SBI Simply Click Credit Card Review Features, Fees & Benefits 2024 (Apply Process)

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Recently, I applied for the SBI Simply Click Credit Card and after using it for the last 15 days I thought to create content on its review, benefit and offers.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card is the entry-level credit card of the biggest bank in India. They offer many types of credit cards and Simply Click is the first type of credit card that I am sure you are going to apply for.

This SBI Credit Card comes with the lowest annual fee or you can say zero annual fees if you maintain some rules properly. Also, this gives you a bunch of features and facilities if you love to shop online. I think if you are getting free coupons, cashback or offers without doing any extra work then nothing is better than this.

I always wanted to apply for a Credit Card for myself. But because I was a student and did not have any fixed income, I didn’t get a credit card before. So, whenever I needed an international card for my blogging payment, I took help from my friend.

For the last two months, I have been getting calls from the SBI Credit Card department. They continuously ask me to apply for the SBI Credit Card. So here is the story.

Know My Story

Since my college days, I wanted to apply for a credit card once in my life. Because my thinking at that time was that if you have a credit card then it means you are rich. However I had zero income, and my family has not a good income. So, I could not.

In 2019, I started blogging. Before that, I tried many things like private tuition, a job in a private company, freelancing etc. But nothing has worked for me. I learned many things from YouTube and implemented those in my blogging career.

Soon, within the first 5 months, I started getting results from my blog. I got my first payment and things started changing for me and my family. I got my first payment worth Rs 12,000 and then it started getting better and better every month.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card Online Apply

Now in 2024, I am making a huge amount and that’s why the Bank started calling me for new loans, schemes and now for Credit cards. I used to avoid their calls during the starting days but later I thought why not visit the branch once and talk to them directly? Thereafter they told me that they have a list of a few people who have good transactions, fixed deposits, cash in savings and monthly average balance. And I was one of them. That’s why they called me for the SBI Credit Card.

Why I applied for the SBI Credit Card?

I don’t know whether you have any idea about blogging or not. Okay, let me assume that you don’t have any idea about blogging. In our field, we need to purchase many things on a yearly basis like hosting, themes, plugins etc.

The problem is you have to purchase these from international sites and they don’t accept Indian debit cards, UPI, or Net Banking type of payment methods. If you want to order something from there then you need a Credit Card.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card Online Apply

Luckily, one of my friends had a Credit Card. So, whenever I needed any payment I took help from him. Everything was going well for me. But I realised that I also need a Credit Card. Because my blog grew a lot (thanks to god) and I need to purchase a lot of things almost every month. So, it’s better to have your own card.

I used to avoid Bank calls. Whenever they asked me if they had a list of people with good amounts in the bank and my name was there, I used to say that I would come within two days. One day I visited the branch and applied for it. But I want to tell you that you can apply for the SBI Simply Click Credit Card online too.

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How did I apply for the SBI Simply Click Credit Card?

When I visited the Bank for the SBI Credit Card there was a newly appointed madam. She explained everything in detail. SBI has 3-4 different types of Credit Cards. Among these SBI Simply Click Credit Card was the best one for me. So, I chose it to apply.

The madam then asked more about me. She had a list on which my name was there. But still, I told everything about myself to the madam. I told her that I am a blogger and I make money through AdSense, Sponsorships, Affiliate etc.

I went to the SBI branch near me without taking any hard-copy documents with me. She took 2-3 photos of me and asked me to sign on a few papers and took my Aadhar and PAN Card soft copies and printed them out of it.

The madam told me that I would receive the card within 7-10 days. After one day I received a call from the SBI Head department (maybe) and there was another madam who explained me everything like SBI Credit Card types, features, benefits, charges etc. I told her that I wanted to apply for the SBI Simply Click Credit Card and then she explained to me again about the SBI Simply Click Credit Card in detail.

After 3 days of applying for it, I received 3-4 messages from SBI Credit Card that my card had finally shipped and that I would receive it within another 3-4 days.

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SBI Simply Click Credit Card

This is the first type of SBI Credit Card. It comes with a lot of features. There are many different types of credit cards available from SBI which come with some other different benefits. If you love online shopping then this is a good option for you.

You can only get this SBI Credit Card if you have at least a decent income per month. Also, the minimum age required for this is 21 years. You can apply for it online and offline both ways.

If you apply for this Simply Click Credit Card from SBI then you will get these benefits. See the below table and information more about this card.

