Laptop Buying Guide 2023

If are you planning to buy a new laptop well then this article might be helpful to pick the best laptop within your budget. In this laptop buying guide, we are gonna share some of the major factors that you should consider while purchasing a new laptop so that you can get a hand into the machine according to your budget and requirements.

In the last few years, the demand for a laptop has increased drastically. Laptops are more convenient and also they are travel friendly. Laptops nowadays came in a wide range of varieties from a budget-friendly chassis for doing basic tasks to heavy gaming PC in small form factors. But Before you decide to buy a gaming laptop, you should consider the following things. And to make your search easy to get the best laptops.

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Laptop Buying Guide

Operating System

Computers use operating systems to manage software, hardware, and resources. With the OS, common services are coordinated, and a user interface is provided to interact with software and hardware. Most Laptops out there in the market generally come with three types of operating SystemWindow, macOS and ChromeOS. 

Basically, if your budget is low and you are looking for a laptop for basic browsing or multimedia consumption then you should prefer this laptop. If you want a laptop for productivity or can spend more you should opt for a macOS. Whereas Windows laptops are more convenient for gamers and also great for productivity.


When it comes to games, it’s generally recommended to opt for a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. In most cases, 8GB will be enough, but you should check if the RAM expansion option is available with the laptop as most modern games recommended 16GB of memory. Also if you are buying a laptop that has 8GB RAM check out if there is an upgrade option available or not as a futureproof.


Many Laptops offer RAM or storage expansion options, however, you won’t get an option to upgrade the CPU so it’s better to pick a laptop with a powerful and efficient CPU.CPU act like the brain of your laptop. A CPU can have a significant impact on everything you do, from the frame rates in games to the response times of applications and even the battery life of your laptop.

If you are looking for a laptop for basic tasks such as web surfing and watching videos. For doing heavy tasks like gaming or video editing you might need at least a 6-core CPU, though 4 cores are just fine.


This is the most important component in any gaming laptop or a laptop that you are purchasing for video editing or graphics designs. To play games on your laptop, you need a graphics card that can Render the game on the screen smoothly. The processor cannot handle this task, so a dedicated graphics card is needed. 

Well if you are purchasing a laptop for gaming or video editing purposes then you should consider a laptop that has a dedicated GPU of at least 4GB. The AMDs I-GPUs are capable of 720p low gaming like the vega 7.


Every electronic product became hot after using it for long sessions. Similarly, Long gaming or video editing sessions may heat your laptop, resulting in decreased performance. Thus, cooling your gaming laptop will help keep temperatures low, and will maintain your performance. Check out how many heat pipes or vents the company has provided.


When buying a gaming laptop, you should consider an SSD over an HDD. Although they cost a little bit higher than HDD. But their benefits include faster loading time and faster data transfer speeds. SSD are also more energy efficient and also it has a longer lifespan in contrast to HDDs.


All budget gaming laptops come with an FHD screen. But you have to check the display panel the IPS panel provides a better viewing angle and vibrant colours, in contrast, the TN panel offers a fast response time and a bright screen. 

The Refresh Rate of a display is also beneficial if you are an esports gamer or you want to enjoy higher frame rate gaming. If you play Esports games then you should also check for the response time of that screen. Similarly, If you are a content creator should prefer a laptop that has better colour accuracy.


As you are purchasing a laptop for portability it’s always better for you should go with a laptop that lasts you longer. A battery’s rating in Watt-hours (Wh) will indicate how long it will last rather than the number of hours the manufacturer quotes. macOS and ChromeOS-based laptops are superior in terms of battery backup. Although windows gaming laptops aren’t that good in terms of battery backup still some windows notebooks offer 8-12 hours of backup.

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