Meesho App Review | Join Affiliate Program & Earn ₹50,000 from Home

Welcome friends, I hope you are safe during this pandemic period. In this article, you guys will get to know Meesho App Refer and Earn Offer. If you are a student, a retired person or a housewife, I feel Meesho App will be a great option for you to earn a decent amount without doing much work. All you can do from your home and with your smartphone only. The best part about Meesho App is you can earn money for a lifetime from Meesho Affiliate Program. Meesho App is one of the best online earning apps in India. Meesho App is also known as India’s No. 1 Reselling App.

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What Is Meesho App And How It Works

Meesho App is an app that provides mainly two types of features which are online shopping and Refer & Earn. In today’s post, you will get to know about Meesho Online Earning App in Full Detail. And also How Meesho App actually works or does Meesho App Refer and Earn Offer details. So Let’s Start.

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Meesho App Review

There are many shopping apps available in India. Meesho is also another shopping app like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. Basically, Meesho is India’s No 1 Reselling App. You can earn money through reselling products available on Meesho. Probably you may have seen many younger guys selling products on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. In this same way, you can also start earning from your home with the help of the Meesho App Affiliate Program and Refer and Earn offer.

meesho app refer and earn offer

The greatest feature of the Meesho App is along with shopping and reselling you can also earn money by referring friends. If you refer your friend then you will earn a commission every time they buy something from it.

A lot of users especially women prefer to buy clothing, shoes or else from Meesho App. It has a huge number of unique collections at a very low price.

How To Download and Register on Meesho App

Meesho App is India’s best Reselling App that gives Wholesale Prices to Resellers. To earn money from Meesho App, you have to download the app from the below link.

  • First of all click here and Download Meesho App.
  • Open App and Register as a Meesho Reseller.
  • You have to enter your details like name, mobile number, email id and password.
  • If there is an option to add a Meesho App Referral Code then enter SUVAMBI224.

These are the simple process to join Messho as a Meesho reseller. But to start earning from Meesho App as Reseller, you need to share product links. Most people prefer FaceBook, Instagram and WhatsApp group to share Meesho product links. But it’s total upto you, where you want to sell and make money. There are no limitations.

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How To Start Reselling with Meesho App

  • Open Meesho App and browse their popular products like Kurtis, Sarees, T-Shirts etc.
  • You will also get regular notifications from Meesho Application about their new products on your smartphone with pictures and catalogue details.
  • Share those product links, images and catalogues on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or wherever you want.
  • You can share or sell Meesho products on WhatsApp and Facebook with Meesho one-click option. It will save a lot of time.
  • If they place an order or request you for any product then simply collect payment from them and order from Meesho on your behalf of them. After collecting payment, cut your commission and make a payment on Meesho Application.
  • You can also earn weekly cash bonus rewards if you place more orders.

Meesho App Refer and Earn

You can’t earn money only by referring a friend on Meesho App. This App refers and earns program is slightly different. When you share your invite link to a non-Meesho user, first of all, you have to convenience them to download Meesho App. If they download the application and purchase products from Meesho Shopping Application, then they get a commission.

How To Refer a Friend on Meesho

  • Open App >> Account.
  • Refer and Earn >> Refer a Friend.
  • Share Meesho Referral Code SUVAMBI224 >> Share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Meesho Refer And Win SPIN

It is one of the largest and India’s No 1 reselling apps. Here we can earn money by referring our friends, reselling products and also through the refer & win spin offer.

Simply refer your friends to Meesho and earn assured spins worth up to ₹1000. Also, you can earn more referral commission as they place orders on Meesho.

You will only get the offer benefit if your friend has sign-up on Meesho App before 14th July 2021.

No of RefereesEarned SpinsMaximum Income
1 Referee1 Spin₹100 – ₹1000
2 Referee2 Spin₹200 – ₹2000
3 or 3+ Referee3 Spin₹300 – ₹3000

Meesho Referral Commission

Meesho AppReferral Commission
1. Zero ReferralsInvite one friend and become a rising star.
2. Rising StarUp to 4 referrals (min 2 orders from each referral to reach the next level).

10% of sales for the first three orders. Thereafter 1% of sales for the first 12 months.
3. Super Star5-8 referrals (min 4 orders to reach next level)

20% of sales of the first 3 orders and then 1% for the first 12 months.
4. Mega Star9 referrals and above. 25% of sales for the first 3 orders and then 1% of sales for the first 12 months.

Commission Structure

When you Refer Meesho to your close ones you will get 20% of sales on their first 5 orders. Also, you will get 5% of sales on their first 6 months of sales. And you can earn 1% of sales of their first 18 months of sales. Not yet, this is only level 1.

When you first time download the app you are in level 0. To appear on Level 1 bring one referral to become a ‘Rising Star’.

meesho app referral commission structure

After that on the level ‘Rising Star’ for up to 4 referrals (min 2 orders from each referral to reach the next level). And here you can earn 20% of sales of the first 5 orders. After that 5% of sales for the first 6 months and then 1% of sales for the next 18 months.

