What is TRP Full Form? | How TRP is Calculated in India [Beginner Guide]

Do you have queries about TRP? Do you want to know What is TRP Full Form? or How TRP is calculated?

If yes. Then you are at the right place. Today i am going to tell you in simple words about TRP. I hope after reading this full article your queries will solved.

Many of us hear about TRP, but actually few of them are knows about TRP. It is nothing but a method to understood which TV Show is currently most of the viewers watching. Not only this but from this way we all get know how popular a TV Show is.

Many a times we want to know which TV Show TRP is highest in this week or What is Kapil Sharma Show TRP. We all talk with each other about Kapil Sharma Show TRP in this week is better than other TV Serials. But actually few of us are knows what is the full form of TRP. Let me tell you about the full conceipt of TRP in detail.

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TRP Full Form

TRP full form is Television Rating Point. This is a tool which provides the data of which TV show is currently watching most. By this method advisers get to know which TV show is currently most watched by users and becoming more popular. TRP is also called as People Meter.

A TV Show with higher TRP indicates that that program is being watched by a large number of audience. This TRP data is very useful for advisers because for this they place ads betwwen popluar TV Shows.

INTAM which full form is Indian Television Audience Measurement. This is the only agency which calculate TRP points.


How TRP is Calculated

As of now TRP is calculated by two methods, People Frequency Monitoring Method and Picture Matching Technique. This is the two main way to calculate a particular show TRP.

Let me tell you about these two methods for TRP Calculation Process in detail.

Frequency Monitoring Method

For TRP calculation in this method, a particular device is attached on a few thousand of users TV. This device is attached on a very few people TV sets is called People Meter. It records all the data like how many times or during what time a particular show is watching. Or which program users watching the most. After taking every data people meter transfer it to INTAM (Indain Television Audience Measurement). There after analysing the data, monitoring team decides what is the current TRP of a particular show or programme.

Let me tell you Frequency Monitoring Method in more detail. You all know that when we upload a Photo or Video on Instagram then we can track all the data. Like how many people have seen my photos, or how many poeple see it from hashtag etc.

If you are a blooger or a YouTuber then you know, we can track all the data in analytics and try to improve by analysing those data. Like Wikipedia is most popular site because lot of users liked their content. Similarly for Frequency Monitoring Method.

The second method for TRP Calculation is Picture Matching Techinque. This is a new method in India, and its a very easy to use than the first one. Let me tell you about this method in detail.

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People Matching Technique

The second method is People Matching Technique. In this method people meter device captured a small part of Picture and record it. After collecting the data from a small portion of sample homes, TRP is calculated.

Many of us discussing what is Kapil Sharma Show TRP in this week or Ramayana TRP etc. So now you all know how TRP is actually calculated in india.

You might be thinking what will happen if a TV Show’s TRP is highest or lowest. Let me tell you.

TRP Effect

We all know TV shows main ways of earning money is showing Ads. A TV Show which is most popular, Advisers have to pay more amount if they want to show their ads on this show. For example you all know Kapil Sharma Show is very popular so it is clear its TRP is the highest or among the highest. So if a advisers want to show their ads in that show then they have to spent more money for this rather going for a low TRP TV Show.

You might have seen popular brand ads like Policy, Loan etc is shown on popular TV Shows or between Cricket Match.

You can check channel popularity and TRP here.

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So i think now you all know TRP Full Form or What is TRP Full Form. A lot of people ask in social media how TRP is calculated or which TV Show TRP is the highest in this week. I hope you got all your question answers. If you have more questions about TRP or you want to know something else, then comment here. Also for more information please visit our site regularly.

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