PhonePe Liquid Fund Withdraw Process | Interest Rate

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Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine and enjoying the How-To articles. I have already posted an article about ‘PhonePe Liquid Fund ‘. Today in this article you will get to know about ‘How To Withdraw PhonePe Liquid Fund‘. If you don’t yet what is PhonePe Liquid Fund and how to use it then read our older article.

First of all i would like to tell you PhonePe Liquid Fund Withdrawal Process is very simple. You can withdraw money from Liquid Fund instantly. But only 90% or ₹50000 whichever is lower, can withdraw instantly. And the remaining 10% will be credited to your account with interest after 2-3 days.

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phonepe liquid fund withdrawal process
withdrawal process

PhonePe Liquid Fund

I already wrote an article where I discussed everything related to the PhonePe Liquid Fund. This is a new feature from PhonePe. Many people things this is PhonePe Mutual Fund. But it is not that. Mutual Fund has a locking period but Liquid Fund hasn’t. You can withdraw your fund from PhonePe Liquid Fund anytime without paying any charge or TAX.

PhonePe Liquid Fund Withdrawal Process

To withdraw money from PhonePe Liquid Fund, you have to invest in it first. How to invest in PhonePe Liquid Fund, which I already discussed.

As you all know I had invested Rs 500 in Liquid Fund on 22nd February 2020. Later than on 3rd March 2020 I made withdraw from it without paying a charge. At that time only 90% of the amount transferred to my bank account instantly. And the remaining has transferred within later two days.

Now come to the point, how to withdraw PhonePe Liquid Fund.

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liquid fund withdraw

How To Withdraw PhonePe Liquid Fund

To withdraw money from PhonePe Liquid Fund, open the PhonePe app after investing in it. Then click on the below ‘My Money’ option. After that, you can see an option, Liquid Fund. Now if you already invested in a liquid fund simply click on withdraw option.

Remember if you want to withdraw within 7 days of investing date, then you have to pay some charge. But after that, you don’t have to pay any charge.

Now you don’t have to do anything your money will be transferred to your bank instantly. But only 90%. As you can see I have invested ₹500, but I got only ₹450 instantly. And the remaining ₹50.34 including tax will be transferred to my account within 2 days.

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Interest Rate

In my Youtube Video, a lot of users commented about the interest rate. Users ask me ‘Interest is daily or monthly’. So as you can see PhonePe Liquid Fund Interest Rate is daily applicable. I got on ₹0.34 extra for 10 days investment of ₹500.

phonpe liquid fund interest rate


So guys I think now you all know about the PhonePe Liquid Fund withdrawal Process. If you don’t know yet what is PhonePe Liquid Fund then read previous articles. If you have any problem then comment down below. Also if you want to know more about me then follow me on Instagram, YouTube.Thanks for your time.

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  1. I have invested in liquid funds some 2 months back now I need money and when I’m withdrawing it , it is showing that insufficient amount and your withdraw are already in progress. What should I do , I want my money back.


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