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Hello guys, I hope all of you are doing absolutely fine during this pandemic period. Today in this post you will get to know about the Top 10 best Orient Table Fan price in India, Specifications and Review.

Winter is over and Summer has been started. The cost of the daily life of people increases a lot in summer as compared to winter. One of which is a fan, AC, fridge, cooler, table fan etc.

Not all middle-class people can use AC or Cooler to protect themselves from the heat. So the only way to save them from the heat is to fan. Be it a Ceiling Fan or a Table Fan.

There are many types of Ceiling and Table Fan available in the market. Some of those fans of different prices are from a branded company and some are non-branded.

When it comes to getting good ceiling or table fans at low prices, the brand name that comes to my mind first is Orient. In my opinion, the speciality of the Orient Table Fan is that The more beautiful it looks, the less it sounds. As a result, the sound of your Table Fan will not disturb anyone else.

Today I will tell you about the best Orient Table Fan in India. I hope you can buy the best orient table fan for your home after reading this blogpost.

Best Orient Table Fans in India 2021

Orient Table FansPrice in India
1. Orient Electric Wind Pro₹2250
2. Orient Electric Desk-26₹2256
3. Orient Electric Retro T12₹2399
4. ORIENT Electric Table-27₹2310

There are tons of ceiling fan and Table Fans available in India. Either you can buy it from Offline Stores or from Online Shopping Sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. After much searching, I found only 4 Orient Table Fans. Is there any Table Fans not better than Orient Table Fans? No, not at all. Because if you want, you can go to the table fans of more famous companies like Usha, Havells, Bajaj instead of Table Fan.

These four Orient Table Fans are very powerful and very silent. You can keep it for office, desk or student study table.

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan

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This Table Fan from Orient looks pretty good and amazing. It comes with 5 leaf blades with 400mm, piano switch for 3 speed modes and plastic body safety guard. The colour of this Orient Table Fan is Blue Tint and White. Either you can choose the blue one or the white one. I feel the blue tint colour variant Orient Table Fan looks more nice than the white variant.

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan

It comes with a plastic button control design with having 3.7Kg item weight. Orient Table Fan Wind Pro Desk-60 comes with 4 speed setting in it. The best part of this Table Fan is it can rotate 90-degree with a 3-speed control setting. It comes with a 2-year of warranty.

Best Features on Orient Wind Pro Desk-60 Table Fan

  • Equipped with a thermal overload protection device.
  • It comes with a 90-degree oscillation with a 3-speed control setting.
  • 5700 CMM high air delivery at moderate power consumption.
  • Powerful 1350 RPM motor which will deliver higher thrust in a noiseless manner.
  • Silent operation because of CTX Technology.
  • Higher air delivery with 5-LEAF Blades.

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Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz 400mm Table Fan

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It looks very old fashion. Because of its old generation design. It does not come with 5 leaf blades rather it has 3 powerful leaf blades. This Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz 400mm Table Fan comes with 3-leaf blades with 90 Degree oscillation. To adjust speed it has a 3-speed control switch (piano switch). The Switches are Off, Full, Medium and Slow. It comes in a slate grey colour. I feel it look awesome on your desk.

Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz 400mm Table Fan

The 4.3Kg weighted Orient Table Fan material is made with Aluminium. During purchase, you will get Fan, warranty card, manual, blades, guards, motor and neck assembly with the box. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Orient Electric Retro T12 300mm High Speed Table Fan

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Electric Retro T12 High-Speed Table Fan from Orient is also a good option for you. You can see such fans on Train. It comes with Rubbed Bronze colour and Sheet Metal material. The 4.7Kg weighted Table Fan from Orient is also a good option for your desk, study table.

Orient Electric Retro T12 300mm High Speed Table Fan

It has High Speed motor with 4-leaf Aluminium blades give high air thrust at 2000 RPM. The 3-speed rotary switch control Table Fan will provide 90 Degree oscillation.

With the box, you will get Fan, warranty card, manual, blades, guards, motor & neck assembly. Orient Electric Retro T12 is also comes with 2-year warranty.

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Electric Table-27 400mm Table Fan

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As far as price is concerned, all of the mentioned Orient Table Fans are almost the same. But the only differences between these are colour, design, performance and speed. Orient Electric Table-27 400mm Table Fan comes with Commander Grey colour. Neither it comes with Plastic design nor with Metal design. But it comes with a Polypropylene Copolymer design.

ORIENT Electric Table-27 400mm Table Fan

There is 3-speed control in this 4.2Kg Orient Table Fan. The four switches are 0,1,2,3. Here 0 means Off. This 3-speed piano switch control high-speed fan comes with 90-degree oscillation. Its box includes Motor and neck assembly, Blades, Guards, Warranty card and User manual. The warranty card is for 2-years.

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Table Fan vs Ceiling Fan Basic Differences

Ceiling FanTable Fan
1. The ceiling Fan has a motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.1. In Table Fan a single face induction motor is used.
2. Efficiency of Ceiling Fan is greater than Table Fan. 2. Efficiency of Table Fan is lesser than Ceiling Fan.
3. Ceiling Fan cool the entire room.3. Table Fan can cool only a particular direction.
4. Ceiling Fan rotate in anti-clockwise direction.4. Table Fan rotate in clockwise direction.
5. We need to install Ceiling Fan by an expert.5. There is no need to install Table Fan.
6. We can’t transfer Ceiling Fan multiple times in a day.6. We can easily move Table Fan wherever we want.
7. Ceiling Fan can not rotate in any particular angle.7. Table Fan has 90-degree oscillation feature.
8. A good ceiling fan price starts from ₹1200 in India.8. To buy a good table fan we need to invest min of ₹2000.

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