VI Balance Check Number | How To Check VI Balance, Internet, Offers?

Hello friends, I hope all of you are safe and fine in this pandemic situation. In this article, I will discuss the VI balance check number. If you want to know how to check Idea balance or VI balance check number, validity, internet balance, data balance, customer care number, offers, this post is for you.

I still remember, when I was a child, my father bought the first keypad phone for our home. Now we all use smartphones and dual sim in it. Nowadays, many of us can’t live without a phone for a moment. We spend all day on the internet with our smartphones. But that was not the case at that time. Then on the keypad phone, we could not do anything except call, SMS or playing two or three games. That’s why we were not addicted to smartphones at that point in time.

But now the situation is completely different. Whatever it is, it is not the subject of today’s discussion. Today I will tell you the VI Balance Check Number.

I said all of these because then we did not have to search Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Balance Check Number. Because we all remembered and we checked the balance regularly.

But in today’s era of 4G, 5G we all use JIO Sim. As a result, it is not easy to remember the VI, Airtel or Idea balance check number of the second Sim.


How To Check VI Balance in 2021

In 2021, there is nothing that has no solution. There is a solution to every problem. And there are many small problems that have more than one solution. The same thing here.

If you are worried about how to check VI balance, then I would like to tell you there are many ways that can be used to check VI Balance from Mobile in 2021.

The first and easiest one is the USSD Code method. But the fact is, it is very tough to remember a lot of USSD codes to check VI Balance. Apart from this, we can use VI App, True Balance App, Internet Site, through customer care contact etc.

VI Balance CheckProcess
1. USSD Codes*121#, **199#, *111# and*125#
2. (Vodafone-Idea) VI AppLog in to VI Mobile App and follow the below process to VI Balance Check.
3. True Balance AppTrue Balance App is another way that can be used to check VI Data Balance, Internet, Validity, Offers, Main Balance, Talktime etc.
4. Customer CareDial 121 or 198 and follow the below process to know VI Balance.
5. VI Official WebsiteLog in to (Vodafone-Idea) VI Official Website and check your account details including VI Balance, Validity, Offers, Internet or Data Balance etc.

Check VI Balance Through USSD Codes

Many years ago, when there was no smartphone, it would not be difficult to remember a couple of USSD codes for VI Balance Check. Because whenever we needed it, we would call and send SMS from that one phone. But now that dual sim and JIO have become primary sim, it has become very difficult to remember the VI Balance Check Number.

So here is a bunch of lists that can be useful to check VI balance, validity, offers, VI internet or data balance etc.

VI ServicesUSSD Codes
1. Balance and Validity*121#
2. Main Balance*131*3#
3. Internet Balance*125#
4. SMS Balance*161*1#  or *451#
5. Account Balance *456# or *457#
6. Talktime or Data Offer*121#, *131*3#, *121*4*8#
7. 3G / 4G Support*121*4*1*5#
8. My Offer*111# then enter 1
9. VI Mobile Number Check*111#, *131*1#, *121*4*1*7#
10. Credit Talktime*150*10#, *150*20#
11. Balance Transfer*191# then press 2
12. Last Recharge Check*121*4*1*8# | *121*411#
13. 4G Activation Code 1925
14. Missed Call Alert*333*5#
15. Idea Balance Transfer*567* < Receiver No > Space <Amount> #

VI Balance Check Through VI App

The easiest way to check the VI balance, validity, offers, etc. of VI Sim is through VI App. For this, we just need to install VI Mobile App on our mobile. As you all know, now Vodafone and Idea are the same and they both have one single app that is VI App. Besides, we don’t need to do anything. But the problem is when we do not have much space on our mobile. We all have so many apps on our mobiles that we have to delete the old ones to get a new one. If you do not want this, then the USSD Codes method is a good option for you.


  • Download VI Mobile App >> Install.
  • Enter VI Mobile Number >> Verify it with OTP.
  • Your VI SIM Balance will be displayed on the top of the screen.
VI Balance Check Number

Check Balance Through True Balance App

If you want to download an app to check the balance of SIMs like Vodafone, Idea or Airtel then you have to download True Balance App. Because with the True Balance App you can do all this.


  • Open Play Store >> Download True Balance App >> Install and Open.
  • Register with Mobile No and Email >> Verify with OTP.
  • Sign In >> Now you will be able to see your main balance, data or internet balance in one section.

Check Balance Through VI Official Website

You need to download apps in almost all methods except the USSD Code method. I know many of you do not like to download more apps. Because in that case, you have to remove or uninstall the old apps. If you do not want to know VI balance by downloading new apps then this method is for you.

VI Official Website

In this way, you will know how to easily check VI balance from VI Official website. If you want, you can follow this procedure from your PC, Laptop or Mobile.


