Netflix Subscription Plans India 2021 | Yearly Subscription India Price

Netflix is one of the top OTT platforms nowadays. Currently, Netflix has 4 monthly subscription plans in India including the cheapest mobile-only plan. As of now, Netflix doesn’t have any Netflix yearly subscription plans.

Netflix has no Yearly Subscription Plans officially. You may have read or seen many places about Netflix Yearly Subscription Plans. But that’s a little twisted. If you calculate that the monthly subscription plans have been multiplied by 12 and that is called annual subscription plans, which is literally right. Today in this post I will tell you about Netflix Monthly Subscription Plans in India 2021 as well as Netflix Yearly Subscription Plans.

netflix yearly subscription plans india price

A few months ago Netflix launched India their new Mobile plan which is the cheapest monthly plan. Netflix has a variety of monthly subscription plans, which are divided into different categories. For example, in a subscription plan, we can only watch the video at 480p, then in a subscription plan, we can watch 4K + HDR quality content.

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Netflix Monthly Subscription Plans

Netflix has four different monthly subscription plans. Which will available from as low as Rs 199 per month to Rs 799 per month. These four plans have different benefits, all you can get to know here.

The four Netflix Monthly Subscription Plans price are –

  1. Mobile (₹199/Month)
  2. Basic (₹499/Month)
  3. Standard (₹649/Month)
  4. Premium (₹799/Month)

All of the above monthly subscription plans have different features. The best thing is if you want then you can upgrade or cancel any plan at any time. A lot of people have queries can we watch unlimited movies and web series in any plans? Then yes, you can watch unlimited movies, tv shows on any plan.

PlansMonthly PriceQualityDevice
(1 device)
(1 device)
(2 device)
(4 device)

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1. Rs 199 Netflix Monthly Subscription Plan

This is the entry-level Netflix Monthly Subscription Plan which was launched a few months ago, considering the young Indian audience. This plan is called a Mobile plan. In this Netflix Monthly Subscription Plan, you can’t watch HD or ULtra HD content. Also, you can’t watch videos or TV Shows on your Laptop or Computer using this plan. But yes you can watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows in your Mobile and Tablet.

A lot of people want to know how many mobiles can we stream videos in a single time. Then in this plan, you can watch on one screen at a time. If you wish you can upgrade or cancel your subscription plans any time.

2. Rs 499 Monthly Subscription Plan

This plan is a Basic plan. In this plan, you can’t watch HD or Ultra HD content. You can’t watch more than one screen at a time with this monthly plan. The only difference from Mobile plans is you can watch videos in Laptop or PC.

netflix subscription plans india

3. Rs 649 Monthly Subscription Plan

The third Netflix Monthly Subscription Plans in India is Rs 649 plan. It is called a Standard plan. In this plan, you watch HD content but not Ultra HD. You can watch Videos in Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC. And also you can watch on 2 screens at a time with this Netflix Rs 649 Plan.

4. Rs 799 Netflix Monthly Subscription Plan

This is the premium Netflix Monthly Subscription Plan. In this plan, you can do everything. You can watch HD and Ultra HD Content from this Plan. Also, you can watch videos, tv shows on your Mobile, Laptop, PC. Cancellation is also available at this price. You can watch on 4 screens at a time with this monthly subscription plans.

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Netflix Yearly Subscription India Price

As I said, Netflix does not have any Official Yearly Subscription Plans. At least not in India. You may not believe me because you have read or heard about Netflix Yearly Subscription India Price in many places. If you go to Netflix’s official app or website, you will see where I believe. After downloading Netflix’s official website or app, you will be asked to sign up and then you will be able to see Netflix’s subscription plans. Where all the monthly subscription plans are not annual.

Netflix has four types of monthly subscription plans. Where you can see only one device at the same time in mobile and basic plan. On the other hand, you can see 2 devices together in standard plan and 4 devices together in premium plan.

You can watch 480p videos through Netflix’s monthly and basic plan. On the other hand, you can watch 1080p video in standard plan and 4K + HDR quality video with premium plan.

netflix monthly subscription plans

We can only watch videos of Smartphone and Tablet through Mobile Plan. But moreover in all other plans we can watch video on Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Laptop and Smart TV.

