YouTube Applause Button – How To Activate? | Applaud Button Features

Hello Friends, I hope you all are fine. If you are a YouTuber or a content creator on YouTube then o have good news for you. YouTube has added a new button for all YouTubers called YouTube Applause Button. If you have a google partner program verified YouTube Channel, then you can enable this feature by following the below steps.

youtube applaud button

YouTube Applause Button

YouTube Applause Button or Applaud Button is a feature which will help YouTuber’s to earn some extra money. We all know about YouTube Super Chat Feature. This YouTube Applaud Feature is also like that. Now it is showing on some selected YouTube Channel’s but YouTube confirms that within a month it will be available in all YouTube Channels.

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youtube applause button
youtube applause button

This Applaud Button will show in between Videos Dislike and Share options. If a viewer likes your video and if they want to donate some amount then they can do it by this feature. In Indian Currency, it is equivalent to Rs 40. So if a viewer donates you Rs 40 by using YouTube Applaud Button. Then YouTube will give you 70% that means Rs 28 and the remaining 30% or Rs 12 Will be deducted by YouTube.

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YouTube Applaud Button – How To Activate

To activate this feature open YouTube on Desktop or Laptop. Or if you want to do it from mobile, then open YouTube as a desktop mode. Now go to YouTube Studio and then on right side scroll down and select monetization. After that select Super and just enable this YouTube Applaud Button.

how to enable youtube applaud feature

After enabling this Applaud Button feature it will be activated for your YouTube Channel within 24-48 Hours. But remember one thing if your channel is not monetized you can’t enable this.

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YouTube announces about Applause Button Feature in December 2019. And at that time they experimenting this feature with some selected YouTube Channel’s. Now when the experiment is totally successful, YouTube has started rolling out their new feature. So if you have a YouTube Channel with Google Adsense verified, Then you could activate this. After activating this YouTube Applause Button if a viewer applauds your videos and donate you Rs 40. Then YouTube will send you Rs 28 and the remaining Rs 12 will be deducted by YouTube. This is YouTube Applause Button.

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