Best Train Ticket Booking Apps in India Online 2022

Do you want to book Train Tickets online? If yes, then this article is for you. Today, in this article, I will show you the top 10 best train ticket booking apps in India online 2022.

There was a time when we had to work hard to book reservation train tickets. At that time we had to book a train ticket from a travel agent or by standing in a long line at the railway station. Which was not easy at all. We had to wait for hours for this. But now the situation is different. Now we can easily book any train ticket online from our home. All we need for this is the name of the person and his age. Together we can book tickets for 6 people and till then in case of tickets we can book tickets for 4 people together. Each time we book a ticket, we can book tickets for two children under the age of 5 free of charge.

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To book a train ticket from home, you need to make sure that you pay in advance. If you do not have the means to pay online, you will not be able to book tickets online. If for any reason your ticket is not confirmed then you will get your ticket price refunded. You will find out the best train ticket booking apps online and how to book train tickets online through this article.

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Best Train Ticket Booking Apps

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Ticket Booking AppsDownloadsRatings
1. IRCTC22,72,6534.0
2. Amazon80,76,4034.2
3. Paytm1,22,13,3784.6
4. MakeMyTrip12,12,7454.2
5. Goibibo10,48,7494.5
6. Yatra3,03,7954.4
7. Railyatri8,64,8954.3
8. Ixigo20,76,9084.4
9. ConfirmTkt4,27,0354.6
10. RedBus 14,86,4604.4
11. Where Is My Train29,83,9674.6

Full-Form in Railway Ticket Booking Online

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Short FormFull-Form
PNRPassenger Name Record
CNFConfirmed Ticket
RLWLRemote Location Waiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
WLWaiting List
RSWLRoadside Station Waiting List
RQWLRequest Waiting List
GNWLGeneral Waiting List
TQWLTatkal Waitlist
PQWLPooled Quota Waitlist


IRCTC app is one of the best if you are gonna purchase train tickets from home. This App also offers to order a meal, book air tickets, and IRCTC Tourism via the official IRCTC mobile app. In addition to having a Google Talk feature that assists visually impaired people to book Rail Tickets Online, it is one of the best apps to book train tickets. Talking about payment options you can use methods like UPI, Net Banking, Credit card, Debit cards also IRCTC offers an e-wallet for hassle-free transactions.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps IRCTC

With this app, you can also book Divyangjan, Tatkal/Premium Tatkal, Ladies, General, and senior citizen tickets. For security, this app features a self-assigned pin that allows you to log in to the app without entering a username and password each time you log in. You can also check train routes, PNR Confirmation probability, and PNR Reservation status. It also features the Vikalp scheme option which provides waitlisted passengers with the option to book a seat on an alternate train to the same destination. Moreover, the Aadhaar linking option in this app allows you to book 12 train tickets in a month.

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2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce brands in India. In recent years amazon also partnered with IRCTC and launched their train ticket booking Service through their app. You can find the train ticket booking option in the Amazon Pay section. Before booking train tickets this shows seat availability options on this train. You can also be able to check the PNR status of the ticket booked on Amazon. However, amazon lacks in terms of many features. You can only able to book train tickets on Amazon via the Amazon app.

amazon refer and earn

You can either choose to pay for train ticket booking via Amazon Pay or digital payment methods such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or UPI. If you use Amazon Pay then you get fluid one-tap payments and also get instant refunds in case of cancellation or any kind of error in a transaction. Although using the digital payment method you can avail yourself of better cashback which you can later use in many ways such as recharge, and ticket booking also you can use this cashback for shopping.

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3. Paytm

Paytm is one of the best digital payment services which for most Indians is a synonym for digital payments. it offers users the to book movie tickets and recharge in a jiffy. Also, it features a train ticket booking option which users can book via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and UPI. Another worth mentioning feature of this platform is that it features 10 regional languages.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Paytm

This app also features options like book meal, PNR status checker, and Voice Search Feature. Furthermore, you will get train delays, train live location, and train route and timing. Using Paytm you can also earn cashback.

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4. MakeMyTrip

A one-stop solution to all your travel needs, such as booking trains, hotels, flights, buses, cabs, and much more, is MakeMyTrip. This app is also considered one of the best apps for booking hotels. it provides soo many offers for booking via digital payments. Not only hotel booking but this platform is also great for train ticket bookings. Also included are train schedules and PNR status, as well as train, live running status.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Makemytrip

One positive aspect of this app is that it features a clean and simple UI that is easy to use for anyone. This app also allows booking general and tatkal tickets.

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5. Goibibo

Goibibo is 2nd largest and one of the most trusted travel booking apps. By using this app you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, cabs, and bus tickets. Goibibo also partnered with IRCTC to bring train ticket booking services to their platform. This app is also very easy to use because of its clean UI. This app sends updates to users through WhatsApp and SMS.