How To Cancel Netflix Subscription

If you don’t want to use Netflix anymore then you can cancel Subscription Plans at any time. A lot of people thinks deleting their profile should be sufficient for cancelling a subscription, but it is wrong.

You can cancel Netflix subscription via iTunes, Netflix App or from website.

Here you will know the process via website and iTunes.

How To Cancel Subscription from Website

Follow the below steps and cancel Netflix subscription from website.

  1. Open Chrome or other browser and search
  2. Tap on Account option in the below section.
  3. Now on Membership and Billing section tap on Cancel Membership and Confirm.
  4. Done! Your Netflix Membership cancelled.

Cancel Subscription from iTunes

Here are the few simple steps for Netflix Membership cancel through iTunes or I PAD.

  1. Open your I Phone and tap on Settings.
  2. Now click on ‘i Tunes and App Store’
  3. Press on Apple ID and then tap on view apple id.
  4. press Subscription Key.
  5. Now tap on Netflix Subsription >> Cancel >> Confirm.

FAQ- Netflix Subscription Plans 2021

Q1. Is there a yearly plan for Netflix?

Currently, Netflix only has four different monthly subscription plans in India. But according to some reports they will launch three long term plans in India soon. The three plans will be 3 months, 6 months and 12 months basis.

Q2. Are Netflix Plans Monthly or Yearly?

As of now, Netflix is monthly in India. The four Netflix monthly subscription plans are mobile, basic, standard and premium.

Q3. Is Netflix 199 Plan good?

If you want to watch Netflix on your mobile phone only. And if you are happy without HD or Ultra HD Content then it is good. But if you are in a group of four people. Then the premium plan of Rs 799 will be the best. Because in this plan you can stream unlimited HD and Ultra HD Content on your Mobile, PC & Laptop. Also, you can watch on 4 screens at a time. So if you divide total plans by 4 then the plan price will become Rs 200 for each people which is much better than single device Rs 199 subscription plan.

Q4. How much Netflix a month in 2021?

Well, there are total of four plans available which you can buy. The four Netflix Subscription Plans are Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium.
The plans price are ₹199, ₹499, ₹649 and ₹799 respectively. You can cancel or upgrade subscription plans at any time.

Q5. What is the cheapest price for Netflix?

Rs 199 Netflix Monthly Subscription plan which is a mobile plan is the cheapest plan. Although it has some limited features like you can watch only one device at a time. You can’t stream HD content on this plan. And you can’t watch videos on your PC or Laptop with this plan.

Q6. How To Subscribe to Netflix?

If you want to subscribe Netflix, the you have to follow the steps. First of all, Open Netflix Website or Download Netflix App from Play Store or Apple Store. Then create a Netflix ID and fill the payment details. Once you completes the process, you will get one month Netflix Subscription at Rs 5. After that either you can continue or can cancel Netflix Subscription.

Q7. How To Delete Netflix Account?

If you are unhappy with Netflix app or plans then you can delete Netflix account any time. You can cancel Netflix Account from their website only. Simply open Netflix Website and tap on Account Settings. Then click on cancel Netflix subscription.
If you cancel Netflix plans in middle of any month then you can continue watching premium contents from the same account.

Q8. How To Turn On Subtitles on Netflix?

A lot of people wants to turn on subtitle while watching contents on OTT Platforms. Although I am not a person like that. If you want to turn on Subtitles on Netflix App then simply follow the steps.
Open video >> Tap on Audio and Subtitles. Simply click on that, you will get to see two options there. You will get to see content language and subtitles turn on/off option. By following this process you can turn off subtitles on Netflix App.


Netflix currently testing Netflix Yearly Subscription Plans which are mentioned above. According to sources they want their customers to stay with them as long as possible. That’s why they will launch those 3 plans in India. Netflix Yearly Subscription India Price and their feature are mentioned above.

Currently, Netflix has only 4 Monthly Subscription Plans which are Rs199, Rs499, Rs649 and Rs799. The best plan which most of the Indian audience is loved the most is Rs 199 mobile plan. Although in my opinion if you have a friends group of 4 people then the Netflix premium subscription plan of Rs799 will be the best for you. Because you can watch HD and Ultra HD content with this. Also, you can watch videos on your Laptop and PC.

If you have any more queries regarding these Netflix Subscription Plans then please comment and let me know. I am looking to solve your answers.

If you like this then share it with your friends and family members. Thanks for being here.

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