Voltas vs LG AC Comparison: Who Makes The Best AC Voltas or LG?

Over the years Air Conditioner has become a most important part of Indian Households. Air Codntioern is the best solution to relieve excessive summer days. When looking for the best AC in India you might see two common names and that’s Voltas and LG. Here in this Article, we prepared a comparison between Voltas vs LG AC. In case you are confused about which brands to pick, here you will get the answer.

Talking Voltas was incorporated in 1954 in Mumbai, as a collaboration between Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers. Whereas LG started their journey in 1947 and later entered the Indian market in 1997. LG makes almost any electronic appliance and device you recall. On the other side, Voltas makes a wide range of products that included air conditioners, water coolers, and industrial refrigeration systems. So let’s see they rank in today’s world.

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Voltas vs LG AC Comparison

Types of AC

Air Conditioners are available in multiple varieties. In terms of Air Conditioners LG supplies only window and Split AC. Whereas Voltas produces both residential and commercial usage Air Conditioners. In terms of residential ACs, Voltas makes split, window and even tower ACs


In terms of design and overall look, LG gets the lead because their AC has clean minimal designs and premium build quality. Also for windows, AC is our any-day preference. One of the best things about voltas they offer multiple designs.


If the price of the AC is the Parameter to decide which is best then it will always be Voltas. As Voltas offer extremely affordable ACs, their Air Conditioners are almost 5000-7000 cheaper than LG. Whether it’s about Split /Window AC or 5star/3star AC you will always find Voltas ACs cheaper.


Compared to inverter AC dual rotary ACs or dual inverters are much better. In terms of compressors, both brands are equipped with dual rotary compressors. However, LG has more edge in the scenario. LG offer 6in1 cooling whereas voltas only have a 4-step adjustable mode.

Cooling Capacity

The Actual cooling capacity of AC differs from brand to brand. The more cooling capacity the more cooling you will get. Not only that an AC with a low cooling capacity will take much time to cool a room. This is where voltas stand out from LG.

There isn’t much difference in the actual cooling capacity of an AC. Still, No matter how similar their capacities might seem, they are quite different. LG’s 1.5 Ton AC has an actual cooling capacity of 1.42Ton or 5000W whereas Voltas is 1.48 Ton or 5200W.

Therefore if you have a large room of up to 180 Sq. Ft. avoid LG and go with Voltas. However, if you want LG AC then better to invest in 2 tons if the room size is more than 165 Sq. Ft.

However, In terms of cooling Capacity both offer almost similar cooling Capacity.


ISEER rating determines Air Conditioners’ energy efficiency. The more the number the more Energy Efficient the AC will be. LG Air conditioners are generally labelled with a high ISSER rating. For Example, the 1.5 Ton LG AC comes with 4.73. Even Voltas with higher cooling capacity than LG manage to keep the ISEER rating of 4.51 which is great.

Power Consumption

Air Conditioners With a High ISEER rating consume much less power and again here LG ranks top over voltas. LG ACs consume 10-15% less power than voltas.

However, if you are running the LG AC in a large room even its claimed as 1.5 Ton then it will burn the compressor almost all the time thus you will have to pay a higher electricity bill.

Cooling Performance

Voltas Air Conditioners are well known for their amazing airflow. Unlike LG voltas Air Conditioner comes with powerful airflow which directly translates to faster cooling. Voltas may be best for those who enjoy strong cooling with a strong air throw, while LG is best for those who prefer gentle cooling.

However, if you are getting a Voltas AC don’t place it where the air can hit you straight in the face. Furthermore, Air Conditioners from both brands are crafted to cool you even if the ambient temperature hits 52°C.


Most people especially those who want to enjoy cool and comfortable air without being disturbed by excess noise choose split ACs over window AC. LG Air Conditioner is commonly the least noisy in the market with noise levels ranging from 30-38dB.

Whereas Voltas AC the noise level goes above 40-45dB.This is because of the high airflow the Noise level for voltas is higher. Also as cooling capacity increases, so does the noise level.

Condenser Coils and Fins

Copper Condesnnors are much better in terms of cooling and longer lifespan in contrast to aluminium. Both of these brands use 100% copper condensers and pipes thus both are great. However, companies provide a special coating on the fins and condenser coils to protect them from the accumulation of salt and sediment. This Coating will increase the durability of the condenser and the fins by protecting them from harsh weather conditions.

LG provides a special ocean black protection coating on Condenser Coils and Fins. Whereas Voltas ACs come with a Bluefin coating only in the outdoor unit fins. So if you live in coastal areas or near drainage go with LG.


Heat is absorbed from the room by the refrigerant and is emitted from the room into the environment. By absorbing heat, refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas. As the compressor compresses, the gas returns to its liquid state.

Most Air Conditioners nowadays use R32 refrigerant for their AC, Voltas and LG also one them. This refrigerant has an extremely low impact on global warming.


LG has provided an HD filter which is effective and stops dust. Also, the HD filter of LG AC has an antivirus AgNPs coating that effectively deactivates and paralyses most bacteria and viruses. Voltas, on the other hand, includes a PM 2.5 filter in their air conditioner, providing you with fresh and clean air. So, in this Voltas offer a better filter for highly pollutant areas.

Stabilizer-free Plus Operation

Air Conditioners nowadays come with the stabilizer-free operation. This means your Air COndtieorn won’t get damaged even if there’s a voltage fluctuation for a certain range. LG offer a slightly more stabilizer-free operation range compared to voltas. Still, you should invest in a good stabilizer which costs roughly 3000-6000.


With an AC remote, you can control the AC easily. In terms of AC remote voltas AC comes with a large remote control which is comparatively easier to use than LGs remote. LG remote feels a bit complicated, although you will get used to it over time.

Warranty & After-Sale Service

The Major Drawback for voltas air conditioners is their limited warranty period. So if you weren’t voltas AC then you have to invest in the extended warranty plan. However, Voltas has excellent after-sale service. Whereas for LG it’s not that great.

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FAQs: Voltas vs LG AC

1. Which AC is best between Voltas and LG?

Voltas Air Conditioners are cheaper and also voltas offer excellent after-sale service though the limited warranty is a major con of voltas AC. So, if the budget isn’t an issue you should go for LG.

2. Which AC brand is best?

LG, Carrier, Daikin and Panasonic make supreme quality Air Conditioners though with high price tags.

3. Is LG a good brand of air conditioner?

Yes LG is an industry leader in terms of Inverter ACs.

4. Which company 5 Star AC is best?

Daikin offers the lowest power consumption ACs.

5. Does Voltas Provides Air Condiotenr in Burj Khalifa?

Yes, Burj Khalifa or better known as the tallest building in the world, is equipped with air conditioning systems provided by Voltas.

6. How To Unlock Voltas AC remote?

In order to unlock your Voltas AC remote, you must simultaneously press the Temp+ and Temp- switches and hold them until it unlocks.

Final Thoughts

Voltas holds 20% of the Indian air Conditioner market and LG has managed to capture 16%. This is only because of their low price tag. So overall looking Voltas doesn’t make terrible AC. Even if they have a low price tag the limited warranty is a thing to be concerned about voltas. So if you want a voltas AC then you have to spend extra on the extended warranty plans. Nonetheless, avoid voltas if you are living in a highly humid area or coastal area.

Still, If you have a tight budget and looking for 1.5 Ton AC for a large room between 189-190 Sq. Ft from voltas vs LG, then go with Voltas as LG has less cooling capacity in 1.5Ton ACs.

When it comes to 1 Ton AC both brands pack similar cooling capacity. So in that case, if want better energy saver AC and again the budget isn’t limited then pick LG AC.

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