also use bleach to prevent birds from nesting in your Air Conditioner. Take a piece of cloth and wipe down your air conditioner; this practice might serve the purpose well.

2. Use of Bird-Resistant Net

You can place the outer compartment of your AC in a net box so that birds can not enter the condenser unit. Measure your AC outer compartment then make a net box that is a little bigger than your AC outer compartment.

3. Install Bird Spikes

You can install bird spikes on the top part of your AC or wherever the birds sit. You also can make bird spile at home. Take a Thermocol sheet and prick nails over it. Then place it over the AC compartment on the sharp side. Birds will not be inclined to move towards your AC covered with spikes.

4. Use Fake Predator

Generally, snakes, mice, cats etc are natural predators of birds. You can use plastic toys of snakes, owls or cats to mimic the predators. This can trick the birds into believing that there are predators and they won’t make a nest in your unit. You can also use some false sounds of them also.

5. Use Shiny Objects

Birds do not like shiny objects. They always want to keep their distance from the mirror-like thing. So, you can use old CDs, aluminium plates, or tin foil and hang them from the rope near your outdoor unit. This is a simple method to scare the birds away.

6. Seal the Gaps

Birds like to make their nest in the hole in the wall that remains during construction. You should fill all the holes with filling material near the AC window. Also, check the gap between AC and the wall. That area is also a good choice for birds. You have to check that area also.

7. Remove the Bird’s Nest

You can remove bird nests if they already start building nests. Don’t remove the nest if there are eggs. Then you have to wait for the nesting time.

8. Providing Food and Salter

It is an indirect process. In this process, you can keep some food and water on the opposite side of your home where AC is not present. Birds like to make their nest near a food source. I think it could be a kindful process.

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FAQs: How To Keep Birds Away From AC

1. Are birds harmful to AC?

Yes, actually birds are not a direct problem. They can make indirect problems to your ac. Their nest-making material, faeces are the main problem.

2. How do I cover my air conditioner from pigeons?

Spread bird netting across the window ledge where the air conditioner sits. This will prevent the birds from landing. Place some fake owls nearby. Look at other bird deterrents such as silver tape, bird spikes or bird gel.

3. Can I cover my Ac outer compartment fully?

No, it is not a safe procedure to protect your AC from birds. that can burn your AC.

4. From where we can get AC outer compartment covering?

You can buy it from your local market as per your requirement. Then you have to weld as your measurement.


Keeping birds away from Ac is an important problem. In this article, I have discussed all the points about this problem and their solution. That will help all people who are facing this problem and who are not know about this serious bird problem. I think it will be a warning article for also who is not take this as a serious problem.

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