My11Circle Referral Code | Refer and Earn Rs 551 in Bank (Proof Added)

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine and enjoying Fantasy Cricket articles a lot. Today I will tell you My11Circle Referral Code Offer. You can earn up to Rs 551 from My11Circle Refer and Earn Offer. If you are a previous subscriber on our website or Telegram Channel, then you may have read a lot of new fantasy app articles. I have been using this app for the last 1 year and it is my favourite Fantasy Cricket App.

A lot of users don’t know how to play fantasy cricket or they don’t like to play. But still, you can earn money from My11Circle Referral Code Offer. All you have to do is refer and earn. The concept is very simple, if your friend Download My11Circle App from your link and joins the contest, then you will earn a commission from them. the biggest plus point is you can withdraw this referral bonus directly into your bank account. I didn’t play a paid contest in the last six or seven months but still, I have earned Rs 77,000 from My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App Referral Code. If you are interested then read more.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App

Application NameMy11Circle
Sign Up Bonus0
Referral Code18095172
Referral Bonus₹51 (Instant) + ₹500 (Rs 4 upto 125 times)
Download LinkClick Here
Minimum Withdrawal₹100
Free Withdrawalone time per month
Withdrawal ProcessBank (Winning Balance + Referral Bonus)

You may have noticed the Dream11 advertisement on TV, which generally promote by Ex-Indian Captain MS Dhoni. Similarly, My11Circle is an app, popularly known as Sourav Ganguly Fantasy Cricket App.

This App is generally famous for the Beat the Expert Contest. Whenever a new tournament or sports league starts, this app launch beat the expert contest. Where you just have to beat the expert score.

In Indian cricket matches, the expert is Sourav Ganguly. Similarly few other My11Circle experts are Shane Watson, Rashid Khan etc.


For example in an IND vs ENG Match, the Sourav Ganguly team has scored 238 points and if your team beat that points then you will earn 3X or 5X of your entry fee. Unfortunately, there were not many matches in recent times. But you can participate in IPL Beat the Expert Contest. If you beat Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson and Rashid Khan team’s then you will earn 2X of your entry fee in your winning section.

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My11Circle Referral Code

The most genuine way to earn money from My11Circle without taking a risk is by sharing Invite Link. If your friends want to play Fantasy Cricket, then simply share this app invite link. If they join and play the contest then you can earn up to Rs 551 from each referral. There is no limit for referral, you can share the My11Circle Referral Code with unlimited people.

A lot of users may confuse about how can they earn Rs 551 for each referral. Then I would like to tell you you can earn Rs 51 instantly after referring to friends. After that, if your friends join any contest for Rs 40 then you will earn Rs 4 for it. Similarly, in the same way, you can earn up to Rs 500 for 125 times Rs 4.

my11circle invite friends offer

If your invited friend plays Rs 10 contest daily then you will get Rs 4 in your wallet on the 4th day. I hope you have understood my words. If you still have any confusion then you can watch the below video.

You earn Rs 4 when your friend plays for Rs 40. The more your friend plays, the more you earn. So effectively you earn the referral bonus in chunks of Rs 4. You can earn a total bonus of Rs 551 per referral.

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How To Get ₹551 Referral Bonus in My11Circle

  1. Download My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App [Click here to Download].
  2. Register on this app by entering your Email ID, Mobile No, and Password.
  3. Tap on refer and earn option on the below screen.
  4. Share your unique My11Circle Invite Code with your friends on WhatsApp or any other platform.
  5. Once they register and play their first match on this app you will get Rs 51 instantly in My11Circle Wallet.
  6. Now if your invited friend plays Rs 40 game then you will get Rs 4 in your account. Similarly, in this way you can earn Rs 4 upto 125 times.
  7. So in this way Rs 51 + Rs 500 you can earn from My11Circle Refer and Earn Offer.
  8. The biggest positive is you can make a withdrawal in your bank account for all referral bonuses.

How To Get 1500 Bonus in My11Circle

It is a very tricky method to get the attention of users. If you are new to My11Circle then you will get a 1500 bonus in My11Circle. But to get this bonus you have to deposit money in your wallet. If you add money to your wallet along with a promocode then you will get a 1500 bonus in your My11Circle. You can check your My11Circle bonus in the bonus section and winning, referral balance in the other section.

You have to add ₹3000 along with a promocode to get a 1500 bonus in your My11Circle wallet. You can use this bonus to join beat the expert contest, mega leaderboard contest or any type of contest as per your choices.

My 11 Circle ₹551 Referral Bonus Proof

Many users asked me in the YouTube Video comment section to show the My11Circle refer n earn proof. As I already said, in this offer you will get Rs 551 per referral. There is no need to enter any referral code. All you have to do is simply share your invite link with friends from referring and earn tab.

my 11 circle referral code offer

Once your friend downloads from your link, you and your friend will get nothing. But after they join their first contest you will get 51 instantly. It is bank transferable, remember.

After this, if your friend plays Rs 40 entry fees contest you will get Rs 4. If your friend joins Rs 20 contest two times then you will get Rs 4 the second time. So in this way, you will get Rs4 125 times for your friend’s Rs 40 contest joining.

