About Us

Suvam Biswas ( Founder & CEO )

techsuvam.com was started on Nov 2019 by Suvam Biswas. The name of this website is techsuvam.com is beacuse i have a youtube channel on this name. My Youtube channel name is ‘Tech Suvam‘ , where i only discuss about latest offers and Tips & Tricks. I also have another youtube channel , which is Suvam Biswas.

In this Website i will discuss about various topics which related to technology . Basically you will get updates about latest gadgets information and also best offers coming from the best platforms like paytm , amazon etc .

Now i would like to say something about myself or the techsuvam.com website owner. I am Suvam Biswas , from West Bengal . I am still a student , want to earn some passive income for myself. So that i can help my family to decrease the financial problem. Thats why i make this website .

If you visit my website regularly , you will see various latest information which you feel interesting .