Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh Review | Best 5 Under Rs 1000 in India

Do you want to buy Best Power Bank Under Rs 1000 in India? Do you want to buy Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh Original? If yes, then this article is for you. Here you will get to know the best Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh Review.

Syska is a brand which is mostly recognized for their electronic products like Fan, Light, Power Bank, Charger etc. Today I will show you a list of 5 Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh. Only 2 of these are not under Rs 1000 price in India. But other than these two all the Syska Power Bank Price is below rs 1000.

Looking at the current situation we all are trying to buy products which are made in India. I love Syska Power Banks because it is manufactured in Sankore Nagar, Pune.

Syska Power Bank

If you search on Amazon, you can see a lot of Syska 10000 mAh Power Banks are available under Rs 1000. Syska launches 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh power banks in India. 10000 mAh Syska Power Bank Price in India starts from Rs 499 to Rs 1299.


I have made a list of 5 Best Syska Power Banks 10000 mAh in India. If you want to buy Syska Powerbank then continue reading.

1. Syska Power Boost 100 10000mAH

Most of us preferred to buy the best things around us. Generally, we thought the most priced product is the best, but this is not true. In my list, Syska Power Boost 100 is the most priced Power Bank. This is a 10000 mAh Power Bank which has Lithium-ion cell. It has dual USB Ports which will help you to charge two devices in a single time. It doesn’t support fast charging which is the major drawback in this Power Bank. Syska Power Boost 100 supports Input 5V/2A and Outputs are 5V/2.1A respectively.

syska power boost 100 10000 mah power bank

Colour and weight of this Power Bank are White and 286g respectively. Also, Syska Power Boost 100 has 6 months warranty.

A lot of new users who want to buy Power Bank for the first time in their life don’t know whether Power Bank comes with Charger or not. So I would like to tell you, all Power Banks comes with the only Cable. You have to charge it through your mobile charger.

If your Mobile has 4000 mAh Battery then it will charge it twice. People who bought this really loved this. They have only one problem which is its weight.

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2. 11000 mAh X110 Power Bank

If you are looking for a Indian manufactured Power Bank of 11000 mAh then Syska X110 will solve your queries. This is a Power Bank which has 11000 mAh Lithium ion Battery with two outputs. I don’t like this one because it will charge your smartphone very slowly.

syska x110 powerbank

You can check all the details of this Syska Power Bank on Amazon. This Power Bank will take up to 6 hours to fully charge with a 5V 2A or 10W Charger. It has two output ports which are 5V 1A respectively. It will charge a 4000 mAh Smartphone 1.8 times while a 3000 mAh Smartphone 2.4 times approximately. This 330g Power Bank made by Plastic material and its colour are Black-Blue. You will get user manual, warranty card and data cable along with power bank in the box. It comes with 6 months warranty as well. Call Syska Customer Care for more details. [1800-102-8787].

You can buy this Power Bank in four colour options. Syska Power Bank Price in India is Rs 599.

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3. Syska P1001OX Power bank

Indian Power Bank brand Syska has a lot of Power Banks of 10000 mAh which price is Rs 499 and all of these are almost the same. This Power Bank has a very basic look and two colour options. Either you can buy it on Black or White Colour.

syska power 10000 mah

It is also a plastic body power bank. You can charge two device at a time from this Power Bank also because its also has two output ports. Compared to the previous one it is slightly better. because it can charge your device more faster way than previous one. Output Ports are 5V 2.4A each. It comes with micro USB Cable, warranry card along with Power Bnak in the box. It has 6 months warranty.

Again this Syska P10010X Power Bank Price in India is Rs 499. You can check more details on Amazon.

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4. P1016B 10000 mAh

I am sure you will love this power bank because of its design and look. You can carry this 256gm weighted Power Bank in your pocket easily. It has dual output ports of 5V 1A each and input ports of 5V 1A. If your Smartphone has a 4000 mAh Battery then it will charge 1.8 times your device. It is available in four colour options Grey, White, Black and Blue.

syska p1016b power bank

Along with power bank, you will get 1 micro USB cable, warranty card and user manual. As of now without including any offers, its price in India is Rs 499. Check more details on Amazon by clicking below link.

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5. Syska L1001J GO 100 Power Bank

If you want to buy Best Power Bank Under Rs 10000 in India, then I am sure you heard about Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank at least once. This Syska L1001J GO Power Bank looks exactly like very popular Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank.

syska power go 10000mah power bank

It is available in two colour options which are Black and White. It has two output Ports of 5V 2A, which mean it can charge two smartphones in a single time. Probably you will have a bad experience while carrying this Syska L1001J GO Power Bank because its weight is 378gm. With the box, you will get 1 Micro USB cable, user manual and warranty card along with Power Bank.

It will take up to 6 hours to full charge and this will charge a 4000 mAh battery Smartphone 1.8 times. As of now, its price is Rs 499 in India. Although including any offer you will get it with a huge discount. Check on Amazon for more info.

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How To take care of a Power Bank

A Power Bank is a product which has no guarantee if you ask me how many days it will last. I have purchased two Power banks for my personal use. The first one was Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank and the second one was MI 10000 mAh Power Bank. My experience was fantastic with both of these two. But some of my friends and close one had a bad experience with Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank. Because after a few months it becomes too slow to charge a device.

I had a done a bad experiment with Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank and it damaged that time. A few months ago I had bought two USB lights and to check those, I inserted those USB lights on Ambrane Power Banks. It works perfectly. But since then its speed, charging time and battery backup becomes very slow.

So i would recommend don’t charge multiple device and other products except Smartphone.

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Final Word

In this article, I have suggested 5 Best Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh. If you want to buy a Best Power Bank Under Rs 1000 in India then there are only a few brands available in India which are Ambrane, Philips, MI, Syska etc. In my opinion, MI 10000 mAh Power Bank which price is Rs 899 on Amazon is the best among others. But if you want to buy a low price Power bank of an Indian Brand then Syska Power Bank will be the best pick for you.

If you have more questions on Syska Power Bank 10000 mAh Review then comment down below or join me on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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