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Welcome friends, I hope you all are fine and doing great during these tough times. Today in this blog post you will get to know Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Apps in India 2021. There are 20-30 fantasy cricket apps available in the market. But when it comes to Instant Withdrawal or Paytm Withdrawal, there are only a few fantasy apps that have this option. Today I will tell you all these app details so that you can join the contest on these apps.

Instant Withdrawal does not mean you will receive your winning balance instantly. It will take 1 sec to 2 hours for successful withdrawal. Some of the apps come with a free instant withdrawal option whereas some apps may charge for instant withdrawal.

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Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Cricket Apps

Fantasy AppsSignUp BonusRefer & Earn
1. Vision11₹300 ₹100 + 20% Winning Cash (Lifetime)
2. GameZyUpto ₹1000Upto ₹10000
3. 11Challengers₹50₹50 + 20% Winning Cash (Lifetime)
4. Real11₹50₹50
5. Fantasy Power 11₹100₹100 + 20% Winning Cash (Lifetime)
6. Royal11₹200₹300 + 25% Commission Lifetime
7. Paytm First Games₹10Upto ₹10000
8. PlayerzPot₹50₹50

1. Vision11 Fantasy Cricket App

It’s a new fantasy app. In this new fantasy app, you can play fantasy cricket, football and basketball. Already you have read about this new fantasy app on this website. In this new fantasy cricket app, you will get a ₹300 cash bonus for downloading. At the same time for every new referral, you will also get a ₹100 cash bonus in your wallet.

Last two or three months ago Vision11 did not have any Paytm or Instant Withdrawal option. But thanks to their team, they have added these two features to this new fantasy app.


Refer and Earn

  • Download Vision11 >> Register using your Name, DOB, Email, Mobile No and OTP.
  • Enter Vision11 Referral Code SUVAM.
  • Tap on the Register Now button.
  • Open Vision11 App again.
  • Tap on three lines >> Refer & Earn.
  • Copy Referral Code >> Refer Friend.

Download Vision11 – [Click Here]

Vision11 Referral CodeSUVAM.

Vision11 Minimum Withdrawal

There are three types of withdrawal options available in this app. Either you can withdraw your winning balance in your Paytm Wallet or in your Bank Account.

If you want to withdraw in your Paytm Wallet then the minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200 and the max limit is ₹10000 in a day. In this option, you have to pay 1.99% + 18% gateway charges. At the same time for bank withdrawal minimum and maximum limit is ₹200 and 200k in a day.

Usually, it will take two or three days excluding bank holidays for successful withdrawal. But if you want to withdraw your winning balance instantly then you can choose the instant withdrawal option too. In this case, you have to pay ₹10 as a vision11 instant withdrawal charge.

Withdrawal OptionLimit (Per Day)Charges
Paytm₹200-100001.99% + 18%
Instant Withdrawalmax ₹50000₹10

2. GameZy Fantasy App

I hope all of you have seen the GameZy Fantasy App advertisement on your TV during this year IPL. KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of this app. In this app, users will get upto ₹1000 for app download and referral.


You can play Fantasy Cricket, Football, Basketball, Poker, Quiz, Rummy on this app. There are two types of withdrawal available in this app – Paytm and Bank. Before first withdrawal, you have to verify your account first. Please note that you can’t make a withdrawal of your referral bonus in your Paytm or bank account.

GameZy Referral Code: SUVAM

Refer and Earn

  • Download and Register on GameZy.
  • Tap on three lines >> Refer and Earn.
  • Copy Referral Code and Share app link on WhatsApp or other social media platform.
  • For every referral, you both will get upto ₹1000 each. If your friend plays ₹500 cash game then both you will get 10% = ₹50 cash bonus.

How To Withdraw

The minimum withdrawal limit for Bank and Paytm Withdrawal is ₹25. You don’t have to pay any charge for withdrawal. You can only make one withdrawal every 24 hours. GameZy process withdrawal request every 2 hours. So you can expect your withdrawal will be credited to your Bank or Paytm within 2 hours.

  • Open GameZy App >> Tap on three lines.
  • My Profile, Wallet & Withdrawal >> My Wallet >> Withdraw Now.

3. 11Challengers Fantasy App

This is a new fantasy app. In this app, you can play all types of fantasy games. If you are a new user then you will get a ₹50 cash bonus as a SignUp bonus. If you refer your friends then you will get a ₹50 cash bonus and 20% winning cash for a lifetime. This bonus can be used 100% to join future contests.

You can withdraw your winning balance from ₹200 in your Paytm wallet and Bank account. You have to pay ₹5 as an instant withdrawal charge between ₹200-₹1000 and ₹10 bank instant withdrawal charge for the amount of ₹1000 or more.

At the same time if you choose Paytm instant withdrawal then you have to pay a 1% transaction fee of amount ₹1000 or more. You have to place an instant withdrawal request between 8 AM – 8 PM.

11Challengers Referral Code: BISWAS

4. Paytm First Games Fantasy App

In terms of Paytm withdrawal, no one come close to Paytm First Games. It is a fantasy app from Paytm. In this new fantasy app, you can play cricket and football. The best part of this app you don’t have to complete KYC if you have a full KYC Paytm account.

