Is Laptop Necessary for Engineering Students in 2023?

So, the question that got you here is whether should an engineering student buy a laptop or if a laptop is necessary for engineering students. I would say that we should know that nowadays we require technology everywhere we can think of. Many of you may not be aware that I am an engineering student pursuing a BTech (Bachelor of Technology) degree in electrical engineering and I think I can provide you with a justifiable answer to your doubt just hold your patience and be with me throughout this article to get the information for which you came here.

Now taking about an Engineering Degree let’s discuss the phases of Engineering life and the Requirements According to the years of your study.

The First year of engineering is that time of your life when you just enter college leaving your family and school friends it’s a time when we explore new places, and friends and get a basic introduction to the course which we have chosen and we are going to make a career out of it. Now coming to the requirement of laptops at this phase, a laptop is a must for computer science students as well as students who want to discover tech-related fields, and learn about coding, and web development. Nowadays being technically aware is very important. I have also started coding and exploring various fields related to it like web development along with attending various boot camps in the first year itself.

In The second year of engineering, you will be entering into your specific departments and will be learning about different theories related to your department. Every department has some software that is very important and is a must to be learned and aware of like MATLAB, CATIA, CAD, etc.

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Different Software Required are Mentioned Below

Engineering DepartmentsRequired Softwares
Electrical and ComputerLabView, SPICE, Verilog
SoftwareComputer Architecture Simulator, Linux, Git
ChemicalAspen, MATLAB
CivilCivil 3D, Revit, STAAD Pro
MechanicalLabView, CATIA, ANSYS, MATLAB

There is various other software you would come across during your engineering journey. These are going to be a part of your course and for this, you would require a laptop to learn and operate this software.

In the third and fourth year of your course laptop will become a must for your studies as you will be making different projects related to software and hardware which will be helping you crack different on-campus as well as off-campus internships as well as placements. Laptops will be helping you with your interviews.

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Some Other Uses

Other than this when we start our college life buying books becomes somewhat impossible and we start reading our subjects from pdfs provided by professors as well as pdfs of books available on the internet as well as e-books from various online stores.

Apart from studies, we all know that playing video games watching movies, and video calling with our friends gives us an ample amount of happiness and adrenaline rush which is good for our mind and relieves us from stress. You all may have heard this phrase ‘’ all work and no play make jack a dull boy”, so just studying day and night won’t do any good spending time with our loved ones and doing things other than just studying always helps. But having self-control over what we are doing is also to be taken care of or else it will turn out to be a waste of our time and energy.

So, coming back to the topic, let’s discuss what would be the best time for a student to buy a laptop.

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When Should One Buy a Laptop?

If you are a student pursuing computer science engineering or related courses like a degree in IT then it becomes somewhat necessary to have a laptop from the very first year and start with your coding journey as fast as possible. But there are students who come from different family backgrounds and it may very very difficult for many students to afford one for them. Looking at this matter, various colleges in India have very well-built computer labs which provide their students with all the facilities. Various online shopping sites provide discounts for students so that they can afford laptops for their studies, you just have to wait a bit and should keep your eyes on these sites for the best offers.

What One Should Look For Before Buying Laptop

Money does matter a lot so while investing it in anything you should think, decide, and should be well aware of the facts before spending your money on it. Ars you know money is hard to earn and it’s very easy to spend.

Before buying a laptop look at its description for the following features:

  • Laptops with 256GB hard drive or more especially should be SSD
  • Intel i5 CPU or higher you can also go for RYZEN processors
  • A good quality Integrated graphics card
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • A GPU system
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • A high screen resolution that should be above or equal to 1600 x 900

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Given below are a few Laptops Which you can think of buying, I my self one of them

1. HP Spectre x360 16-f1009TX OLED Touch 2-in-1 Laptop

HP Spectre x360 16-f1009TX OLED Touch 2-in-1 Laptop

HP Spectre x360 16-f1009TX OLED Touch 2-in-1 Laptop
  • Intel Evo platform powered by Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB memory, 1 TB SSD storage
  • 40.6 cm (16) diagonal UHD+ touch display
  • Windows 11 Home
  • 2.01 kg
  • Intel Arc A370M 4GB VRAM Graphics
  • 5MPIRCam Gesture control AI noise cancel

2. HP 14s Intel Core i3 11th Gen 14s – dy2507TU Laptop

HP 14s Intel Core i3 11th Gen 14s – dy2507TU Laptop

HP 14s Intel Core i3 11th Gen 14s - dy2507TU Laptop
  • 14-inch FHD Display
  • Intel Graphics and Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • SSD support of up to 256 GB
  • Incredible Voice Assistant
  • 1920 X 1080 resolution of this laptop
  • Windows 11 Home

3. HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 Hexa-Core 5500U 14-ec0035AU Laptop

HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 Hexa-Core 5500U 14-ec0035AU Laptop

HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 Hexa-Core 5500U 14-ec0035AU Laptop
  • 14-inch Full HD IPS Display
  • Built-in Dual Speakers
  • Integrated Dual Array Digital Microphones
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixels Screen Resolution
  • Windows 10 Home
  • AMD Radeon Graphic Processor
  • 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD
  • 1-Year Onsite Warranty

I am personally using this model. Being an engineering student I can say that during our whole journey it is somewhat very common that we will be doing some side hustle I myself do so many other things except studies like I am doing some freelance work which requires me to have a laptop which can support the work I do.


Everything in our surroundings has its pros and cons we just need to decide, what we want to do. What is our need? What is more important for us? In this article, I have tried to mention all the possible advantages and disadvantages of a laptop. But the true fact is how you want to use it. Will you use your laptop for your self-growth or you are going to decorate yourself with it? There is no doubt that laptops and gadgets are an integral part of an engineering student. Let’s use our gadgets wisely and see their wonders. Hope you all had a get time reading this article and you got the answers to your question. Best of luck with your future endeavours!

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