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Do you want to buy Best Laptop Bags Sleeve Case Cover for your 14-inch Laptops? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here I will tell you Top Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover for 14-inch Laptops. There are many Laptop Bags or covers available in the market at very cheap price. Companies like AirCase, HP, American Tourister, Dell have many Laptops Bag which is available on Amazon under Rs 500.

If you have a Laptop then you may know how difficult to carry a Laptop without a proper cover or bag. Many offline stores offer free laptop bags for buying Laptops from offline stores. But it is not available online. I bought HP 14Q CS0023TU Laptop almost a years ago, but Amazon does not provide me with Free Laptop Bag. That’s why I have purchased AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Cover for 14-inch Laptop.

A Laptop Bag will help us to carry other pruducts like Pendrive, Smartphone, Headphone along with Laptop.

Best Laptop Bags Sleeve

There are many Laptops from different brands that are available in the market. When I was thinking to buy a Laptop Bag for my HP Laptop, my budget was Rs 500. So at that time, I bought an AirCase Sleeve Case.

If you want to buy best laptop bags then first select your budget. A Laptop Bag will protect our Laptops from Scratches, Shocks and Spills. Some latest laptop bags are available which can charge a Laptop too, but these are very costly. I don’t recommend these Laptop Bags for average users who have midrange laptops.

Here are the Top 10 Best Laptop Bags for 14-inch Laptops. Please check all the bags speciifications carefully and then decide according to your choice.

1. AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve 14-inch

If you want to buy the best laptop bags with a fantastic design under rs 500 then this will be the best option for you. AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover is made for any 14-inch Laptops like MacBook, HP, Dell, Lenovo etc. This is hand laptop bags which is 100% waterproof and made by Neoprene, Fabric. It doesn’t catch dust, so no need to wash it regularly.

Because I have been using it from the last couple of months that’s why I suggest you, please buy 13” sleeve if you have a 14-inch Laptop. People including me who have ordered 14” sleeve for 14-inch Laptop, return it.

AirCare Laptop Bag is available in two colour option which is Jet Black and Black. Its normal price on Amazon is Rs 379 without applying any Bank offer. If you apply any bank offer with this then you will get it from Rs 300 or below the price.

aircase laptop bag sleeve case cover 14-inch laptop


  • Innovative Design: This Laptop Case is made of soft puffy fabric inside which protect your device from scratches and also has 3D foam cushion around which insure 360 ̊ protection to your laptop.
  • Slim Profile: The slim design of Laptop sleeve allows men, women, girl, boy, college student you to use as a standalone case and carry only the essentials or place in your bag for added protection and computer is safe, easy to access and glide smoothly.
  • A Much Safer Way to Carry Laptop: The Laptop Sleeve Case Cover is made of four-layer protective material like High elastic canvas fabric, water-resistance neoprene, Impact-resistance neoprene, soft fluffy fabric which protect your accessories from scratches and bumps.
  • Compatible with: Acer, Apple Macbook Air 14.1″, Asus, HP, Dell, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Toshiba Satellite, Fujitsu, Sony Vaio, ThinkPad, Wipro, LG, Samsung, Micromax, HCL NetBooks, Chromebook, UBantu Devices & other brands 14.1-Inches Laptops/ Ultrabook
  • Designed for most 14.1-Inch Laptops and Ultrabooks, Maximum Fit Size (Dimension- 38 x 28 x 2 Cm), Super LightWeight: 155 Grams, and easy to use, practical design and exquisite workmanship.

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2. HP Envy Urban 15.6 Inch Sleeve

People who want to buy quality products from popular brands will love this product. If you don’t have a budget problem then this will be a good choice for you. HP Envy Urban 15.6 inch Sleeve is made for Laptops and Notebooks.

It is available in only grey color on Amazon. This product made by Charchol Grey Fabric with with spilit leather handles. It has a side pocket too, which will help you to keep Credit Cards along with Laptop.

hp envy urban 15 laptop bag sleeve

HP Envy Laptop Sleeve Bag will fit 15.6-inch Laptops properly. If you have a 14 inches Laptop then probably it will not be the best choice for you. This product is a little bit heavy to carry compared to the previous one.