Simply Click Credit CardKey Highlights
Credit Card Apply LinkClick Here
Joining RewardsAmazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹500
RewardsOnline partners ₹100 = 10 points
Online other spends ₹100 = 5 points
Others ₹100 = 1 point
Annual Fee (one-time)₹499 + taxes
Renewal Fee (per annum)₹499 + taxes
Age21 to 55 years (salaried person)
21 to 70 years (self-employed)
Minimum Monthly Income₹20,000 (salaried person)
₹30,000 (self-employed person)
Credit Score750
Required DocumentsSalary Slip or Bank Statement,
Aadhar Card,
PAN Card,

How To Apply for SBI Simply Click Credit Card Online

  • First, visit the above link or Click Here.
  • Click on the ‘SimplyClick Credit Card‘ from the ‘Credit Cards‘ page on SBI Website.
  • Click on Apply Now and fill in the details.
  • Fill in the E-Apply form or Online Application Form.
  • Now click on Submit and you will receive an instant decision based on your provided application.
  • If your application is approved then the Bank executive will call you and make an appointment for document verification.
  • Once the verification is completed, your Card will be provided to you within 10 days by post.

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Required Documents

  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Salary Slip or Bank Statement
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Signature
  • Income Proof (if not have any Salary Slip or Bank Statement).

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Residence.
  • Minimum Age 21 years.
  • Minimum monthly income Rs 20,000 (salaried people) and Rs 30,000 (self-employed).
  • Credit Score of 750 or more.
  • Visit the SBI Simplyfier page and click on the Your Income and Expense option.
  • Enter your data and this will show you which type of Credit Card you are eligible for.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card Benefits and Features

  • Get 10X reward points for online transactions on partner stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Cleartrip, BookMyShow, FoodPanda, Lenscart and Urbanclap.
  • Earn 1 reward point on other transactions.
  • Get 5X reward points on online transactions other than partner stores.
  • Get a 2000 Cleartrip voucher if you can spend 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh annually.
  • Get a 1% Fuel surcharge for payments worth ₹500 to ₹3000.
  • You can use this SBI Simply Click Credit Card on 24 million outlets in the world and 3.25 outlets within our country India.
  • Spend 1 Lakh or more and get an annual fee waiver.

SimplyClick Credit Card Fees and Charges

SimplyClick Credit CardFees
1. Annual Fee₹499
2. Renewal Fee₹499
3. Finance ChargeUpto 3.50% per month
(42% per annum)
4. Late Fee₹0-₹500: Nil
: ₹400
: ₹750
: ₹950
: ₹1150
₹50,000 and Above
: ₹1300
5. Cheque Payment Fee₹100
6. Network Change Fee₹200
7. Reward Redemption Fee₹99
8. Cash Payment Fee₹250
9. Card Replacement₹100 to ₹250
10. Credit Limit Increase₹200 per increase

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FAQs: SBI Simply Click Credit Card

1. Is SBI simply click credit card free?

The annual fee and renewal fee of SBI Simply Click Credit card is ₹499 which can be waived if you utilize a minimum of Rs.1 lakh annually.

2. What is the benefits of SBI Simply Click Credit Card?

SBI Simply Click Credit card gives 10X Reward Points on merchants like Amazon, BookMyShow, Apollo 24x7etc.

3. How much money Can I withdraw from SBI Simply Click Credit Card?

You can withdraw up to 80% of your credit limit using SBI Simply Click Credit Card.

4. What are the charges for cash withdrawal from SBI credit card?

SBI Simply Click Credit Card users will be charged a transaction fee of 2.5% or Rs. 500 whichever is higher at domestic ATMs and 2.5% or Rs. 500 at international ATMs.

5. Which is better SBI Simply Click Credit Card or SBI Simply Save Credit Card?

SBI Simply Save credit card mainly rewards users for dining, movies, and grocery shopping. On the other hand, Simply Click offers rewards for online purchases and utility bill payments.

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Final Thoughts

Today I showed how you can apply for the SBI Simply Click Credit Card, its benefits and features, eligibility criteria, required documents and more.

I already applied for this credit card for my personal use. You can read the above three paragraphs to learn more about me and why I applied for this card. It will help you to understand better whether you need a credit card or not.

I think a Credit Card is required for every person. But if you forget to maintain the rule and don’t make payment within the date then you have to make a late fee for it. In this case, don’t apply for it. Because it will reduce your credit score.

A Credit Card is a beneficial thing for every Indian. There are many types of Credit Cards available. SBI Simply Click Credit Card is the entry-level card from them.

If you can make Rs 1 Lakh or more payments in a year then you will receive a lot of benefits and you won’t need to make any annual fee for that. I don’t think any debit card will give you this advantage. So, hurry up and apply for it.

I hope this article on SBI Simply Click Credit Card and its benefits helped you a lot to understand it in a better way. For further queries, you can contact us through your Contact Us page or follow me on Instagram. Thank you for reading.

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