Split AC vs Window AC Differences: Which AC Is Best Window or Split?

Hello guys, I hope all of you are fine. If you are looking for the Split AC vs Window AC differences then this article is for you. Today you will get complete information about Split AC vs Window AC and its advantages and disadvantages. I hope this article will help you to find out the best Air Conditioner for your home use.

One of the most important appliances in today’s home is the air conditioner. We can’t even imagine one day without an Air Conditioner during these scorching summer days, especially in India which is a tropical country. The scorching heat lasts here for between 7 and 8 months, and temperatures can exceed 40 degrees during this time also because of the rise of global warming the temperature keeps increasing every. Hence, AC or Air Conditioners are one of the most vital appliances during this season.

However, over the years people have questioned whether it is a good idea to buy an AC split or a Windows AC while purchasing an AC for their needs Well if you are also wondering about answers to this question then you have arrived at the right destination. In this, we are gonna discuss some of the differences between Split AC and Window AC and also some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Split AC vs Window AC Overview

There are mainly two types of Air Conditioners available for us in the market when it comes to cooling down the room temperature of the room, the following are included:

Split AC

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC _CAI18ES5R30F1

As mentioned, This type of Air conditioner uses two separate units to cool down the room temperature. This type of AC is Divided into two separate units the indoor Unit and the outdoor Unit. The Indoor unit which is located inside the target room works by taking away warm air from the inside of the room and throwing clod air throughout the room. The indoor unit is packed with a blower, Air filter and evaporator, capillary tube, filters, and drainage systems. On the other side, the outdoor unit is packed with the compressor, fan, motor, discharge, and condenser.

Window AC

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC _5W18GBT

Unlike Split AC windows, ACs are constructed in a single unit, allowing its components such as fan motor, evaporator fan, evaporator coils, fan condenser, compressor, filter condenser coils, and air inlet/outlet grills to be packed within one machine. In this design, the AC is mounted in a window or cut into a wall of a size that would be comparable to the air conditioner as a result half of the unit is in the room and the other half needs to be mounted outside.

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Split AC vs Window AC Differences

Design & Looks

In terms of Design & Looks, the Split AC comes with betters aesthetics in contrast to Window AC which doesn’t come with premium looks. Split ACs Slim and appealing aesthetics Can easily blend into any kind of household design.


The price of the product is one of the most important things when buying any kind of product. Generally, Window ACs tend to be less costly compared to Split ACs. Additionally Window ACs cost less in maintenance. Basically, Window AC is more then sufficient to cool down a small size room however if your requirement is for a bigger room you can go for Split AC.


Windows ACs make a lot of noise in comparison to split AC which produces less noise or better saying no noise as most of the components in Split AC is located in the outdoor unit. Thus it is one of the best choices for the office or modern households.


As Window ACs come in a single unit the cost of maintenance is typically low and easy. However, the Split ACs required maintenance over a proper time period with the help of an expert, hence it is costly and tougher to maintain.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an AC depended on its capacity. Since Split Split, AC is divided into two components, it can cool down big rooms. Whereas Window ACs come in a single unit which can cover a small size room.

Space required

In contrast to Window ACs, split ACs required less space as they can be mounted on the wall. On the other side, Window ACs require a suitable Size Window or Cut through the wall.


Installing a Split AC isn’t soo easy it requires the help of a professional and also it cost you extra installation charges. Whereas Window is generally easy to install and doesn’t cost you extra.

Power Consumption

The start rating has a significant impact on power consumption. A higher start rating makes your air conditioner more efficient. For example, a 5-star AC can cool down your room more efficiently and also it can also save energy. In terms of AC efficiency, Split ACs better compared to Window AC.

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FAQs: Difference Between Split AC & Window AC

1. Which is the better Split AC or Window AC?

Split ACs are better than Windows as they quiet and cool down the room faster. Whereas Window ACs could an option for small size rooms.

2. Is Inverter AC and Split AC the same?

Inverter ACs Compressor runs at a variable speed compared to Non-inverter one’s compressor which runs either at full speed or stops.

3. What are the disadvantages of Inverter AC?

Inverter ACs generally cost a little bit more than Non-inverter. This further extended to maintenance as well.

4. Which AC is the best for home use?

If you are looking for home use then there are many options available to you. Generally, a window AC will be more than enough to cool down a small room, but if you need to cool down a larger space, you should opt for a split air conditioner.

5. Does Inverter AC consume more electricity?

In Non-inverter AC the compressor either runs at full speed or stops when it cools down the room. Whereas Inverter ACs lower the speed of the compressor which saves electricity.

6. Which AC consumes less power?

The power consumption of Air Conditioners basically depends on the star rating. If your Air Conditioner has a higher start rating, it will be more energy-efficient.

7. Is the Inverter AC need a stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer helps to maintain voltage during fluctuations which protects your products. Currently, A large majority of air conditioning brands on the market offer air conditioners with “built-in stabilizers” or “stabilizer-free operation”. However, Voltage stabilizers are required only if there is a voltage fluctuation that exceeds the operating voltage limit of that Air conditioner.

8. which ac is best window or split

Split AC is Better than Window AC however they are much more costly and also require additional costs in installation.

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