  • Protect your laptop from the elements with weather-resistant zippers and fabric
  • A classic look and feel is achieved with charcoal grey fabric, split leather handles and a logo in classic tan
  • Keep your laptop safe from everyday bumps and drops, with an ultra-soft 15.6-inch diagonal padded laptop compartment
  • Designed to thwart RFID readers, a secure pocket helps protects your credit card information from thieves
  • Fits up to 15.6-inch diagonal laptops

Looks and Quality wise it is a very good Laptop Sleeve Messenger Bags. But it has a few cons, in the main compartment, it has not much space to carry a charger or other products with Laptop. Also, the secondary compartment has not much space to carry a charger, or laptop accessories.

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3. ASA Global Solution Fabric 14-inch Laptop Sleeve

I always tell my friends and family members, buy products according to your requirements. If you want to buy Laptop Sleeves from the best company then you can buy HP ENVY Urban Sleeve. I don’t judge the quality of a product good or bad by looking at its price only.

If you want to buy Laptop Sleeves with less price then here i have another suggestion for you under rs 500. It is also water resistance and wrinkle protected. This product is made with quality fabric. If you have a 14 inch laptop then this will fit your Laptop.

asa laptop bags 15 inch

This product base colour is Grey and its weight is 190g. It has two sleeve pockets. One is for the main product and the other one is for secondary products like a credit card, identity card, wallet etc.

ASA Global Solution 14-inch Laptop Sleeve Price on Amazon is Rs 358.

  • With Shock resistance & Water resistance
  • High durable quality material for with 5000 times tested zips
  • Main utility pocket to keep laptop charger, power banks, etc
  • Value of money product.
  • Easily fits into your laptop backpack.

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4. AirCase Laptop Sleeve Case Cover for 13-Inch

AirCare is a popular manufacturing brand for Laptop Bags Sleeve Case Cover in India. They have different Laptop Bags in different size and prices. If you have a 15-inch Laptop then AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover 14-inch will be the best choice for you. Similarly, if you have a 14-inch Laptop then this model will fit best for your Laptop.

Design and look wise it is almost similar to AirCase 14-inch Sleeve Cover. This model is available in 3 colour options – black, jet black and grey. Grey model looks beautiful but I will suggest buy black case cover.

aircase laptop sleeve case cover 14 inch

The only thing which i don’t like on AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover is, it has only one sleeve.

A lot of people who bought this product suggested this is the best among the others like Amazon Basics.

AirCase 13 inch Laptop Bag is available in 3 color options with different prices.

Black, Grey and Jet Black AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve price in India is Rs 418, Rs 584 and Rs 758 respectively.

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5. Amkette Neo Case Multi-Pocket Laptop Sleeve

Till now you have read a total 5 Laptop Bags Reviews. All of these are very good according to me. But in terms of look and design my preferrable choice is Amkette Neo Case Multi-Pocket Laptop Sleeve Case Cover.

amkette laptop bag sleeve case cover

This model is two different size option. You can buy this if you have a 14-inch or a 15-inch Laptop. It is made by Neoprene Fabric. According to Amazon description, it will perfectly fit 15-inch Macbook Pro and other 15-15.6 inch Laptop. The beauty of this product, it comes with a 1-year hassle-free warranty.

It has 1 top loading pocket for the Laptop, and 3 additional pockets for your notebook, wireless mouse, phone, pens and cards, all in a sleek & compact profile.

Amkette Neo Case Multi-Pocket Laptop Sleeve Price in India are Rs 629 (13 inch) and Rs 649 (15 inch) respectively.

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How To Buy Best Laptop Bags Sleeve Case Cover

A Laptop is a product which we all need to work online, watching movies etc. We can easily buy Smartphones every year or twice a year. But we can’t do the same thing for a Laptop. Because if we want to buy a Laptop then we have to purchase Best Laptop Under Rs 20000 or more.

To protect Laptop from dust, water and accidents we need to purchase a Best Laptop Bags. There are several Laptop Bags available in the market Under Rs 500. If you want to buy the best product, then please check carefully if the bag is waterproof or not. Not many Laptop Bags is waterproof, so please check the product description before going to buy.

This Best Laptop Bags Sleeves Case Cover for Men is made for all user who wants to buy a Laptop Bag Under Rs 500 in India. I hope this article will help you to choose the perfect product for you.

If you want to buy any other product then comment below or direct message me on Instagram. To know such beautiful Laptop and Accessories review, Subscribe YouTube Channel also. Thanks for being here.

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