Zee5 Subscription Plans in India | How to get Free Subscription

If you are looking for Zee5 Subscription Plans in India then this article is for you. Here you will get to know all the details like Zee5 Premium Plans, Subscription Offer, Free Trial and much more. Not only that, but you can also get Zee5 Free Subscription. So without wasting time let’s begin.

Like other video streaming online video streaming platforms, Zee5 is also growing very fast. Zee5 was launched in 2018 and now its become one of the major competitions of Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

In Zee5 App, you can watch videos in many languages. In this app, you can watch TV Shows, Web Series, Short Films, Movies etc in many languages.

You can watch Zee5 videos in iOS V9.0 or above and Android V4.4 or above. Beside this you can watch Zee5 contents in Android TV, I PAD, Smart TV’s.

Zee5 mainly streams content in two types which are 480p and HD 720p. Zee5 is available from as low as Rs99 per month. Here is the full details of Zee5 Subscription Plans in India. I will recommend you read this before subscribing this.

Zee5 Subscription Plans


In Zee5 you can watch Live TV in almost 90+ channels in any Indian Languages. If you subscribe to Zee5 then you will get free 15 days trial like Netflix Subscription Plans.

As of now, Zee5 has three different Subscription Plans in India which are 1 month, 6 months and 12 months based. In all the plans you can watch unlimited contents in 5 devices at a time. This is one of the added advantages of Zee5 compared to Netflix.

RS 991 Month
RS 5996 Month
RS 99912 Month

₹99 Subscription Plan

This rs 99 zee5 plan is the entry-level plan from Zee5. In this zee5 monthly subscription plan, you can access contents for 30days with 5 screens at a time. You can watch videos from a website or app as well. I would suggest you use Zee5 App because you can download videos from the app.

Please note if you first time subscribing on Zee5 then you will get 15 days trail also.

RS 599 Subscription Plan

If you want to use Zee5 for more than one month then this will be a good option for you. As I said earlier in any plans you can watch unlimited contents in 5 devices at a time. This is the best benefit of Zee5.

In this rs 599 zee5 subscription plan you can watch videos till next 6 months.

RS 999 Subscription plan

This is the one-year subscription plan from Zee5. If you want to join Zee5 for a long time then this plan will be ideal for you. Because in this 1-year subscription plan you access zee5 for one year with 5 screens at a time.

zee5 subscription plans india price

Zee5 Free Subscription Plans

If you are an Airtel Thanks customer then you can get Free Subscription Plans with it. All you have to do is recharge your airtel no with Rs 149 or more. Then open Airtel thanks App >> Claim offer on Airtel App >> Go to Zee5 App and enjoy the content.

Please note that this offer is valid for a limited time. First of all check the offer details on Airtel Thanks app then apply the required things. Also after the offer expires, you have to pay for it. So be careful before applying Zee5 Free Subscription Offer.

How To Download Zee5 Videos?

If you want to download videos from Zee5 app, then you have to follow some steps.
Open Zee5 App > Tap on Video details > Tap on Save Offline.
or when browsing tap on three-dot on video thumbnail > save offline > download.
Please note that the downloaded videos will stay in Zee5 App till next 48 hours only. You can’t watch downloaded videos after 48 hours in Zee5. If you want to re-watch then either you have to watch this online or you have re-download it.


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