Now on Level ‘Super Star’ for 5 to 8 Referrals (min 4 orders from each referral to reach the next level). After that, You can earn 35% of sales of the first 5 orders. 5% of sales for the first 6 months. And 1% of sales for the next 18 months.

Now if you can refer 9 users or more you are on the ‘Mega Star’ Level. At this level, you can earn 50% of sales of the first 5 orders. After that 5% of sales for the next 6 months. And thereafter 1% of sales for the next 18 months. And So On.

Meesho Referral Earning Proof

I have earned ₹527 from this App. I want to tell you a story about this. Almost one year ago for an offer, I referred some of my friends but only one of them are bought from my link and that’s why I earned a commission of ₹527.

But at that time I thought that Meesho will send my commission to my wallet. But I was wrong at that time and suddenly uninstalled the app. After 9-10 months after watching a youtube video, I came to know that Meesho will credit our commission every week (Tuesday) on our bank account linked with Meesho Application.

But my bank account was not linked with this app, So I didn’t receive my earnings. Then after one year, I added my bank account to Meesho and on Tuesday Meesho send my Commission which I earned almost one year ago ₹527, credited to my bank account.

So the moral of this story is if you want to Earn Money From Meesho, Don’t forget to add your bank account to this application.

How To Order in Meesho

Meesho App is also a similar kind of application as the popular e-commerce app. The biggest advantage of the Meesho App is here we can earn money by referring our friends or by reselling products. It’s very simple and easy to order a product from Meesho.

  • First of all, Download and Install the Meesho App.
  • Enter Meesho Referral Code SUVAMBI224 and register.
  • Now open the app and search for any product.
  • Tap on the product image and then click on Add to cart.
  • Select product size, quantity and other details and then tap on the Continue button.
  • Now tap on the above cart icon and select the mode of payment.
  • You can select any payment method like online (Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking), cash on delivery, Paytm, PhonePe etc.
  • Here you have to select Final Customer Price. It means how much money you take from the customer including your margin or profit.
  • After that, enter your delivery address and make a payment.

How To Cancel Order in Meesho

  • First of all, open the Meesho App.
  • Go to Orders and select the order that you want to cancel.
  • Tap on Cancel and select the reason for cancelling.
  • Again tap on Cancel Product.
  • After that, your order will be cancelled successfully.

Refer and Earn – FAQ

1. How is my referral commission calculated?

The calculation of referral commission is based on the price of the product. Shipping costs and reseller margin are excluded from this calculation.

2. How do I convince someone to join Meesho through my referral code?

After you share the referral link with someone, make sure you call or meet them to talk about the reselling experience through Meesho in detail. Highlight the fact that this is a zero-investment profession, and anybody with access to a smartphone and the internet can start a reselling career through Meesho. You should also mention that the end customers can pay through cash-on-delivery and have the option to return the product within 7 days of delivery. Make sure that you guide your referrals thoroughly until they can place their first few orders.

3. To whom should I refer?

You should refer people who are most likely to put effort into starting a reselling business. To ensure that you don’t end up reducing each other’s orders, you should refer people who live in a different city or have a different set of friends.

4. How does my friend benefit by joining Meesho through my referral code?

People who join Meesho App through referral codes get 30% off on their first order.

5. How to order on Meesho?

You can easily order a product for yourself or your customers easily from the Meesho App. First of all, select any product and then tap on the image. Then click on Add to cart and enter product size, quantity, colour etc. After that tap on the above cart icon and enter the profit margin or final customer price and then enter the delivery address and make payment.

6. How to cancel an order on Meesho?

Firstly, open the Meesho App and tap on Orders. Select the ordered item that you want to cancel. Enter any reason why you want to cancel and tap on Cancel Product. After that, your product will be cancelled successfully.

7. Can I cancel an order on Meesho after shipped?

No, you can’t cancel an order on the Meesho App after it has been shipped. In this case, your customers can deny the order at the time of delivery. But there is no proper way that can be used to cancel an order on Meesho after shipped.

8. What is the Final Customer Price or Margin on Meesho App?

As you all know Meesho App is India’s largest online reselling app. You can earn money by referring or reselling products on it. You can order products from Meesho App and enter the final customer price by yourself, including your margin. But here is one suggestion please don’t enter the final customer price more than the product MRP. It is a strict guideline as per Govt.
Final Customer Price means you are entering an amount including order total and your profit margin for a product of your customers and making payment. Once your customer receives the product you will get your profit margin.

Meesho App Customer Care Number and Email

Normally we don’t need to contact Meesho because all you can do is by yourself. But if you face any problem then you can contact their support team. Meesho support team will help you to solve your problems. You can contact Meesho customer care by their Email ID or Mobile Number.

Meesho App Customer Care Number: 08061799600

Meesho App Email ID:

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