Paytm First Games comes with Paytm and Bank Withdrawal options. Once you make a withdrawal, within the next 2-3 minutes your winning balance will be credited to your Bank or Paytm Account. Paytm First Games minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100.

Paytm First Games Download Link – [Click Here]

Referral CodeKVM2VGOO.

paytm first game referral code

Refer and Earn (Paytm First Games)

You can earn upto ₹10000 for each and every referral. For the first time, you will get ₹10 bonus cash and then upto 10% deposit cash. If your friend deposits ₹1-₹100 then you will receive 10%. Again if your friend adds ₹101-₹1000 then you will get 5%. Similarly, you will receive 3% and 1% deposit cash.

5. Fantasy Power 11

In my opinion, Fantasy Power 11 and Vision11 are quite similar apps. Both of these apps come with a similar interface, withdrawal and referral program.

If you download Fantasy Power 11 for the first time then you will receive a ₹100 bonus. For a new referral, you will get a ₹100 cash bonus in your fantasy power 11 wallets.


You can withdraw your winning balance in your Paytm Wallet and Bank Account. Fantasy Power 11 does not have an Instant Withdrawal option. But if you select Paytm or Bank Withdrawal then the winning balance will be credited to your Bank or Paytm within the next 12 hours.

The minimum withdrawal limit in Fantasy Power 11 is ₹100 and ₹300 for Paytm Wallet and Bank. The maximum withdrawal limit is ₹5000 and ₹200000 for Paytm and Bank in a day.

Fantasy Power 11 Download – [Click Here]

Referral CodeSUVAM.

Fantasy Power 11 Refer and Earn

  • Open Fantasy Power 11 >> Three Lines.
  • Refer & Earn >> Copy FP11 Referral Code.
  • Tap on Refer Friends >> Share invite link on WhatsApp, SMS etc.

6. Real11 Fantasy Application

If you are looking for low competition and a new fantasy cricket app that comes with instant withdrawal and a Paytm withdrawal option then Real11 will be a great option for you. Famous Indian commentator and YouTuber Aakash Chopra is the brand ambassador of this fantasy app.

I have been using this app for the past few months. I did not notice any slow loading or any issues in this app. As of now, we can play only fantasy cricket and football on this app.

You will get a ₹50 cash bonus for signing up and a ₹50 cash bonus for inviting a new friend. Every day Real11 launches some new promo codes and a 100% bonus usable contest for some selected users. To withdraw your winnings you have to complete KYC in this app.

The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200 and the maximum you can withdraw is ₹50000 in a day on your Paytm wallet or Bank. If you select the instant withdrawal option then you have to pay a 1% charge for Paytm withdrawal and ₹10 per transaction for Bank withdrawal.

Real11 Referral Code: SUVAM

7. Royal11 Fantasy Gaming App

Royal11 is new fantasy money earning game app. In this app, you can play fantasy cricket only. I feel Royal11 is also a similar kind of app to Vision11. In this app, you will get a ₹200 cash bonus after SignUp and a ₹300 cash bonus for referring friends. Now you will get 5X benefits by referring to your friends. Apart from a ₹300 bonus, you will get a 25% commission lifetime for a referral.

You can withdraw your winning and referral balance into your Paytm wallet and bank account from as low as ₹200. But before first withdrawal, you have to verify your account and complete KYC. Royal11 comes with a ₹10 instant withdrawal charge. You can not instantly withdraw more than ₹2000 in a day. If you choose Paytm withdrawal then you have to pay 1.99% + 18% GST as a charge.

Royal11 Referral Code: SUVAM

8. PlayerzPot Fantasy App

In terms of bonuses, PlayerzPot Fantasy App is not so great. In this app, you will get only ₹50 for download and ₹50 for every referral. If your referred friend adds money to their PlayerzPot wallet then you will get a 2% commission in your deposit wallet. You can use this balance of 100% in any contest. Bhuvneswar Kumar and Smiriti Mandana are the brand ambassador of this app.

PlayerzPot Referral CodeSE2582C9

Paytm Withdrawal Best Fantasy Apps

Fantasy AppsMinimum Withdrawal (Paytm)
1. GameZy₹25
2. Vision11₹200
3. 11Challengers₹200
4. Royal11₹100
3. Paytm First Games₹100
4. Real11₹50
5. Fantasy Power 11₹100

There are many fantasy cricket apps available in the market. But these are my favourite fantasy apps. Because all of these come with the Paytm Withdrawal option.

As I already mentioned, you will get a ₹100 cash bonus for download and referral from Vision11 and Fantasy Power 11 apps. Paytm First Games comes with upto ₹10000 refer and earn option. You can use 100% deposit cash (earned from referral) to join any contest.

CrickMania is not a fantasy cricket app but it’s a website. You don’t have to download any application for this. Only Vision11, GameZy, Real11 and Paytm First Games provide Instant Withdrawal among these top 5 best fantasy cricket apps in India 2022.

If you have any questions regarding Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Apps then please comment below. To know more about me you can follow me on Instagram, Telegram and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.

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