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Hello guys, I hope all of you are safe and fine. Today I will talk about ‘Paid For Articles Website Job‘. On this website, you will earn real cash in your Bank Account, PayPal or Paytm Wallet.

You just have to write unique articles and they will pay you for that article. There is no worry about investment or any expenses. All you can do from your Smartphone.

For those of you who want to make some money at home without any investment, this is a great option. You can earn very good money from this website. You do not need to make any investment for this. Again, you do not need any special degree or qualification. You can easily do everything from your mobile. And if you want, you can withdraw your income daily, weekly or monthly through your bank account or Paytm.

You can earn unlimited real cash by writing articles on Paid For Articles Website. Because it is an international website and your article can be read on mice in other countries of the world besides India.

On Paid For Articles Website, you can earn money by writing articles in Hindi besides English. You may think that you cannot write articles in English and Hindi. But don’t worry, I will tell you a method by which you can change your own language article to Hindi or English.

Paid For Articles Website Review

If you are looking for a job at home then this is the best for you. You don’t have to spend any money here. Here you have to write an article and you can earn money according to the view of that article. I personally like this website very much because from now on we can earn a lot more money for just one article.

If you want to earn money by writing articles on Paid For Articles Website, you have to keep some things in mind. For example, if you want, you can write articles in English and Hindi. But if you make a lot of spelling mistakes or the article needs to be edited a lot, but the article will not be submitted.

So before submitting the article, you have to take care that it is not wrong. When writing in English Artillery, you should keep in mind that it should not contain spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.

Also, you have to use proper headings in the article and your article should not be copied by anyone. Paid For Articles Website very clearly written that you have to write the articles on question form or top 10 forms like top 10 laptops, top 10 smartphones etc.

You have to write an article in 500-2000 words. And make sure you have written a unique article with very few mistakes.

How To Register on Paid For Articles Websites

  1. First of all, open the Website on your Laptop or Mobile or [Click Here].
  2. Tap on the Register option.
  3. Enter your Name, Email ID, User Name and Password.
  4. Once registration successful, Enter your Email ID and Password and Login on Paid For Articles.
  5. Follow their social media handles and earn $50.
  6. If you want your articles to be reviewed quickly then send your article link on its Instagram handle.
  7. You can check your article copy score by tapping on the link.

Eligibility Criteria

Paid For Articles makes it clear that they do not need any experience to write articles on their website and earn income from there. You don’t even need any educational qualifications. All you have to do is make sure your article is unique and that it is not already available on the internet.

How To Earn Money From Paid For Articles

You can earn income from Paid For Articles Website in two ways. First, write articles here and second refer your friends. You can earn money in any way you want and you can withdraw that money through Bank or Paytm.

If you have many friends or WhatsApp groups or YouTube subscribers then you can earn very good money through referrals. But if you are a normal person and if you do not have many subscribers then I think it would be more convenient for you to earn money by writing articles.

Content Writing Tips

  • Your article must be on question form like what, how, when, how, where, whom, who etc. Or your article should be on form like top 10, top 5, top 30 etc.
  • You have to write articles on length 500-2000 words.
  • If you are writing an article on fact or stat then you must link the source.
  • The article should be unique.
  • You have to write articles on your own.
  • Add any video or images relevant to the article if needed.
  • Articles should not be against google policy.
  • Please don’t inlcude any hate or wrong words.
  • The information on the article should be correct and genuine.
  • For english article writer, write article with less or no grammer mistakes.
  • Write articles on trending topics or fresh content to get more views. So that you can generate more income within a less period of time.

How To Write Articles On

  • Write a good and cachy title and description of the article.
  • Use H2 and H3 on essentials paragraph. Usually you have to add a heading within 300 words.
  • Add an ALT text of every image you are adding to that article.
  • Link a couple of popular websites as external link.
  • Attach related content links from ‘Paid For Articles Website’ to include some inernal links.
  • Include sources or your article fact, stat or any specific data.
  • Review your article couple of times before submitting. So that it can be live in a quick time.
  • You can write articles on any categories like Game, Home, Business, Education, Sports, Lifestyle, Health, Tech, Science, Entertainment etc.

Submit Article Properly

  • First of all, register your account on Paid For Articles Website.
  • Now tap on ‘Member Dashboard’.
  • Select the ‘Add Article’ option.
  • Enter your article title, add summary, category and finally add your 100% unique content here with proper headings and less grammer mistake.
  • Finally, fill the ‘message to the reviewer’ box and tap on ‘submit’.

How To Get Paid From Article Writing Job

You will get paid once your article gets 1000 views. If your article gets 1000 views on Countries like the US, UK then you will get $20 on your account. At the same time if your article gets 1000 views in India then you will get $10. So it means if any of your articles get 3000 views on which 1000 views came from India and 2000 views came from the US then you will get a total of $20+$10 = $30 in your account.

Paid For Articles Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200 in Paytm. Apart from Paytm, you can withdraw your money on PayPal, PhonePe, Skrill and Google Pay.

Here you have to remember that you will only get paid only when someone open and read your article and spend some time. So please don’t try to open and close the article link by yourself.

Paid For Articles Referral Program

Apart from article writing, you can also earn real cash on your Bank Account or Paytm Wallet from this website. In this case, you have to refer your friends to register on Paid For Articles Website and write articles on it.

Referral Code: suvamb10

You will get 20% of their earnings for a lifetime. As you know the minimum withdrawal limit is $3 or ₹200 on Paytm Wallet.

You will check all your earnings through referral and the total number of referrals on the ‘Paid For Articles Website’ dashboard section.

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Refer and Earn 20% For Lifetime

  • First of all, open the Paid For Articles Website or [Click Here].
  • Tap on dashboard section if you are a already registered person.
  • Go tot he Referral option and copy your referral link.
  • Simply share your ‘Paid For Articles Referral Link’ with your friends on WhatsApp.

Paid For Articles Withdrawal Method

Indian people can make five different types of withdrawal on this website. You can make a withdrawal on PayPal, Skrill, Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm Wallet.

Paid For ArticlesMinimum Withdrawal
1. Paytm$2.00000
2. PayPal$3.00000
3. Google Pay$5.00000
4. PhonePe$5.00000
5. Skrill$5.00000

Paid For Articles: Pros and Cons

1. If you are looking for a part-time home-based job then this is the best for you.1. You will get to see a lot of ads in between refreshing a page.
2. You will get $10 per 1000 views in India.2. If you will get a content writing job then you will get ₹2500 and more for 2000 words article.
3. There are multiple payment method options available including Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePe.3. You will get views count only when a user spends time and read the article.
4. If you refer your friends then you will earn 20% of their earnings for a lifetime.4. You will get 20% earnings from friends only if they article an article and it gets 1000 or more views.
5. You can make unlimited real cash if your one article gets viral.5. You need to write SEO friendly content to get more views and beat competitors in the same niche.
6. The minimum withdrawal limit is $2 or ₹200 in Paytm.6. It’s a very time-consuming process. Because article writing takes a lot of time and proper research.

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