How To Download WhatsApp Status Video on Android [Easy Method]

Hello friends, I hope all of you are fit and fine in this pandemic period. Currently, Full Screen 4K WhatsApp Status Video is trending. We all want to put similar kind of WhatsApp Status Video in our status. But the problem is many of us don’t know how to create 4k WhatsApp status video on android.

So how can we share full-screen WhatsApp Status Video? I have one solution for you. If you want to download a friend’s WhatsApp Status Video and reupload it on your status then this article is for you. It will take only a few minutes depending on your internet speed. So read this post till the end. I hope you will find a better answer to your question ‘How To Download WhatsApp Status Video on Android‘.

WhatsApp Status Video

As of now, WhatsApp is the no 1 online messaging app. One or two years ago WhatsApp didn’t have Status sharing feature. But now in 2020 WhatsApp has improved a lot.

Many of us upload Photos, Videos, Text on our WhatsApp Status. This type of WhatsApp Status is live for 24 hours only.

Whenever our friend uploads a normal status, we don’t try to save or ask them to send it to us. So that we can share it too. But whenever they share a 4K WhatsApp Status Video, we all wanted to put this also in our status.

So, the question comes how can we share the same video whatsapp status from our android phone. We can do it in two ways-

  • By asking them to send it to us, so that we can reupload it on our status.
  • Or we can download through a third-party app and reupload it from our Android smartphone.

The first one is very easy if the person is well known for us. Otherwise it would be easy if we wait for a few minutes to download it from a different app and reupload it without taking him or her permission.

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How To Download WhatsApp Status Video on Android

There are a lot of ways which you can use to download and save WhatsApp Status Video on your Android Smartphone. Here you will get to know 4-5 different ways to save WhatsApp statuses.

1. Use File Manager to Save WhatsApp Status

If you are using a Redmi smartphone then you don’t need to download any other application to save status videos. All of your friend’s statuses are already downloaded in your smartphone. Most of you probably don’t know about this feature. So let me clear it first.

whatsapp video status

If you have not cleared any cache files recently or watched a video, image on status then these all are saved in your file manager hidden files. If your smartphone don’t have any file manager app, then install a file manager app from play store and simply follow the steps.

Step by Step Process To Download Status Videos

  • Download and open File Manager app.
  • Tap on Files icon >> Internal shared storage.
  • Tap on three lines >> Show hidden files.
  • WhatsApp >> Media >> Statuses.
  • Done!! Watch it, share it otherwise delete it to save your smartphone memory.
4k video status download

2. Story Saver Android App

If you don’t have a file manager app then you can use this method also. To use this method you have to download an app from google play store. After downloading and installing the app simply follow the below steps to save WhatsApp status on android devices.

  • Download and Install Story Saver Android App.
  • Watch statuses of your friend’s.
  • Now open Story Saver App and download which status you want to download.

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3. WhatsApp Status Downloader

This is exactly the same method. If you don’t want to use the second method then you can try this one. In this case, you have to download an app ‘WhatsApp Status Downloader‘ to save photos or videos.

  • Download and Open WhatsApp Status Downloader (click here).
  • Open WhatsApp Messenger App >> Watch Status.
  • Now open WhatsApp Status Downloader >> Download the status which you want to download.

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These are the three unique and genuine way’s to download 4k WhatsApp status videos on android smartphone. In my case, I use the first method because I am using a Redmi smartphone. If you also have a Redmi smartphone then I don’t think you need to use the other trick to Download Whatsapp Status.

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how to download whatsapp status video on android

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