New Fantasy Cricket App with Rs 100 Cash Bonus and Paytm Withdrawal

Welcome friends, I hope all of you are doing well during this pandemic period. Today in this post you will get to know New Fantasy Cricket App in India 2020 with ₹100 Cash Bonus and Paytm Withdrawal. Before this, I already published a couple of articles on this website about new fantasy apps.

A lot of users prefers Dream11 to play fantasy cricket, football or any other fantasy sports. At the same time, some users including me prefer new fantasy cricket app. If our fantasy team performs well then chances of winning are slightly higher in new fantasy apps.

In this article, you will get to know a list of Best 5 New Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2020. Some of these apps come with ₹1000 download + ₹1000 referral offer. Whereas some of these apps come with ₹100 downloads and referral offer.

Top 10 New Fantasy Cricket Apps

Two or three years ago fantasy cricket was not so popular among us. But now because of TV Ads and Social Media, we all knew about it and many of us playing fantasy sports regularly.

From last year IPL, a lot of new fantasy apps launched in India and after IPL 2020 a lot of new users started playing it.

In this post, I will tell you 5 new fantasy apps which are GameZy, Vision11, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11, Legends11, 12th man fantasy app, Playerzpot and Paytm First Games. All of these fantasy cricket apps are not new but they become popular from the last few months, that’s why they are on this list.

New Fantasy AppsSignUp BonusReferral Bonus
1. GameZy₹1000₹1000
2. Vision11₹100₹100 + 20% Profit in Bank
3. 11Challengers₹100₹50 + 20% Commission in Bank
4. My11Circle₹551 in Bank
5. Fantasy Power 11₹100₹100
6. Legends11₹200₹200 + 10% extra on match day
7. 12th man app₹25₹25
8. Paytm First Games₹100₹100
9. PlayerzPot₹50₹50 + 2% extra on match day
10. 11Caps₹100₹100 + 2% Real Cash

1. GameZy Fantasy App

This new fantasy app was launched a year ago in India. But during this year IPL, it becomes so popular among us because of its easy interface and KL Rahul. We all know how popular KL Rahul in India nowadays. KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of this new app.

Users can play Fantasy cricket, football, rummy, poker and quiz in this new fantasy app. You can join a full match, 2nd innings and live fantasy (5 overs contest).

Download GameZy: [Click Here]


If you have not downloaded GameZy Fantasy App yet then for downloading you will receive upto ₹1000 bonus. At the same time if you refer this app with your friends then you will receive up to ₹1000 bonus for every new referral.

If you have a Telegram Channel, YouTube Channel then you can join GameZy Affiliate Program to earn some extra money in your bank. This is a very good opportunity if you have a minimum number of users.

GameZy Refer and Earn

  • Download GameZy >> Register with Name, DOB, Mobile No, Email and OTP.
  • Tap on three lines >> Refer and Earn.
  • Tap on WhatsApp icon >> Share with friends.

How To Get ₹1000 Referral Bonus

  • Share referral link or code with your friends.
  • If your referred friends register with your referral code and link then you will receive a commission.
  • For every cash game of your friends, both of you will receive 10% of the entry fee as a bonus. (up to ₹1000)
  • This referred amount will be credited to your GameZy wallet within the next 12 hours.

GameZy Withdrawal Process

In terms of withdrawal, GameZy is the no 1 fantasy app in my opinion. It comes with Paytm and Bank Withdrawal. You can withdraw your winning balance if it is more than ₹25. You can only withdraw your winning balance in a day.


Please note that, for the first time you have to verify your GameZy account and complete KYC. Once your KYC completes you can withdraw your winning balance from as low as ₹25 in your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account one time in 24 hours.

How To Withdraw GameZy Winning Balance
  • Open GameZy Fantasy App.
  • Tap on three lines >> My Profiles, Wallet & Withdrawal.
  • My Wallet >> Withdraw Now.
  • Enter amount >> Tap on Paytm or Bank option.

2. Vision11 Fantasy App

Personally, my favourite fantasy app among these new apps is Vision11. Because I didn’t have seen any slow loading, withdrawal or KYC problem in this app. Also if my subscribers faced any problem they solved it immediately. Last two months ago Vision11 didn’t have not Paytm Withdrawal option but now they added this feature too. That’s why I feel Vision11 is a powerpack new fantasy app in 2020.

Download Vision11: [Click Here]


Users can play Fantasy cricket, football and basketball in this new fantasy app.

In this app, you will get ₹100 for downloading and referral. If you want to earn more cash bonus then you have to refer more friends. In this way, you will get a ₹100 cash bonus unlimited times.