Beat The Expert Contest on My11Circle

IPL 2021 has been started a few weeks ago. Here you will find My11Circle Beat The Expert Sourav Ganguly and Earn 2X. If you beat Ajinkya Rahane, VVS Laxman, Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson or Rashid Khan on VIVO IPL 2021, then you will get 2X of your entry fee on every match. To get My11Circle Beat The Expert Team, Join Our Telegram Channel.

My11Circle Mega Leaderboard 5 Crore Offer (IPL 2021)

As you know, My11Circle is famous because of its referral option, 2 crore offer and beat the expert contest. IPL 2021 is coming and My1Circle again launched the Mega Leaderboard 2 Crore offer. If you join a contest with an entry fee of Rs 49 then you will get a chance to feature on Mega Leaderboard.

IPL 2021 2nd phase has been started again. In this period of time if you join the contest on My11Circle IND T20 Mega Leaderboard then you can win a lot of cash prizes.

The person who will get rank 1 will win 5 Crores and the rest of the players will win 25 lacs, 2.5 lacs, 50,000 etc respectively. The top 10 users at the end of the 30th Sept Leaderboard match will win exciting prizes.

If you join a mega leaderboard contest on any particular match and rank 1 then you will get 5lacs and an iPhone SE. Not only this but also your points will be added to the mega leaderboard.

If you get 240 points on a particular match and the mega leaderboard cutoff point is 300 then 240-300= -60 will be carried to the mega leaderboard. Similarly, if you get 200 points and the mega leaderboard cutoff point is 100 then 200-100=100 will be carried to the mega leaderboard. At the end of the IPL 2021 Tournament, the rank 1 holder will get 2 crores and the rest of the users will get some amount as per their rank.

How To Select Perfect My11Circle Beat The Expert Team and Win 2X?

My11circle fantasy cricket app is famous for My11Circle Referral Code or Refer and Earn Offer, 1 crore offer and beat the expert offers. I feel My11Circle Beat The Expert is an easy contest compared to any other league. Yes, it’s true you will get only 40 or 60 by joining a Rs 20 contest.

My11Circle has many experts VVS Laxman, Ajinkya Rahane, Ranveer Singh, Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson and Rashid Khan. During IPL you can see different experts on different matches. You have to join the contest for Rs 20 and if your points are better than My11Circle Expert, then you will get 2X of your entry fee.

Also if you beat expert on Sunday then you will get a 3X cash bonus.

Normally, my11circle experts select inform players or top players like their captain and VC. So if you also choose or follow the same process then the chances are very high that you will beat the expert on my11circle.

For Ex- in a match between MIvsCSK, you can see the expert team will choose the last match performer (if he is a top-order batsman or all-rounder) as captain and VC.

Here you don’t need to rank 1, if you choose the top to inform or the last match performer as captain and VC then you will also win like me. To know my my11circle beat the expert team, Join Telegram Channel.

My11Circle Substitute Feature Details

Last two or three years ago only one platform was popular among us. But now with the latest technology and competition new fantasy cricket app also growing day by day. As you all know My11Circle is also become very popular among us. Recently My11cirlce has added a new feature which is My11Circle Player Substitution Feature. Today I will tell you brief information about this.

Actually, My11Circle Substitute is nothing but 12th man features like 11wickets. A player with status not playing in your playing 11 is replaced with a substitute with status playing.

How To Choose My11Circle Substitute

You can choose upto 4 substitutes on My11Circle. A player in your fantasy team is replaced by a substitute of a different player type. For example, A batsman can replace an all-rounder or a bowler can replace a batsman or all-rounder. But a batsman can’t replace any batsman.

If any fantasy player’s credit point is 9 then he can be replaced by a substitute if the substitute credit point is 9 or below. Otherwise, the total credit limit will increase.

For example, if Rohit Sharma (batsman) is not playing then he can be replaced by any player who is not on the batsman list. So if Kedar Jadhav and Hardik Pandya are two all-rounders in your substitution list they are eligible to replace Rohit.

At the same time, if Rohit credit point is 9 and Kedar, Hardik credit points are 8.5 and 9.5 respectively. then Kedar can replace Rohit but Hardik not because his credit point is more than Rohit.

If your captain and VC are replaced by substitution then the more points holder substitute will automatically become the captain of your team and the second one will be VC.

How To Withdraw Referral Bonus From My11Circle to Bank Account

You can withdraw your wallet balance once it passed over Rs 100. I like this app because you can withdraw all your referral bonuses in a bank account. My11Circle Withdrawal Process is very simple and easy to use. Follow the below steps and withdraw all earnings from My11Circle to your Bank Account.

  • Open My11Circle >> Tap on More.
  • Withdrawal >> Request Withdrawals.
  • Enter Bank Account No, IFSC Code, Bank Name and Branch Code.
  • Enter Amount >> Withdraw >> Proceed.
  • Wait for 2-3 days.

Please note that My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App will give you one free withdrawal every month. If you try to withdraw more than one time in a month. Then you have to pay Rs 15 for an additional charge.

If you have any problems regarding My11Circle Referral Code Offer or questions then ask me on Instagram. Join us on Telegram, and YouTube. Thanks for being here.

Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.

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