Paytm Video KYC | Complete Full KYC and Open Paytm Bank from Home

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine. Paytm has introduced an amazing feature ‘Paytm Video KYC‘ which will help new users a lot. If you want to complete your Paytm Full KYC but you can’t do this because of the current situation then don’t worry. If your age is 18+ and if you have an Aadhar and PAN Card then you can complete your Full KYC by Paytm Video Call option.

Paytm has introduced this new Video Call KYC feature a few days ago. This option will be shown in your account if its KYC is not done yet. Many users using Paytm for Recharge, Bill Payments, Shopping etc but they don’t have a Paytm Full KYC account or Paytm Payment Bank.

If you are using Paytm Wallet but don’t have a Paytm Bank yet, then I would suggest you please complete your Paytm Full KYC and open a Paytm Payment Bank. It will really help you in many ways.

Paytm Video KYC

If you want to complete Paytm Full KYC through Video Call from Home then you just need a few documents. All you can do from your home. They don’t charge a single rupee for you and if your documents are genuine and correct then your KYC will be completed within 2 days.

This is a new feature from Paytm. You have to update your older version of the Paytm App to see this feature. This Paytm Video Call KYC option is not showing in many Paytm Non KYC accounts after the update also. If this option is not showing on your account then don’t worry it will be shown within the next few days.


If you want to complete your Paytm Full KYC and open Payment Bank instantly. Then you can do it from the nearest KYC points. Paytm has currently 4 options for KYC.

  • Visit a nearby KYC Store.
  • KYC at your doorstep.
  • Paytm Video Call KYC.

How To Complete Paytm Video KYC

Ok so if you want to complete your Paytm Full KYC using this new option then you need a few documents and an Application. You all know the application name is Paytm, which you already have on your phone. If you don’t have Paytm App yet then you can download it from here.

paytm full account upgrade process

To complete or upgrade the Paytm Non KYC account to Full KYC you need the below documents. Please note if your Aadhar Card and Pan Card is mismatched like the name or dob or other details is different. Then you may face problems like Documents Verification Pending etc.

Required Documents for KYC

  • Aadhar Card linked with Mobile No.
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number, Email ID.
  • Paytm App.
  • Smartphone with Front Camera (for video call).

These few documents are needed for completing Full KYC using the Paytm Video Call option.

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Steps to Complete Video KYC

If you have all the required documents then you can complete your Paytm Video KYC using the below simple steps.

paytm video call kyc
  1. Open Paytm Mobile App.
  2. Log in or Sign Up.
  3. Tap on KYC or click on Profile icon (right corner on the above).
  4. Tap on your name.
  5. Upgrade Account & Unlock Benefits.
  6. Upgrade your account now.
  7. Enter Aadhar Card Number and Verify it with OTP.
  8. Chat with Paytm Agent and tell them your details.
  9. They will ask you PAN Card Number.
  10. Enter or tell PAN Number.

These are the few simple steps that are necessary for Paytm Video Call KYC. Please don’t misbehave with an agent while video calling. They will keep call recordings for verification.

As I already said, if your documents like Aadhar, PAN Card is mismatched then you may face problem in verification time. In this case, if possible tell the agent or mail them.

Benefits of Paytm Full KYC

how to complete paytm full kyc

If you already completed your Paytm Full KYC then you can access all the benefits and features on Paytm. If you have a Paytm Non KYC account then you can only send Rs 10,000 from Paytm Wallet to another user Paytm Wallet. But if you complete full KYC then you can send 1 Lac per month from Paytm Wallet to other users wallets.

Not only these, but you will also get a Paytm Payment Bank. It will help you to make Online Transactions easier. You will get a Paytm Debit card along with Paytm Payment Bank.

You can transfer money easily from your Paytm Bank to other users of Paytm Bank or any other Banks like SBI, PNB etc.

Paytm KYC Near Me

A lot of people prefer Offline instead of Online. If you don’t want to complete your Paytm Full KYC Online through Video Call. Then you can do it from offline stores as well. If you search on google or in Paytm App, then you can see a lot of outlets are available that are Paytm agents. You just have to go to the store with your Mobile Number, Aadhar Card and Pan Card. If you don’t know how to check Paytm KYC Near Me, then follow the below steps-

  • Open Paytm App.
  • Scroll left the above slider.
  • Tap on ‘Nearby KYC Points‘.
  • Turn On GPS and check Nearby KYC Points Address.


Many users want to open their own Paytm Payment Bank but currently, it is nothing impossible from a KYC Store because of Lockdown. So, in this case, to make this process easier Paytm introduced Video Call KYC. If you have Aadhar Card linked with a mobile number and PAN Card. Then you can complete Paytm Full KYC and open Paytm Payment Bank through Paytm Video Call feature.

This process is absolutely free of cost. And it takes around 2-3 days for complete verification. All you can do from your home through Video Calls.

If already completed this process and have faced a problem then please comment and let me know. If you want to know more about me then follow me on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Please share this article with friends and family so that they can know about this new and exciting Paytm Video Call feature. Thanks for being here.

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