How To Order PhonePe SmartSpeaker Online in India 2023 [PhonePe Sound Box]

Hi Guys, welcome to our New Blog. In this blog, we are going to share how to order Phonepe SmartSpeaker online in India. The PhonePe Sound Box (SmartSpeaker) are a life changer for all merchants. If you are also a merchant or have a shop then you can also get one PhonePe Sound Box for your business using the process mentioned here.

In 2020, Paytm first introduced the PhonePe Sound Box or PhonePe Smartspeaker in the market. With the help of Smart Speakers, a merchant can easily get notified whenever someone pays them thus they do not have to open their phones to confirm the payment. After Paytm, Phonepe also launched its smart speaker in the market. Unlike Paytm the process to order PhonePe SmartSpeaker is more complicated but don’t worry, we are gonna explain how to order PhonePe SmartSpeaker online in India 2023 in the easiest way.

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How To Order Phonepe SmartSpeaker

To purchase a Phonepe SmartSpeaker or to order a PhonePe Sound Box online, you must register as a business account. If you have already registered as a Phonepe business account, follow the steps below. However, if you don’t have a Phonepe business account then don’t worry we will also share the process here.

  1. Download and log in to the Phonepe Business app.
  2. On the Homepage of the Phonepe Bussiness app, you will see a banner of “Phonepe Sound Box” Simply select it.
  3. If you don’t see this option that means you are not eligible for the smart speaker.
  4. Due to high demand, it’s only showing to that account which has a good amount of transactions on a regular basis.
  5. Scroll down to the next page and tap on the ‘Order Now’ option.
  6. Enter your basic details like name and address, pay the setup fee of ₹299 and confirm the order.

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How To Order Phonepe SmartSpeaker: If you don’t see the banner

  1. Login to Phonepe business account.
  2. After that, click My device and then you see a question mark icon on the top right corner simply select that.
  3. Scroll down and select ‘How to Get Phonepe SmartSpeaker‘.
  4. Tap on ‘Get Phoenpe SmartSpearker’.
  5. Now choose your rental plans, enter your shipping address and complete the payment.

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What is Phonepe SmartSpeaker

As mentioned earlier, with PhonePe SmartSpeaker, you will receive instant voice notifications when customers successfully complete their payments through your PhonePe QR code. Therefore the Smart Speaker eliminates the need to constantly check PhonePe Business for payment status and amount confirmations. In addition, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use this. Your soundbox’s SIM card will do.

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PhonePe Soundbox Features

  1. It comes with a long-lasting battery life that can last up to 4 days.
  2. The Speaker of PhonePe Soundbox features clear & high-quality audio
  3. It supports 11 regional languages and can switch the language with one click.
  4. It also features LED indicators for battery life.
  5. Phonepe gives you a Doorstep Installation provided, so your.
  6. You will also get free lifetime replacement if the soundbox has any manufacturing defects.
  7. It comes with a Charger, a SIM and a USB Cable.

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Phonepe Smartspeaker Charges

You will get two plan options for your Phonepe smart speaker. You will be charged based on the plan you choose for your PhonePe SmartSpeaker. The PhonePe Sound Box charges are mentioned below.

  • You can opt for a one-time setup fee of ₹299 through a monthly subscription fee that will be deducted every 30 days.
  • You can also get a plan option of  ₹2299 which is inclusive of the setup fee and an 18-month subscription fee. 

Phonepe Soundbox Monthly Rental Offer Offers on your monthly rental

  1. If you received more than 300 payments of Rs 100 or more in 6 months then your monthly fee will be 89.
  2. If you received more than 600 payments of Rs 100 or more in 6 months then your monthly fee will be 1.

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How To Switch To PhonePe Business Account

If you wish to switch to a PhonePe business account then you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the Phonepe business account and open it.
  2. Enter your mobile number and tap on the Verify option
  3. Provide the OTP received in the number.
  4. Tap on Get Started and enter your business details like the name of your business or store, choose your business category and upload a logo for your business.
  5. Provide the business location you can use GPS or manually search for it.
  6. After that enter your bank account details. Note use the same bank account that is linked with your number.
  7. Select your business type like individual, partnership etc.
  8. On the next page, you will have to provide your GSTIN number and PAN Card number.
  9. You have successfully opened a Phonepe Business Account.

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How To Use PhonePe Amitabh Bachchan Voice

It has been over a year since PhonePe launched its smart speaker, and it has been downloaded by merchant partners in 19,000 zip codes across the country. To enhance merchant as well as customer experience Phonepe recently enabled Amitabh Bachchan’s voice in their smart speakers.

Earlier Amazon also introduced the same celebrity voice in their smart speaker though it cost additional charges. Phonepe currently doesn’t charge anything for the celebrity voice feature. Currently, the celebrity voice is only available in Hindi and English, as per Phonepe they are gonna add more language support in the future. If you also want to enable Amitabh Bachcahns voice in Phonepe then follow these simple steps.

  1. Open a Phonpe business account.
  2. Select the Smart Speaker icon.
  3. Choose ‘SmartSpeaker Voice’ and then Click on confirm to activate the voice.
  4. Now the device will be updated and restarted.
  5. You can now get notified in Amitabh Bachchan’s Voice whenever someone pays you.

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FAQs: How To Order PhonePe SmartSpeaker Online in 2023

1. Is Phonepe Soundbox free?

No, Phonepe Soundbox isn’t free. You will have to pay a monthly cost as well as a one-time installation fee for this.

2. Does Phonepe charge for SmartSpeaker replacement?

If there’s any manufacturing defect then you can get a free smart speaker replacement from Phonepe.

3. How many languages does the Phonepe Smart Speaker support?

Phonepe smart speaker supports 11 regional languages.

4. What is the monthly charge for the Phonepe SmartSpeaker?

The monthly fee of Phoenpe smartspeaker is ₹299 but if you accept more than 600 payments within 6 months then you will be charged only ₹1.

5. Does Phonpe SmartSpeaker support the voice of Amitabh Bachchan?

Yes, Phonpe Smartspeaker supports the voice of Amitabh Bachchan.

6. Which languages are supported in Phonepe Amitabh Bachchan’s voice?

Currently, the Phonepe SmartSpeaker smart speaker features Amitabh Bachchan’s voice in Hindi and English.

Final Thoughts

PhonePe Sound Box or PhonePe SmartSpeaker is something that will help your business a lot. This device will give you instant audio confirmation after getting a payment on your PhonePe business account QR code. PhonePe Sound Box comes with battery indicator lights and it’s batter will give you up to 4 days of battery life. If your shop is in a noisy area then it also works nicely as per PhonePe officials because this PhonePe SmartSpeaker device comes with high-quality audio.

This SoundBox comes in 11 different languages such as Bengali, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Oria, Asamia, Tamil, Telegu and a few more. You can select your local language and set it as per your requirements. The device also comes with doorstep installation and a free lifetime replacement. It also comes with a USB and cable for quick charge. Shopkeepers can listen to previous transactions if they want through this device. So, nothing to worry about with the PhonePe SmartSpeaker.

In the above article, I mentioned what is PhonePe SmartSpeaker and how to order PhonePe SmartSpeaker online in India 2023. For any queries regarding the PhonePe Sound Box order process, please comment below. Thanks for reading it.

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