  • Visit VI Official Website >> Go To Sign-in Page.
  • Enter VI mobile number >> Request OTP.
  • Check Home Page >> You will get to know all your VI talk time, main balance, data or internet balance and offers all in this place.

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VI Customer Care Number

Whenever we have a problem, we call customer care. If customer support is not good, that company will not go well for long. I think VI’s customer support is very good. We can also do a VI Balance Check without any solution to our problem.

To check VI balance by calling customer care, we have to call one of the two numbers. Then by pressing 1 we will know our balance. Not only this, but we can also check the internet balance by calling customer care.

Balance Check: Dial 198 or 121 >> Press 1 >> Listen carefully to know VI Main Balance.

Internet Balance Check: Dial 198 >> Press 2 and then Press 3 >> Listen carefully to know data used in the last three days.

Check Offers on VI

Many people do not use JIO Sim but use SIM’s like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel. There could be many reasons behind this. For example, maybe the network is not good where he lives or he loves to use 2G SIM. Whatever the reason is, here is the process that can be helpful for you to check VI offers including data, main balance, full talk-time etc.

  • Dial *111# then press 1.
  • Or dial *121#
  • Call 198 or 121 >> Press 4 for Offers >> Listen carefully.
  • Dial 198 or 121 >> Press 2 for Internet Offers >> Again press 2 to get Offer details on SMS.

How To Take Loan in VI SIM?

Many times we are in a place where our balance is exhausted and there is no opportunity to recharge. Now we can recharge from mobile if we want but many can’t. And if we run out of internet balance then there is no way to recharge. Most of the companies like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel offer us Prepaid Loan which means Rs 5 or Rs 10 so that people do not have any problem during this time, which is deducted from our account during the next recharge with a charge of 1 to 2 rupees more.

  • Dial *199# an then choose option 3 to Manage Account.
  • Now enter 5 for Chota Credit.
  • You will get to see your chota credit history by pressing option 2. And you can buy another loan in VI by choosing the option 1.
  • Select amount and confirm it.

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Transfer Balance from Idea To Idea

If you are an Idea SIM user then you need to know that you can transfer your Idea Mobile Balance to someone else if you want. In the last paragraph, I said how to take a loan. Suppose if you can’t take a loan or for some reason, it has not been completed, then the alternative method is Balance Transfer. In this case, you can ask your friends who use Idea SIM to transfer balance. Of course, the person who sends the balance will have to pay some charges and he will not be able to send the balance as he wants.

  • Dial *191# to transfer and request balance from other Idea users.
  • Press 2 to transfer Idea talktime.
  • Press 3 to request Idea talktime.

How To Check VI Recharge History?

Many times we need to know the Idea recharge history. When we call customer care and want to get any information about our SIM, they ask us to tell our recharge history. So let’s see how to know the Recharge History of Idea SIM.

  • Visit VI Official Website >> Sign-in >> My Transaction >> Check Recharge History.
  • Install VI Mobile App >> Sing-in >> Check Recharge History.

You can also check your recharge history by dialling a USSD Code on your Mobile.

  • Dial *199# and then tap on 2 to check Balance & Usage.
  • Now select 0 for more.
  • Now tap on 5 to check latest echarge details of last 3 days.

Vodafone and Idea are the same?

Yes, Vodafone and Idea connected each other and formed a new brand which is VI. Since 7 September 2020, their official website, app and some of the USSD Codes are the same. Whether you are using an Idea or a Vodafone SIM, if you run any USSD Codes, you will be redirected to VI in one place. Also, there are no different mobile apps or official website for these two SIM’s. If you search on google play store or browser then you will get to see only one result which is either the VI website or mobile app.

VI Balance Check USSD Codes 2021

Best Offers*199*1#
Balance & Usage*199*2#
All Balance*199*2*1#
Data or Internet Balance*199*2*2#
Daily Data Usage*199*2*2*2#
Total Data Usage*199*2*2*1#
Start Data Notification*199*2*2*3#
Stop Data Notification*199*2*2*4#
Last 3 Calls and SMS*199*2*3#
VAS Deduction*199*2*4#
Last Recharge Details (last 3 days)*199*2*5#
Chota Credit*199*3*5#
Chota Credit History*199*3*5*2#
Buy Chota Credit*199*3*5*1#
PUK Number*199*3*6#

VI Customer Care

  • Customer Helpline: 199
  • Toll-Free VI Helpline: 198
  • (DND) Do Not Disturb: 1909
  • Data Activation or Deactivation: 1925
  • VI Port Helpline Number: 18001234567
  • VI WhatsApp Customer Support: 9654297000

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