Paytm Service Agent (PSA) – Earn upto ₹30000 per month from home

Do you want to earn money from home? If yes, then you can earn upto ₹30000 per month after becoming a Paytm Service Agent. Today, you will get to know all the details and basic information about Paytm Service Agent.

Any Paytm user with having age 18+, Aadhar Card and basic educational qualification certificate can apply for Paytm Agent. If you will join Paytm Service Agent Program then you can easily make money from home through recharge, bus or flight ticket booking, Paytm All in one QR Code and Fastag onboarding etc.

I am not saying you can become a Paytm Agent without any investment. Because here you have to invest ₹499 for the first time as a security deposit. Usually Paytm takes 7-10 days to verify applicant details. So if you are applying today and all your documents are genuine, you can expect within the next 10 days you will become a Paytm Service Agent.

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Paytm Service Agent (PSA)

We all know Paytm is one of the largest platforms in India for online recharge, bill payments, money transfer, UPI, ticket booking etc. To expand their service with a lot more users, businessman Paytm introduces Paytm Agent Program. This is nothing but a program that allows every user with age 18+ to earn some decent amount of income with full time, part-time or free time work. Users who will join as a Paytm Service Agent can earn money through various ways given by Paytm.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be 18+
  • Highest educational qualification certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Android Smartphone
  • ₹499 (Security Deposit)
  • Good networking and communication skill.

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How To Become a Paytm Service Agent

If you are an existing Paytm user then you can apply for Paytm service agent from your android smartphone app. Otherwise, you can apply after creating your Paytm account. Here you need to upload your aadhar card, highest educational qualification and selfie. So please keep these required documents alongside and follow the steps to become a Paytm Service Agent.

  1. Download Paytm App and Create your Paytm Account.
  2. Open Paytm App >> Search Paytm Service Agent or Click Here.
  3. Tap on the Apply Now button or Click Here.
  4. Now enter all basic details correctly (Name, Email, Educational Qualification etc).
  5. Then select webinar timing to learn tutorial regarding Paytm Service Agent.
  6. Complete registration process by uploading Aadhar Card Image (front & back), highest educational certificate and live selfie.
  7. Now take the assessment which consists of 5 questions (minimum 3 correct answers required). 1Question = 10 marks and 5 question = 50 marks.
  8. Demo Question: Choose the least number from the below options- 102, 302, 320, 120.
  9. Now pay ₹499 for merchandise kit. You will receive KIT at your home within the next 7 working days.

After completing all of these processes a link will be sent to your registered mobile no. You have to download an app that is not available in the play store to direct download. After downloading Paytm Service Agent App or Golden Gate App v4.0.5 you are now an Authorized Paytm PSA, You can Start Onboarding Merchants through Paytm Golden Gate App.

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Paytm Service Agent Merchandise Kit

After completing the Paytm Service Agent registration process a merchandising kit will be delivered to your address within the next 7 working days. This merchandise Kit contains the below-mentioned items.

paytm service agent webinar
  • All in one QR Code sticker – 50.
  • Paytm Accepted Sticker – 50.
  • L Shape Standees – 10.
  • Sun Packs – 10.
  • MHD Sticker – 50.
  • Shelf Tape – 1.
  • Black Marker – 1.
  • Lanyards and ID Card Size QR Code – 3.
  • Paytm Bag – 1.
  • ID Card – 1.
  • Dangler – 0.

What is Paytm Service Agent Webinar?

If you want to join as a Paytm Agent then you have to join PSA Webinar. It is nothing but a program that will help you to understand and learn better about this PSA Program.

This webinar will teach you how to talk, impress customers, how to approach customers etc.

PSA Webinar Timing

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 11 AM & 5 PM.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 11 AM.

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Paytm Service Agent Commission Structure

There are a total of four ways to earn money through the Service Agent Program.

  • Consumer services commission.
  • Fastag commission.
  • Merchant onboarding commission.
  • Paytm DIY – Do It Yourself.

Among these, the best choice to earn money is merchant on-boarding commission and Fastag commission but these are the difficult ones. On the other hand, the easiest to earn money is a consumer services commission. But this has the lowest commission compared to the other options.

1. Consumer Services Commission

You can earn a commission for recharge, bill payments, ticket booking (bus, train, hotel, air) through PSA consumer services commission.

ProductDefinitionCommissionTerms &Conditions
RechargePrepaid and Postpaid Mobile Recharge0.20%Payment will be made after the transaction.
Bill PaymentsElectricity, Water, Gas Bill PaymentsEarn & KeepAn agent is free to charge a nominal amount for the services.

Paytm will only recover the actual bill amount from the user.
Ticket BookingBus,
Movie & Event Ticket Booking
Payment will be made when the users avail the services.

In the event, if the users cancel the tickets no payments will be made to the agent.
New UPI UserUser to link Bank A/C in Paytm App.₹10 / user per month for 2 months.Rs 10 per month per user for the first two months.

2. Fastag Commission Structure

In this case, you have to put Fastag on cars. The more you do the more you will earn. You will get paid for attaching Fastag on cars. Also if the car owner makes payment through Fastag then you will also get paid again.

I feel Paytm Merchant onboarding and Fastag commission is the best way to earn more money from Paytm Service Agent Program.

3. Merchant on-boarding commission

You will get paid for attaching Paytm all in one qr code to the stores, the shop’s near you. For this, you will get ₹150. At the same time if the shop owners collect payment through the QR code then you will get ₹150 more. So in total, you can earn upto ₹300 per shop through PSA merchant on-boarding commission.

How To Earn Money

You have to follow simple steps to earn money through PSA merchant onboarding. Before this make sure you are a Service Agent.

  • Download Paytm Service Agent App / Paytm Golden Gate App v4.0.5
  • Log in via Paytm ID & Password.
  • Attach Paytm all in one QR Code to the store.
  • Click photos of the stores and upload it.
  • After that, you will get ₹150.
  • If the shopkeeper collects payments then you will get ₹150 more.

Service Agent Payout Structure

Paytm says users can make upto ₹30000 or even more through the Paytm Service Agent program. But for this, you have to complete tasks. The more tasks you will do the more you earn.

Let’s say if you attach Paytm merchant all in one qr code to 10 shops in a day then you will earn ₹3000 in a day. So in this case, on average, your monthly income will easily reach ₹30000- ₹50000.

Your first payout will be released after the first 30 days. This is reserved with Paytm as a security deposit. After this, you will start receiving weekly payouts. Eg: If you start working with us from 1st March 2020 then your first payout cycle will be 7th April 2020 where you will receive the payout of work done between 1st-7th March.

Customer Care Number

If you have any queries or facing any problems then you can contact Paytm Service Agent customer support.

Customer Care Number01204440442 (Time: 9:30AM – 6:30PM)

I hope this post will be helpful to you. If you have any further queries then please comment below. You can also join us on Telegram, YouTube and DM on Instagram.

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