Vision11 Refer and Earn

  • Download Vision11 Fantasy App.
  • Register with your name, mobile number, email, OTP.
  • Done! ₹100 cash bonus has been credited to your vision11 wallet.
  • Now tap on more >> Refer & Earn >> Refer Friend.
  • Done! You will receive a ₹100 cash bonus for every new referral.

Withdrawal Process

Users can withdraw their winning balance from Vision11 Winning section after completing KYC. You have to complete KYC with your PAN Card and Bank Details. Please remember if you enter different PAN and Bank details then you can’t withdraw and KYC request will be failed.

The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200 and you can withdraw once in a day in your Bank, Paytm Wallet. If you want to make an instant withdrawal then you have to pay ₹10 as withdrawal charge.

3. 11Challengers

A lot of users loves to play fantasy cricket on new fantasy apps. Because it is very easy to win matches in new fantasy apps. 11Challengers is a new fantasy app. In this app, you can play Fantasy Cricket, Football and Basketball.

For the first time, users will get ₹100 for download and ₹50 for a referral. Along with this, users will also get a 20% commission in their bank account from their referred friend deposit and investments.

There are two types of withdrawal option available in this app – Paytm and Bank. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200. And you can withdraw ₹20000 in Paytm Wallet and ₹50000 in Bank Account in a day.


To earn ₹100 cash bonus you have to register on this app with 11Challengers Referral Code BISWAS. This app will ask you to complete KYC before making a withdrawal for the first time. You can verify your Email and Mobile Number with OTP and upload Pan Card for KYC Verification.

A lot of users will loves to play fantasy cricket on new apps because of 100% bonus usable option is there. This app also has the same feature. You will get to see 100% bonus use contest once or twice in every week. You have to check it regularly and join it as soon as possible.

Download 11Challengers App: [Click Here]

11Challengers Referral Code: BISWAS

4. My11Circle Fantasy Sports App

If you don’t have My11Circle app yet then download this app because it will help you to earn some extra income. I loved this app so much because of its open to all referral program. It means everyone can earn ₹551 in Bank account from My11Circle Refer and Earn.

Download My11Circle: [Click Here]


You don’t get any signup bonus from this fantasy app. You can play fantasy cricket and football in this app. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100. Users can withdraw their winning and referral bonus directly into their bank account. Only one free withdrawal is available every month.

How To Earn ₹551 from My11Circle

  • Open My11Circle >> Refer & Earn.
  • Copy Link or Tap on WhatsApp or Free SMS / Email icon.
  • Share the referral link with friends.
  • You earn ₹51 instant cash when your friend plays his/her first cash game. You earn ₹4 when your friend plays for ₹40 after the first game. The more your friend plays, the more you earn. In this same way, you will earn ₹4 125 times means ₹51 + ₹500.

5. Fantasy Power 11

It is not a new fantasy app in India but it becomes popular in 2020 that’s why it is in this list. Fantasy Power 11 is a quite similar app like Dream11, Vision11. In this app, you will get ₹100 for downloading and referral. To earn an unlimited cash bonus, you have to refer unlimited friends. You can not use a 100% cash bonus in this new fantasy app.

Download Fantasy power 11: [Click Here]


Users can play a full match and 2nd innings contest in this fantasy app. There is no daily limit for withdrawal. Fantasy Power 11 comes with Paytm and Bank withdrawal options. You can withdrawal winning balance in Paytm Wallet from ₹100-₹5000 in a day. At the same time, you can withdraw min ₹300 and maximum ₹50000 in the bank.

6. Legends11 Fantasy App

It is a new fantasy app and launched during this IPL 2020. In this new fantasy cricket app, you will get ₹200 for download and ₹200 per referral. You can earn an unlimited multiple of ₹200 bonus by referring unlimited friends.

Download Legends 11: [Click Here]


In this application, you can use 100% bonus in a few contest. You will get to see 100% bonus use fantasy cricket contest daily upto 15. The entry fee is ₹10 and only a few users join this contest. So if you don’t want to invest money from your pocket then you can download legends11 app and join 100% bonus use fantasy contest.

Users can also earn 10% of their friend’s contest joining in their winning balance. To withdraw users have to verify their account first. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100. You can withdraw in Bank account only.

7. Twelfth Man Fantasy

This is a fantasy app, especially for Football and Cricket. In this app, you can refer to a maximum of 15 friends. For downloading you will get ₹25 sign up bonus and for a new referral you will get ₹25 as referral bonus in your wallet.

