paytm kyc documents verification pending – why ?

paytm kyc documents verification pending
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Guys a lot of people have this same problem when they have done their paytm full kyc from nearest digital shopkeeper . Today i will discuss “why paytm documents verification pending” , “how to solve paytm kyc problem” , “paytm full kyc problem sollution in 2019” . To know more read the full post.

So first of all why paytm kyc documents verification pending? this is because of our own mistakes . Now you will ask whats the mistakes that we had done when we completed our paytm full kyc. So this problem also happens with me thats why i am able to answer you. The problem is when we are went to the shop the shopkeeper ask our documents and after submitting the documents . Here is the problem. When he ask us for our documents we gave him all the documents that we all have like aadhar card , pan card etc. But for any tipe of online documents verification including paytm full kyc the documents should be totally matched ( name, DOB, address, age, fathers name, etc).

But in india most of the people does not have the matched documents for example a man whose name is Ram Mal and his name on aadhar card is Bam Mal. So in that case paytm kyc documents verification pending shows . So my advice please check your documents that they all are matched or not. If not then please correct them after that complete your paytm full kyc in 2019. Also if your all details are correct in all documents except in one document like aadhar card or pan card then you can skip this documents for verificstion.

Now the question comes if my paytm kyc documents verification pending how to solve this ?

The sollution for this problem is very easy but it needs time. First of all you need to call the customer care and after waiting and waiting they will pick your call. Then they ask your problem , at that time you have to told that your problem is kyc documents verification pending. After hearing all your problem they told you to give them one email id and mobile no of your for further contact with you. It takes almost 2-3 days and then going to paytm app and then bank section you will see your paytm payment bank is opened.

 So i think all the problem which you have regarding paytm kyc documents verification pending is solved. Thnak You.




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