How To Use Instagram Reels Feature On Andriod and iOS Smartphone

Instagram has recently introduced Instagram Reels Update on India. After TikTok and 59 other apps banned in India, many other online social media platforms started adding short video features. Already many users joined alternative apps of TikTok like ShareChat, Mitroo etc.

In this situation, Instagram has added Instagram Reel to its platform. If you want to make short videos and become popular like TikTok then you can do this again from Instagram Reel. Here in this article, I will tell you full details of How To Use Instagram Reels and How To Make Short Videos on Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels

Instagram already launched this feature on countries like Brazil, France and Germany before India launch. Now only a very few users can use this feature after updating their previous version.

Users can make Instagram Reel Video on Android or ios devices of 15 seconds which is 1/4th of normal Instagram Videos. Users can use music, add filters and much more on their Instagram Short Videos like TikTok.

If any user wish they can add music or can add their own voice to their reels video. It already has couple of beautiful features and they will add much more in future. Many users moves to alternative apps of TikTok like ShareChat, Mitroo etc.

In Instagram Reel Video user can slow or fast their short video. If you wish you can add AR Effects, movie songs or other creator music also.

How To Make Instagram Reels Video

As I already said, Instagram Reels is now available only in Beta Users. Now only a few users can make Instagram Short Videos.

To make Instagram Short Reels Video, follow the below steps.

  • Update the Instagram App.
  • Open Instagram App >> Tap on below search icon.
  • Open suggested Instagram Reels Video.
  • Watch another creator video if you wish.
  • To create your own video, tap on the camera icon on the above.
  • Record your 15 seconds Instagram Short Video.
  • Add music, AR Effects etc to make it more beautiful.

Final Word

Instagram Reel launched in India on 8th July on 07:30 PM IST. If you are a beta user then you can use this Instagram Reel Feature on Android or iOS devices. By following the above steps you can create Instagram Reels Video on android devices like TikTok. Users who missed TikTok after the ban, will found this feature more attractive.

I feel this is a great feature to grow your Instagram account and build your online community. From last 3 years experience, I have noticed a newly launched feature will help users to grow their account in a short period of time if they maintain consistency.

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