ICICI Coral vs Platinum Credit Card Comparison

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Are you looking for the best ICICI Credit Card? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, I am gonna share details about the ICICI Coral vs Platinum Credit Card Comparison.

ICICI Coral and Platinum Credit Card are one of the most popular credit cards offered by ICICI Bank. Both of these credit cards are targeted at different types of persons. ICICI Platinum credit card is a lifetime free credit card. On the other hand, ICICI Coral Credit Card comes with numerous features. So let us find out more about these two cards in this comparison.

ICICI Coral vs Platinum Credit Card Comparision


FeesICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Joining Fees₹499+GST₹0
Annual Fees₹499+GST₹0

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Welcome Bonus

FeesICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Welcome BonusN/AN/A

This is one of the drawbacks of the ICICI Coral Credit Card. Many Credits in the same category offer Different types of welcome bonuses such as Gift Vouchers, Discounts and Reward Points. I think ICICI should at least some reward points as a welcome bonus. We can’t say the same for the platinum chip credit card as there’s no joining fee.

Spend-Based Fee Waiver

Spend-Based Fee WaiverICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Fee WaiverThe annual fee is waived on spending of more than 1.5 lakh in a year.

Renewal Benefits

Renewal BenefitsICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Renewal BenefitsN/AN/A

Again it’s another missing feature of ICICI Coral Credit Card. ICICI should have featured some sort of OTT or travel benefits whenever the user pays the renewal fees.

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Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge ICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Fuel Surcharge 1% fuel Surcharge in all of the HPCL fuel stations.1% fuel Surcharge in all of the HPCL fuel stations.

Lounge Acess

Lounge AcessICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Airport Lounge Acess1 Per QuarterN/A
Railway Lounge Acess1 Per QuarterN/A

In comparison to the Platinum Card, the ICICI Coral Credit Card features one domestic airport lounge access as well as one railway lounge access per quarter. However, there’s a catch in airport lounge access. You have to spend at least 5000 in the previous quarter to get airport lounge access in the proceeding quarter. For the Railway lounge, there’s no such limit.

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Movie Benefits

Movie BenefitsICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Movie Benefits25% Discount Upto ₹100N/A

Here’s another benefit of ICICI Coral. With this Card, you can avail 25% Discount Upto ₹100 on movie tickets booked using BookMyShow and Inox. However, you have to buy a minimum of tickets to avail of this. Also, This offer can be availed two times every month.

Dining Benefits

Dining BenefitsICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Dining Benefits15% Discount in various partner restaurants.15% Discount in various partner restaurants.

Both of these credit Card cards offer 15% discounts in various partner restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Café Coffee, Vaango, TGI Fridays, Day, Mainland China etc. The 15% discount is only available on orders over 2500.

Reward Points Rate


ICICI Coral Credit Card Gives you 2 reward points per 100 except for fuel. On the other hand, you can earn 1 reward point per 100 spent on utilities and insurance. In addition to this, the ICICI Coral Credit AMEX variant offers 4 reward points for every 100 rupees spent online.

ICICI Platinum

The Reward point system is almost similar to both the ICICI Platinium Credit Card and the ICICI Coral Credit Card. It also gives you 2 reward points per 100 spent on retail and 1 reward point per 100 spent on utilities and insurance.

Reward Points Value

The Value of the Rewards points earned for both Credit Cards are similar. Each 1 point has a value of 0.25. Therefore, 4 Reward Points are equivalent to ₹1.

Milestone Benefits

Milestone BenefitsICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Milestone Benefits1000 RP on spending of 1 lakhs
2000 RP on spending of 2 lakhs

Late Payment fee

Outstanding BalanceLate Payment fee ICICI CoralLate Payment fee ICICI Platinum
Upto ₹100N/AN/A
More than ₹50000₹1200₹1200

Other Charges & Fees

Other Charges & FeesICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Interest Rate3.4% Per month (40.8% annualized) 3.4% Per month (40.8% annualized)
Cash Advance Charges2.5% of the Withdrawal amount or a minimum fee of ₹300.2.5% of the Withdrawal amount or a minimum fee of ₹300.
Foreign Currency Markup Rate3.5% of the transaction amount.3.5% of the transaction amount.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility CriteriaICICI CoralICICI Platinum
Salary5 lakh p.a.5 lakh p.a.

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FAQs: ICICI Coral vs Platinum Credit Card Comparision

1. Which is better ICICI Platinum or Coral?

ICICI Coral Credit Card is a better option to pick.

2. Does ICICI Coral offer lounge access?

Yes, If you spent more than 5000 in a quarter then you can avail of one airport lounge access in the next quarter. Also, you can avail one complimentary railway lounge access every quarter.

3. Is the ICICI Platinum Card eligible for airport lounge?

No, the ICICI Platinum Card does not offer any airport lounge access.

4. What is the best life time free ICICI Credit Card?

ICICI Bank Amazon Credit Card is the best lifetime free ICICI Credit Cardest

5. What are the benefits of platinum credit card Icici?

With a Platinum credit card, you can get a 1% fuel surcharge at all the HPCL stations and also get a 15% dining discount at various partner restaurants.


In this comparison between the ICICI Coral vs Platinum Credit Card, we can see that the ICICI Coral Credit Card is a far better option than the Platinum Credit. However, still, there are many features such as welcome bonuses and renewal benefits are missing with ICICI Coral Credit. Overall it’s a good credit for many users especially if you are looking for a credit card with travel or entertainment benefits.

Speaking of the ICICI Platinum Credit Card, If you are considering it because of its zero joining and renewal fees then I would suggest you go for the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card which is also a lifetime free credit card. With the Amazon Pay card you can avail of 5% Cashback on Amazon orders if you are a Prime Member but if aren’t then you can get 3% Cashback on Amazon orders. Also, you can earn 1% cashback on all other payments.

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