How To Get ₹25 Bonus from 12th Man Fantasy App

  1. Download the 12th Man App [Download Now].
  2. Enter Invite Code >> KRH84CVVCN
  3. Now allow location and tap on Register button.
  4. Enter your email, name, password.
  5. Verify your email with OTP and choose user name >> Continue.
  6. Done! Your account credited with Rs 25 sign up bonus.
  7. To earn more cash bonus, invite your friends and ask them to enter your referral code.
  8. You can not refer to more than 15 friends.

8. Paytm First Games Fantasy Cricket App

We all know about Paytm App, which is a popular mobile app for payment like recharge, bill payment etc. Paytm First Games is a fantasy app from Paytm. Users will get up to ₹10000 deposit cash in their wallet to refer and earn.

Download Paytm First Games: [Click Here]

The best part in Paytm First Games Fantasy App is you can play with a very low entry fee. Because only a very few people know about this app. In this new fantasy app, you don’t have to complete KYC if you already have a full KYC Paytm account. You can directly withdraw your winning balance in Paytm Wallet or Bank Account instantly. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100.

9. PlayerzPot App

In terms of bonus, PlayerzPot Fantasy App is not so great. In this app, you will get only ₹50 for download and ₹50 for every referral. If your referred friend adds money in their PlayerzPot wallet then you will get 2% commission in your deposit wallet. You can use this balance of 100% in any contest. Bhuvneswar Kumar and Smiriti Mandana are the brand ambassador of this app.

Download PlayerzPot: [Click Here]

playerzpot fantasy cricket app

In this new fantasy cricket app, you can play Cricket, Football, basketball, Handball etc. Most of us know about 2nd innings contest, which was seen for the first time in this app.

The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹150, you can withdraw your winning balance in your Paytm Wallet, Bank Account or make an Instant Withdrawal. You have to pay some transaction charge for withdrawal.

10. 11Caps Fantasy App

This is a new fantasy cricket app which was launched a month ago. If you are an existing user on My11Kings then you don’t have to register again on this new fantasy app 11caps. Because both of this app are same. My11Kings renamed and relaunched as 11Caps.

In this new fantasy app you can play fantasy cricket, football and basketball. This is a great app for refer and earn. Because in this app you will get real cash for referring friends. You can withdraw this amount in your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account.

11caps referral code

If you download this app then you will get ₹100 bonus and for referral you will get ₹100 bonus in your wallet. You can use only a few percentage cash bonus to join a contest. If your referred friend deposit minimum of ₹100 in their wallet then you will get 2% real cash in your winning balance.

Download 11Caps Fantasy App: [Click Here]

11Caps Referral Code: SUVAM

11Caps Refer and Earn: How To Earn ₹100 Bonus

  • Open 11Caps Fantasy App.
  • Tap on More >> Refer & Earn.
  • Copy 11Caps Referral Code >> Refer Friend.

Withdrawal Process

11Caps comes with two types of withdrawal – Paytm Wallet and Bank Account Withdrawal. Before making a withdrawal you have to verify your KYC with your PAN Card and Bank Account. If you enter different PAN Card and Bank Details then your account will not be verified.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹200 in Paytm Wallet and ₹300 in Bank Account (everyday).

Maximum Withdrawal: ₹5000 for Paytm Wallet and ₹25000 in Bank Account (everyday).

  • Open 11Caps Fantasy App.
  • Tap on Account >> Verify Account >> Upload Pan Card and Bank Details.
  • Wait for a few days for complete verification.
  • After successful KYC verification, tap on Account option.
  • Account >> Withdraw >> Select Paytm or Bank Option.

Paytm Withdrawal Fantasy Apps 2020

Fantasy AppsMin Withdrawal (Paytm)
1. Vision11₹200
2. GameZy₹25
3. 11Challengers₹200
4. Real11₹200
3. Paytm First Games₹100
4. PlayerzPot₹150
5. Fantasy Power 11₹100
6. 11Caps₹200

Among all of the new fantasy cricket apps from the above paragraph, these are some apps which come with Paytm Withdrawal. A lot of users wants to use such apps which have Paytm withdrawal support because they don’t have a PAN Card or Bank Account in their name. I hope this list will help you.

If you ask me which is the best app for Paytm withdrawal, then I would suggest Paytm First Games first then Vision11 and GameZy.

You don’t have to complete KYC for Paytm First Games if you have a full KYC Paytm Account or Mini KYC Paytm Account. Paytm First Games provides instant withdrawal in the bank and Paytm without any charge. If your winning balance has ₹100 or more then you can make withdrawal anytime you wish.

Apart from Paytm First Games, the other few best new fantasy cricket apps are Gamezy, Vision11 and Fantasy power 11. In terms of feature, support and gaming experience you will feel good in these three apps. I hope this article will help you to judge and choose one or two apps to play fantasy sports among these new fantasy cricket apps in India 2020.

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