With this app, you can check your PNR Status for any train. You can also find out the live location of any train. Furthermore using this app you can book tatkal tickets.

6. Yatra

Yatra is another one-stop solution for all your travel needs. It’s India’s leading travel app, which allows you to book flights, hotels, buses, cabs, trains, holiday packages, and more without any hassle. With over 10 million downloads, it has become the preferred destination for travellers booking flights, hotels, buses, cabs, trains, and holiday packages.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Yatra

IRCTC approves this app for train booking. This app features many useful features such as PNR status and train running status. Also, it features an e-wallet that allows you to book your tickets hassle-free.

7. RailYatri

Railyatri is another option you can look f you are looking for Best Train Ticket Booking Apps. This App offers soo many features that you can expect from a train ticket booking app. You can easily book IRCTC train tickets and Tatkal tickets, and check live PNR statuses from this IRCTC authorized app.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Railyatri

The features of this app also include accurate live train location, Speedometer, and offline train timetable. Also, You can order food from this app and bus tickets. You can also change the app language to regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil & Gujrati.

8. Ixigo

Ixigo is another app where you can get all your travel needs met at one location. Like most of the train booking apps, this IRCTC authorized app also provides user train ticket booking, wondering foods, PNR status checking, and also the availability of seats on that train though you can also book flights, hotel rooms, and buses using this application. This app also sports 8 regional languages which makes this app easy to use for many people. You can also get information about metros as well.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Ixigo

If you don’t have an internet connection then don’t worry this app can tell you the offline train timetable. Likewise, you can check out the train delay, arrival time, and platform number on which the train will arrive. Another worth mentioning future of this app is 6 hours refund and ₹0 IRCTC cancellation charges.

9. ConfirmTkt

ConfirmTkt nonetheless than any other train ticket booking app. It packs all the essential features for a train ticket booking app. Using this app you can Book train tickets & tatkal tickets other great features like a full refund on cancellation, and instant refund initiation. Also, you can check the PNR status and confirmation notification.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps ConfirmTkt

Additionally, If you are ever worried about train delays, current location, and expected time of arrival then don’t worry, this App can provide you with live train location through the GPS of the train. The User- interface of this app is quite optimized and very easy to use. This app automatically fetches PNR details from your SMS to make trip management hassle-free thus don’t have to add PNR numbers every time.

10. RedBus

Redbus is one the best online bus ticket booking app in India, offers a convenient & simple way to book bus tickets with private bus companies and state RTCs. It introduced the red rail authorized by IRCTC to deliver users train ticket booking service. Customers can book/cancel tickets instantly with RedRail, and they will receive support in five different regional languages. Also, this app offers features like live train location and a PNR status checker.

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps Redbus

11. Where is My Train

If you travel by train often then you will be familiar with this app. This one is the best app to know which provides its user with live train location and also this feature is quite helpful if you are travelling via train, it can work without internet or GPS as it uses the information from the cell tower to find the location. Also, with this app, you can set a station alarm that helps you to wake at a fixed time before your railway station arrives.

With this app, you can also check seat availability and book train tickets through this app but it currently isn’t officially authorized by IRCTC thus it uses the help of Google Pay to book your ticket. Also, you can check PNR status and train timetables with this app.

FAQs: Best App for Train Ticket Booking

1. Which is the best app for train booking?

IRCTC is the official app for train ticket booking online. I feel this is the best app for train ticket booking.

2. Which is the official Railway Ticket Booking App?

IRCTC Rail Connect App is the official railway ticket booking app.

3. What is the UTS app?

The UTS app allows us to book suburban train tickets within 10 minutes. In this app, we can deposit money in the R-wallets and book single journey train tickets, and monthly tickets and renew monthly tickets online.

4. How can I book my train tickets on Paytm?

Yes, we can book our reservation train tickets on the Paytm app.

5. What is the maximum number of people I can book in a single train ticket booking?

You can book for 6 passengers on a single train ticket booking and for tatkal ticket booking you can book for 4 passengers.

6. How many people can I book in a single train ticket booking?

You can book for a maximum of 6 passengers on a single train ticket booking. Maximum 2 children below 5 years are allowed per booking.

Final Thoughts

So that was some of the best apps to book train ticket booking. All of these apps are good in their way. Not only these few but in India you can find many other apps which very useful for train ticket booking.

I hope you have read this blog till the end. And you have found your all queries answered about the best train ticket booking apps in India. If you still have any questions then comment without any hesitation. Also, you can DM us on Instagram to get instant replies. Thanks for reading. Please come again to read another super cool article.

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